Apr 30, 2011

In Hell...

Yes, I'm at MayDay in Hell, and yesterday I went to a Helsinki Roller Derby practice, and that was good times, floor was more sticky than I expected, wish I had worn all G-rods, instead of the Stingers with G-rods combination I decided on, after someone saying that girls were using Poisons... 
TOday I'm leading a couple of hours of practice and then there is scrimmage, mixed scrimmage that is set up as a bout. So as I said, I have a bunch of girls that are going to gel and play like a team, and I cannot make them too tired, since they are supposed to play a bout later.... yeah... HOW ABOUT THAT??

Time to chomp down some bread and a banana (all I have) for breakfast before I head over to the venue and start coaching, hopefully this will be a GREAT day...

Apr 29, 2011

On my way to Helsinki

SwedeVix and CrimeCity have been eating my time latly, not that I mind at all - but the truth is that I do also have other obligations. Tomorrow I'm coaching two separate teams in Helsinki, two mixed teams of girls that have never met each other before - well most of them have not. I am going to MayDay in Hell, something I've been signed to do for over 7 months. AND I get to see Wile from FastGirls, who is one of my best friends, we usesd to skate together on the SockitWenches and the Allstars when I was on RatCity!! 
But this means I am missing the UK Invades Crime City tomorrow - and I am sad I will not be able to be there ans support the CCR girls who are playing their first and second bout, not my beloved Loony who gets to play her third bout.

So here I am on an airport, like o many other times, trying to figure out if any of those other girls at the gate are derby girls... I'm easy to spot since I HATE checking my skates, so I am always dragging my pink skatebag full of derbystickers around, and on top of that, my helmet is hanging off it.. So I am probably an easy derbygirl to spot.... well, I am really looking forward to meeting a whole lot of girls that are skating all around Europe... YAYAAA for European derby! So hot right now!

Apr 28, 2011

Playing on skates and all that

And SMILE...

Sign says 'no adults can ride with'

Breaking the law... breaking the law

Looking for more trouble...
Me and Loony went for falafel at Jalla Jalla, best falafel with haloumi i Malmö, so freaking amazing... and then we went and dropped of a whole bunch of socks at Vix, that now are up on SwedeVix webshop... and then we just went out and skated around and played around on skates. Loony tried to teach me some artistic rollerskating (she's been the Danish Champion), I fled into a small closed amusement park...

Apr 27, 2011

Ribban cruise...

Summer - not just yet

So Ribban is the place to be - it's the beach that has a boardwalk in Malmö... Yeah... It is about 2,5 km long... and skating in the blazing spring-sun of Sweden is quite a pleasure. I went on a skate with Dusty today - it was nice and I bet all you guys that read my blog soon will get sick of me and all my blabbing about how much I outdoorskate. But outdoorskating is soooo much fun... Today the entire skate ended up being around 13 km, but in the end we took a coffee break, according to Dusty, you have to drink coffee at Ribban... and I endorse anything with coffee involved.
I must say I do like my Pure wheels but I still think that the Kryptos are a tad better, I don't know what it is, but I just think I like the Kryptos better. But I am going to switch back next week, and let you know if I just still like the Kryptos better, or if it's just all in my head! Loony really like her Pure wheels, so I guess taste is like the ass, cleaved... (just sound better in Swedish)

Tonight I have a meeting with the Crime City training committee, and that is always a pleasure, hopefully it will be as great as ever. Been traveling a lot latley and we also have not had that many training halls avaible- and I also think that is what have lead me into all this outdoor skating... yayaaa... and also because it gives me an impressive tan, and who does not want an impressive tan?

Apr 26, 2011

New boxes of stuff and rolling on Ribban

SwedeVix has those now

Yeah, we got in a new order, colorful pads and wheels and skates for eagerly waiting girls around the contry... it's almost like I am getting it myself, I love whe derbygirls smile (and sweat), and I hope everyone will get super-happy when they get their stuff, and run around on their skates of pure joy.

