Jun 21, 2010

Day TwentyThree

Work out:
Skating outdoors in Stockholm for 4 hour together with my friend Jenny, 100 sit ups, 40 push ups, I also went for an hour walk with my brother....

Breakfast: Swedish bread... yummy... no added sugar... with ham and cheese
Ginger Candy 3 pieces
Quinoa Salad with a few pieces of Halloumi
more ginger candy and some tea with milk and honey
Black Pasta tossed in white wine sauce with some cream and Scampi
Snack: Swedish fruit bread.... ahh... heaven

Day TwentyTwo

Back in SWEDEN!! Jet lagged from hell, as always when I come home, it is early but body feel like it is late, i want to sleep, yet I want to stay awake. It is really nice weather and I am just enjoying Stockholm... I still have no voice from the ECE weekend...

Work out:
40 push-ups and 100 sit ups and 30 min brisk walk

Derby: Leading Stockholm Roller Derby practice during two hours... and then I skated downtown for a little bit

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a whole wheat yummy Swedish Sandwich with ham and cheese on it... MmmMmmmm
Ginger candies... a whole bunch... I am overloading on sugar and need to be stopped...
Shrimp and Avocado salad dusted with some olive oil with tea and honey
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
White Farmers Beans with Balsamic and Olive Oil....
Snack: Swedish bread, with fruits and nuts in it... about half a loaf... oh, ohhh.... so bad but sooo good...

Day TwentyOne

Going to Sweden, traveling back to the homeland... yepp, falling asleep over the ocean waking up and it will be Day TwentyTwo

Work out:
I am recovering from the past weekend...
Derby: Hard to skate on a flight... just sayin'

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Bagel with Cream Cheese
a salad at the airport
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
Whatever the airline decides to serve me out of a little box

Day Twenty

(Me and Jackie Daniels are showin our support for Bay Area, but that doesn't mean that I don't love Philly, this is for Demanda... Demanda Riot, we love you!)

Hung over poolside at ECE and one challange bouts... Watching great derby totally burns calories right of your body...

Work out:
Does posing by the pool count as work out??
Derby: 1 challange bouts

Glamazones vs. Shortbus

I was supposed to skate in another one but got got distracted by beer and bouts....

Day Nineteen

(whatever you bitches say, jeaggins is the new black, remember where you saw this first)

Gotham Girls Allstars (me and 13 amazing ladies) played Boston Derby Dames and we won...

Good times... Good times... and then I consumed beers for 42 hours...

Day Eighteen

Gotham Allstars (that be me and 13 other amazing girls) are playing Windy City

I always start bout days with hashbrowns... I heart hashbrowns...

Today I made my own...

Day Seventeen

Bout day tomorrow, so taking it easy today and focusing on hydrating and getting the mental game going.

Work out:
100 sit-ups and 40 push-ups and a nice little walk... it is hot outside and I am just trying to take it easy and chill for tomorrow.
Derby: Derby free day, bout day tomorrow... so today I limit my derby to just thinking about derby...

Breakfast: 2% Greek Yogurt with a tbs of honey and a piece of Weetabix
A whole wheat bagel with maple, raisin and walnut schmeer... (a those are the best thing EVER, I crave those like other people crave chocolate or carrotcake)
Quinoa Salad with avocado, black beans, corn and yummyness with a GuS Soda at sNice with a friend...



Day Sixteen

(today just like the other days the train came in late)

Today I got my ECE bikini, not that I will wear it around that much, but I have one... I matched it to my obnoxious boardshorts that I most likley will be wearing... Oh yeah, you girls will see... you will see... did I mention I hate wearing a bikini??

Work out:
20 push-ups, 50 sit ups (ECE is only two days away, will my sixpack show till then?)
Derby: Leuge Practice 2 hours lead by our favorite Gotham Baked Goods: Sweet Sherry Pie and Kandy Kakes, and they are teaching us the pivotal of pivoting... more than just a pretty hat...
Travel Team Practice 1 hour - 2 days and ECE is here!
So that is 3 hours of practice my friends...