Ninja came by here earlier today and we went skating, a total of 15 km in a brisk pace, and then she bought me an ice-cream. Yeah, overall it was a good day, in a few days I will be in Helsinki and it just hit me I don't know what wheels I should bring... damn, life is full of problems that aren't really problems...
Now I'm gonna watch a terrible TV-show with my girlfriend who finally stopped coughing her lungs up... yeah...
Check out SwedeVix - we have a whole bunch of new stuff... wheels, shoelaces and tomorrow the socks will go up online! Bumblebee striped socks and purple unicorns... who can say know... of course Malou already got herself a pair...

I forgot my bag at Husses

Double trouble outside the church

I guess that checking that you have everything in your fanny-pack does not mean that you have the computerbag. I checked my fannypack, made sure my money and the phone was in there and then I dropped Husses keys into the apartment. I turn around walks outsidejust to realize that my computerbag still was IN Husses apartment.
Husse was not coming home to Stockholm for another 12 hours - so I ended up taking Kris and Loony out to Ekerö, to my mothers house again. (at least I had the car keys)
Sadly enough the little chicken had died, so Loony got the time to have time to make a little box for it and bury it with a little help from my nephew. I must admit it did make me sad, this chicken truly had character.
Afterwards we had my mother drive us to a place we could skate towards her house, and we spent about an hour skating back 12 km, and that was amazing. We skated as close as we could towards my mother on biking-lanes, and ended up outside a medevial church, just chilling and waiting for her to be so sweet and pick us up.
  Easter this year has been sooo sunny and full of great family time and skating. My blister is actually feeling quite amazing after the ''Loony treatment''.  I really have the best friends, girlfriend and family!

Loony has a terrible allergic reaction to the spring, and she cannot breath, and it makes me really worried, I don't know what to do to make her feel better.

Apr 25, 2011

So i forgot my bag in Husses apartment this morning, so that meant we had to stay in Stockholm for another day...


Scrimmage on this.... and I did... and then Loony drained it by sewing it... yeah... seriously... I said sawing in it... Those blisters happens when your skates are too wide... and if not taken care of - they turn into bloodblisters... yeppers! Fitting skates are really important!

Leaving home to go home

the barn next to the barn

Me, Kris and Loony are all sitting at Husses floor eating breakfast and drinking coffee... Soon we are taking off to head back south to Malmö. It has been a great vacation and it has been so nice to be at Stockholm Rollerderbys practice and not having to coach all the time.  Stockholm is just a leauge with so much heart and focus, and I love being up here, but I also have a great connection with lots of girls in the team, some of them were even my friends before I started derby.
Jazz just joined Stockholm a few month ago, and we been friends for quite a while, and I am happy to see her on skates. Yesterday she invited me, Loony and Kris over for dinner, and she made the most amazing meal EVER... like no kidding!

It has also been great haning out with my family, my mothers house is truly amazing, and my family is totally welcoming and loving. It is so calm and nice, and my stepdad cooks the most amazing meals!

Apr 24, 2011

Animals and no skating

Petting the 2 day old lamb

Today we left the city of Stockholm early to go hang out at my mothers place again, it's really really awesome here. We petted the new lambs and Loony got to see her little chicken... it is really sad because the little chicken has a foot that is not functioning and Loony wants to bring it home with us to make sure that it's not killed after we leave. Because the chicken can't be put back with the other chicknens, since they would kill her, picking her to death.

Everyone in Stockholm seem to be out skating today, understandable, since the weather is just AMAZING. Today is not a skating day for us, I have a blister under my foot, and we had a great practice with Stockholm Rollerderby yesterday. Scrimmage was fun, and I got to play on the same team as Loony and Kris, and that was mucho, mucho fun. One day I hope all three of us will end up on the same team... and hoooly gooolly, the floors here in Sweden are slick.

Stockholm is the new Montreal

Apr 23, 2011

Hanging with friends in the sun - with skates on side

Spreading gears and girls in sun

I went outdoor skating (again) on my new purple Pure wheels together with, SpeedSlut, Twisted, Jazz, Crazy Kris and my beloved Mad Maloony and we only skated for about 30 minutes before we found a piece of grass in the sun and chilled. It is nice to take it chill once in a while - so we sat around - snacked and had a tiny bit of sparkling pink wine. Yayaaa...
After working on our tans for about an hour we got up and skated back to the city where me and Loony picked up CallaVera and my future wife to be Smashed and hauled them to Ekerö (where my mother lives) so we could just chill and look out over the water.
Stockholm is so different to outdoor skate in compared to Malmö, in Stockholm there are hills everywhere, while Malmö is flat like a pancake. I am still getting used to being outdoors again and hills make me a tiny bit nervous - while Loony and Kris just bolts right down them, her and Kris are both crazy, I guess that is why they have Mad and Crazy in their derbynames....

Oh, oh, oh, and there was a bunch of older people singing/interpetating Fjäril Vingad syns på Haga right behind our little picnic spot... it was odd, but for SURE entertaining.

I love Stockholm - it's something special about the place you grew up...

Apr 21, 2011

Out running in the name of exercise

By the water at my mothers house after the run

Ok - there has been a lot of talking and not very much running, so today I did go out run. Me, Loony and my brother put our running shoes on and went for a run. I was proud of myself... I kept on running for 29 minutes, an entire lenght of 4,6 km... while my brother gave up after 7,5 min. He thought we were going to fast.... Yeah we might need to kick his butt a little, but it is his birthday, so we decided not to.

After the run (in his case walk) my crazy brother decided to jump into the water, and I kid you NOT, it is freaking freezing.

In Stockholm - guess what?! Skating!!

New purple Pure wheels

Me and Loony took my really dirty car to Stockholm yesterday, we left in time to attend Stockholm practice, and it was really good times. I love Stockholm rollerderby, one of my best friends from waaay back Husse plays on it, and I just have always had a really good connection with the team... It was the first team I ever got to coach - 3 years ago when I barley knew what I was doing myself. I like to think both me and Stockholm have gotten much better since then!

And SwedeVix just got some new outdoor wheels in, so I treated myself to a set of purple Pures ones - I wanted black ones, but Vix wouldn't let me... I am really excited to see if I will end up liking the Pures more than the Kryptos that I have been doing my outdoor skating on the past two years. My first set of outdoor wheels were Aerobics, and they made me feel like I was skating in some sort of goeyness... But Husse says she looooves them... Loony loves her Pures and I am still not swayed... I think I still would favor my Kryptos... but I'll give it a week or two before final judgement day!
We are staying at my mothers house outside Stockholm - and they have chickens, and this one little chickens mother left it, so my stepdad was trying to keep it warm, not cooking it alive...

It is for sure keeping warm

Apr 18, 2011

Waiting for socks

So SwedeVix is getting a delivery of socks today - and hopefully tomorrow... and I am superduper excited... Especially over the cool BEER, VODKA, EVIL and GAY socks we are getting in... we are also gettign Socki it to me socks in with stripes and skulls and BAD ASS... so I hope that it is not only me who go a sock obsession... because socks are awesome. I always wear two different ones - and I have always done - ever since I started derby 4 seasons ago... even if back then it was two different fishnets...

Oh and I finally got my shit together and I am once again writing for Live Derby Girls, and I recommend reading the other girls stuff too... there is one blog about how derby actually saved her relationship and one on how derby ruined her. Testamonials and stories from derbygirls, quite an interesting read.

Apr 17, 2011

Bout in Copenhagen

Beers in the line to the bout with STRD - they have gotten GANGJACKETS!! - (Smashed, CallaVera, Husse me and HyperNova)

So yesterday was the first bout ever in Denmark, GoGo Gent vs. Copenhagen... Copenhagen is Loony old league so of course we went over to support them, but also because we love to watch derby and I was really curious to see what the level on Gent was on. Copenhagen got beat with over 200 points a couple of weeks ago by Royal Windsor but I heard the loss was not because of the lack of skating ability, but major penalty trouble. I also knew that GoGo Gent lost to Berlin a few weeks ago, so I really did not know what to expect. So we put on out best outfits and grabbed our skates to go over the looong bridge to Copenhagen.
It seemed like Copenhagen really worked on their penaltys, while it was GoGo Gent who kept on going to the box. Both teams put up a good game, but it was finally that Copenhagen had two outstanding jammers that made them seal the deal and claim the win.