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and half a mango
TomYum Seafood Soup with 1/4 cup of rice
A Cinamon Crumpet and two glasses of Carrot Juice
BBQ Salmon, with steamed vegbles and roasted potatoes
Snack: Peanutbutter 2tbs with honey 2tbs (a naturally awesome candy) and Herbalife Vanilla Shake mixed with Orange Juice
Dinner number 2:
I got home and I was crazy hungry, so I had half of my curry vegble left-overs from yesterday...

Day Fifteen

(Waiting for the subway after practice)

I was gonna go for a run today, but then my dear captains informed me that we were doing endurance today, so instead I threw myself on the floor and did 30 push ups and 80 sit ups...

Work out:
50 push ups and 80 sit ups... we also started practice with 10 min running
Derby: Manhattan Team practice - Baby... this is my favorite... FORM on skates... blahhhh... stride, stride, stride... stride, stride, stride....

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, olive oil, marinara sauce and half a package of Haulloumi, green string beans and asparagus... I took all this and made it into a frittatta.... (yeah same as last nights dinner)
Snack: Jug of green tea and a big jug of black tea with milk and honey (I was skyping and trying to hydrate at the same time) 2 pieces of ginger candy
Piece of salmon, 1/4 cup rice all mixed together in a pan with soy sauce and some heat... and I served it on top of half a mango and half an avocado... ah life is SWEET sometimes...
Herbalife Vanilla Shake with Orange Juice
6 pieces of avaocado/cucumber sushi, 5 vegatable dumplings and a small amount of tofu green curry with 1/2 cup of rice

Day Fourteen - Five more weeks to go

(Ahhh... one scrimmage down, one more to go)

Today was a good day, I realized that my arms are starting to look real cut, not like Suzy Hotrod yet, but maybe I have a chance to arm-her-off at Nationals...

I also go my Gotham Allstar shirts today, and putting it on was sort of a moment... I was sort of
''PINCH ME, am I REALLY a part of Gotham Allstars'' I know I deserve it and that i have worked really hard to get here, but at the same time I must admit it is sort of surreal... Now I just have to stay real and do all those things I know I can do...
Ah, isn't derby the best thing on earth?

Work out:
30 min upper-body and core excercises, I actually did 120 sit-ups... HELLOOOoooo sixpack... come visit me sooon... maybe this weekend at ECE??
Derby: Big Scrimmage day:
Mayhem vs. Brooklyn Bombshell 40 min (we had very few Mayhem girls on skates today, so we gotta borrow some Gridlock babes... yayaaaa)
Allstars vs. Bronx Gridlock 40 min
Yaya for scrimmage - it is fun and I love playing with my teams... almost the last practice before ECE... ah....ECE

Breakfast: Coffee with milk... chilled and mixed into a Herbalife Chocolate Shake...
Whole wheat tortilla wrap with Salmon, romaine salad, wasabi, ginger dressing, and 1/4 cup of rice.
1/2 Avocado, 1/2 mango, 1/2 cucumber all chopped up and seasoned with a tiny bit balsamic vingear, olive oil, salt and pepper... YUMMY and a Herbalife Vanilla Shake with orange juice (this is my pre-practice snack, so it is more like a smaller dinner)
2 eggs, 1 chicken sausage, olive oil, marinara sauce and half a package of Haulloumi, green string beans and asparagus... I took all this and made it into a frittatta....
Snack: Wild Berry Herbalife protein Beverage

Day Thirteen

(New York, New York, today I hid in my home)

Today was my: sleep as long as I want and then read a book, take a shower, chat online, play with my toes, talk about derby online, watch a boutcast, read some more book, make food, skype for 3 hours and think about derby some more, sort of day....

I have been feeling a little crappy for about a week, and I figured that it might be a little lack of sleep and heat in combination... so I stayed out of the heat and really rested, and I am really feeling much better... Maybe i should have gone to some yoga, but I guess I should not overdo it, or people might start to think I am a hippie...

Work out:
60 sit-ups, 20 push-ups and 40 back-lifts 3min wall-sit (better than nothing, right?? )
Derby: This is a NON-DERBY day (YEAH I KOW, I have THREE of them, and I can't wait for tomorrow)

Breakfast: 2 large coffee with milk, Herbalife Vanilla with Orange Juice
Snack: A handful of nuts and Greek Yoghurt with some Queensberry Jam and a Wetabix
2 whole wheat wraps that i filled with an avocado, romaine salad, 5 small tomatoes, halloumi cheese (you can fry it in a pan and it is delish), pepper and salt
Half a cup of Ben and Jerry Chocolate IceCream (a piece of heaven jumping into my mouth)
Miso soup, an Alaska Roll and some green tea... I was so increadably lazy that i had this deliverd to my house.

Jun 16, 2010

Day Twelve

(OMG and Bonnie are giving the derby world a deep thought in their store)

I woke up on Roxys couch and she took me for bagels, it was amazing and made me happy and then I headed to Astoria to meet up with Bunny, Fisti and their males to watch A-Team. It was great going to the movies, the heat in NYC i killing me, I don't deal very well with heat, and I feel like I should be outside, but everytime I go outside I wish I were either on the beach or somewhere dark and colder... I might be a vampire...

After the movie ended and I once again had to face the brightness of the day, I was taken to Five Stride Skateshop, that is run and owned by Bonnie Thunders and OMG... we had food on their floor and talked about derby until I fell asleep... (really, I did fall asleep on the floor, it was funny)

Work out:
Well, I did walk 20 blocks... does that count??


Breakfast: Whole wheat bagel with Maple, Raisin and Walnut Cream Cheese with a small freshly pressed grapefruit juice... this tasted like heaven and I finished it up with a cup of coffee
Lunch: Chicken Burrito with extra Guacomole
Snack: Prezels... Yummy pretzels... a few of those (the hard kind, not the soft and happy kind) Fisti did not know how I managed to cram those things into my belly after the lunch... I guess I have secret pockets for food... (I call them love handles)
Dinner: Mussles in butter, wine, cream and all amazing things you can find at Flex Mussels with two glasses of wine and DESSERT... I had some amazing delisousness for dessert and it made me really happy...

And after dinner I went home and slept for at least 13 hours... sleeping is sometimes amazing and sometimes you forget how much better you feel after you really got some amazing rest!

Day Eleven

(nailpolish is called CLAM BAKE)
This morning me and my hurting hand mounted OMG's bike, that my household is currently holding hostage, and 30 minutes later I had made it past all those crazy obstecles that there can be on a 5 mile ride to get to a friends house to watch football..... and then after the Serbia vs. Germany game I did it again, still terrified, to get home!

The night I ended up spending with two teammates drinking wine and talking about life, it was really, really AWESOME! We were siting in her small courtyard, and her neighbour came out yelling at us, he told us very relevant things like; he had been 20 (!) years old like us, he had underwear that were older than us and that his apartment was rent-controlled... we just nodded in sympathy and kept on drinking red wine!

Work out: Biking 10miles
Derby: This is a NON-DERBY day

Breakfast: Ginger tea with honey, sooo sooothing and a wholewheat bagel with dried tomtatos cream cheese.
Herbalife Vanilla with Orange Juice
Fresh Ravioli with Tomato Sauce
3 Guinness at the Half King (my excuse is that it is Friday)
Hot Sausage and Potato Salad, it was real delish with two glasses of red wine
Snack: And then I ended the night with a slice of pizza, a bottle of coconut water and a bottle of red wine....

...welcome dear weekend...

Day Ten

I have a completly annoying cough, it just will not stop, it sucks, I hate feeling sick. My lungs don't like living in a airconditioned part of the world... I need more beach or less sun... but no rain.
Hm, I guess I am a demanding chick! I guess a roller derby girl should be...

Of course I got taken out today at practice, harder than I have been in a real long time... I guess playing a couple of the best players in the nation can be disencouraging at times, but at the same time it get me even more determined to be everything I can be. I want to be valuable to my team-mates and someone that they can relay on... So I just have to suck it up and be more confident in myself, because I know I can do it.