I got lured into drinking neon yellow shots at some bar - and after that it was all downhill. I think dying your hair with the same sort of color as you did when you where in middle school - probably makes you drink like a 14-year old too... yeah... Apperently I put Husse on a train back to Stockholm and took a bus to another island, when I was trying to go back to Krazy Kris house...

Me and Kris, me wearing Vix shirt for unknown reason
In the morning Kris and Loony baked bread and then Hyper and Fluke came by and we all went on a 15km skate and I kid you not, I think I was still drunk (don't try this at home kids)... But it was awesome as ever to go outdoorskating out by the sea in the springsun that is slowly turning into summer... I will have a tan in no time if this keep up! And after our 15 km skate (was crazy, they took a road with COBBLESTONE) we met up with CallaVera and Smashed and had sushi...

Apr 15, 2011

Outdoor Skating

Out skating with Alotta, Loony and Dusty - it's quite a treat... Just playing around on asphalt and being relaxed in the sun is amazingly fun...

MayDay in Hell

I think this says it all

So I totally am going to coach during MayDay in Hell - and it is going to be exciting, I love skating with girls I have never met before. Watching strides getting familiar with each other and all that jazz... and of course exploring Finnish culture. I can say very basic sings like ''kiitos'' (thanks), ei sa peitää and some basic swear words... yeah - I guess that is what makes me Swedish, the ability to swear in Finnish, say I love them and of course also tell people not to cover the radiator (if you are Swedish and read this, I know you are totally nodding now)

But anyhow - before I successfully will insult not only my own people but also the people from the country of the thousand lakes I will continue to write about MayDay in Hell...

I am going there, and it will be fun, fun, fun... and if anyone that is reading this is going there too, and wish that I bring gear, wheels, laces, socks... pretty much anything from SwedeVix Skateshop... let me know... I am not only an amazing skater... I am also a delivery bitch (this I cannot say in Finnish)

Apr 14, 2011

I dyed my hair yellow

I need some purple flair to go with it
I been talking about it for soo long, dying my hair yellow, it makes you feel like a cartoon, more or less.

How I love Berlin Bombshells

Germans not so colorful
First time I ever saw Berlin Bombshells was during the German Championships (I even wrote a Five on Five article about that) and I met a few of them very briefly, Shevil I met by touching her feet so I could report back to Bonnie and OMG at Five Stride how her skates were fitting her.... Since then my relationship with the Bombshells have evolved. I attended EROC as an instructor and really got to know MasterBlaster, Shevil and HeavyRotation - who I now very much think are amazing people and I always want to return to.
Berlin Bombshells are a really hardworking team with lots of really great skaters - they are one of the teams that I am planning on going skating with for a bit this summer. I love Berlin in the summer and my German really need some freashing up. I mean you only get sooo far on ''WeinSchorle''
For some reason they all seem to have black hair - it almost made me belive that you have to have black hair to join the team... As you can see on the picture - I am trying to fit in by wearing a black shirt - but my love for Montreal and spandex sort of take over... even if I must admit that those spandex where bought in Berlin...

Apr 13, 2011

It's Maloonys Birthday and she got purple skates from me

Maloony really wanted outdoor skates

I miss skating outdoors but it has been raining in Malmö - except from the days when I was in London for Anarchy in the UK. I think both me and Loony need to exersice on a daily basis or we get in sort of in bad and depressive moods.
Hopefully the streets will dry up soon so me and Loony can go outdoors and also test her new skates! I got her a pair of Purple SureGrip Rebel skates from SwedeVix Skateshop for her birthday with yellow laces...

Later on we are going to the sauna and then I'm gonna take her out for dinner!

Apr 12, 2011

Textcasting is harder than you think

...and so is also dancing in a one-piece....
Photo by Jay Pegg
Maloony made them... soon SwedeVix will be feturing other things that she can make... like helmet panties and hotpants...

Apr 10, 2011

Yesterday was DNN work

INterviewing Steele City skater....

I did textcasting and me and Loony did some interviews at halftime! It was great times and I miss playing derby! But you know what - coaching is VERY rewarding too - and sooon I get to play more too!
We hung out with the Berlin girls - I love them. Hopefully it is in the cards that I can go on a trip there soon again. I wanna skate with them.
Oh, and Montreal I heart the skids... soooo much and they are all such amazing athletes and fun people!

Anarchy in UK

Oh yeah
it is quite amazing
Me and Loony love to be here, watching great derby
Me textcasting my little fingers off

Apr 8, 2011

Vaccation in horseland

|I have a friend that's like a sister to me, we grew up together, and then she fell in love with horses and a guy who also loved horses, they had a wedding, I was the bridesmaid and then they moved to England. (that really is the short version)

And right now I'm outside London visiting her and her husband and their 2 year old daughter. I have shampooed a horse, I went on a little riding tour yesterday on a gigantic horse, and it has NOTHING to do with derby... well, I guess I could put horns on them and they would all be unicorns - like SwedeVix new logo...

My friend and her husband compete in eventing and train horses and live on the cutest little place with stables and all that jazz... it is almost like a movie set. now when I know how cute this is - and how close to Gatwick... I am for sure coming back... and UK is truly showing it's best face to us today and yesterday, sun sun sun and I can wear a TANKTOP! How amazing is that??

Well, vaccation from derby soon to be over, since I am heading over to London tonight and tomorrow I will be textcasting and doing other fun stuff for Derby News Network at Anarchy in UK...

Apr 6, 2011

Swedish party - just walk right into the tub

If you don't live in LA, San Diego or another sunny place - you just have to create your own poolparty...

Apr 5, 2011

Derby makes you tired

And sometimes you don't even have to skate... ahhh... now I'm going back to my bed after a leauge meeting.

Apr 4, 2011

Naked girls in a sauna

Hm, I wonder how many hits that header will give my blog... Maybe I should throw in some words like: lesbian, girls, xxx, fun-loving and so on too... Or maybe not... Oooooops I guess I just did... My bad...

Well, actually what this blog was gonna be about is that all my new friends are obsessed with saunas, and it is really weird to me - maybe it just is me who been gone from Scandinavia too long... But when in Copenhagen Krazy Kris and Loony would drag me to the sauna in Christiania (yes it is a unisex sauna and people rub each other in mud and sit on a sweaty floor) . And we had not lived here in Malmö more than a week when Smärta and da Fist dragged us to the local sauna and made us sweat. Did I mention I'm oversensitive to heat??
I do have an annual midsummer party at my mothers place - where we always end up in the sauna, but at that point I'm always really intoxicated and totally in it for the showers... But all this sauna talk made me talk my mother into finally deciding on building a sauna into my grandparents old house (where me, Loony, Kris, Husse and the gang spent new years)... So next year we will have a sauna!! Yayaaaaa...

Sauna power!! But what I really was gonna say was that Friday we had an amazing and great time with CCR sauna time!! I am starting to think this whole sauna thing is great - as long as it is not humid heat - I can deal with it - if not just for the amazing company!!

Apr 3, 2011

EXHAUSTED in the name of Derby

NINE hours of coaching and a sick girlfriend... yeah... the weekend was on the more exhausting side, but it was still a great time. Today was a little of a downer, since only ten girls showed up for practice - but at least I gotta jam lots and lots... on the upside was that we had four or five reffs there and some NSO. It is just amazing that we are starting to have a real reff-crew, it will improve the leauge even more! 

Crime City are looking better and better... everyone are improving greatly, and that warms my little derby heart... and extra derby-love to the girls that came to scrimmage on a sunny Sunday... Ahhhh... and then we did a bunch of awesome drills - and I am amazed how much better everyone looks for each practice... today I'm giving an extra shoot out to Alotta Riot (or Aloha Riot that we sometimes call her) for getting a babysitter so she can come. I'm telling you, Alotta has come such a looong way the past months. When I came to CCR three month ago - she had not even passed minimum skills, and now she is blocking like she was born to do it... and maybe she was!

Yesterday we did snuck in at one of the CCR girls not-going-away-party, to say goodbye to her and wish her a great time in Asia... ahh.. sometimes I wish I was not so obsessed with derby and crave smooth asphalt or derby-tracks on my every travel... Oh oh oh... this summer I will be coaching at Rally in the Vally in Stuttgart and also in Holland... and maybe some other places... but just a month from now I will be coaching at MayDay in Hell in Helsinki - the snow better be gone by then.

It is fun to share derby with your girlfriend