Work out:
30 min agility and plyometrics, core and upperbody strength and 80 pushups throuhout the day...

Derby: 2 hour of travel team practice (Last TT practice before ECE)

Breakfast: Herbalife Vanilla Formula with orange juice and coffee with milk
Snack: Tofuline Cutie (everyone need some ice-cream in the middle of the day)
Lunch: Half a water melon with 2% Greek Yoghurt, Coffee with milk and a big jug of tea with milk and honey and four pieces of tofu.
Snack: Bagel with strawberry cream cheese
Dinner: Portabello Mushroom Ravioli with a chicken sausage and some Italian Herb Marinara Sauce
Snack: Half a Cliffbar
and TWO GUINNESS... I deserve it!

Day Nine

Here is a write-up from our last game

Some days are just harder than others, and then you have to bite the sour apple and plow yourself through. Today I woke up and my lungs were just feeling like they were about to kill me, they just did respond very well to breathing. But I guess breathing is just secondary in some cases. I promised a friend to meet her at the Riverbank Rink later today, and I just don't think that is going to happen. I have league practice later today and I am really behind in my writing assignments... Today is a day that will be spent in front of the computer... breathing in and out... in and out... drinking tea with honey and stuffing myself with the usual vitamins that Krissy Krash provides me with via Herbalife. I really love this vitamin cocktail... it get's me well sooo much faster!

Derby: 2 hour of league practice and 1 hour of travel team, I had a good practice, except from when I went down and had to chill with the frozen vegtebles for a bit...

Breakfast: Half a melon with 2% Greek Yoghurt, Coffee with milk and a big jug of tea with milk and honey
Snack: Half a Cup of roasted Chickpeas and a Herbalife Vanilla Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Tuna with green peas and linguini with a big jug of tea with milk and honey
Snack: 10 Brazil nuts, some youghurt covered raisins
Dinner: 2% Greek Yoghurt with honey and a Wetabix.
Half a Cup of roasted Chickpeas

Weight: 168lbs

Jun 15, 2010

Day Eight

I love skating outdoors, it is one of the best things in life, when the sun is shining and you feel the breeze in your face...

Work out:
Skated about 15 miles (that is about 24 km), West Side Highway up and down, about 2 hours of moving

Derby: No derby today, I guess my exercise skating made up for it...

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a crumpet with butter
Herbalife Vanilla with orange Juice
Snack: Ginger Beer... mmmm mmmmm and coconut water
Dinner: Spagetthi with turkey tomatoe sauce
Snack: Chocolate milk, prezel with mustard

Day Seven

Time to get back on the horse, since i was a complete failure yesterday and just sat felt hungover and munched on salad from Whole Foods, I guess today was a good day to start over. I already know that blushed wine is not a rehydrator, still it seemed to be the perfect beverage for after the bout, nobody is perfect. I will just say that my Captain made me do it! Would you dare to say ''NO'' to Fisti Cuffs??
Yesterday morning I might have said the usual ''I WILL NEVER DRINK AGAIN'' that we all know is bullcrap, but I can assure you that I will probably not drink until after ECE, and that is two weeks away.
Maybe a Guinness and maybe a great glass of wine (not blushed) this weekend... depending on what turn the weekend takes.

Work out: 40 min yoga, 40 min circuit training, 30 min upper-body and hamstring

Derby: Only skated for about 30 min today, mostly endurance...

Breakfast: Berry Beverage from Herbalife and a BrightEye Blueberry Smoothie from Jamba Juice... 16oz
Hamburger with mushrooms and three slices of bacon with sallad, no dressing, I am not a big fan of dressing.
Snack: 10 Brazil nuts, 10 Cherries and real big jug of Brittish black tea mixed with milk and honey...
Dinner: Herbalife Chocolate Shake with extra coco powdwe, I like really dark and rich chocolate.

Jun 13, 2010

Day Six

So yesterdays game made me even more determined to jam more, and as I wrote on Derby Girls Live I'm not really crazy about jamming... but I do it at times, and I am fairly good at it.. ugha! I want to get better at it, I can get better at it, and I will get better at it!

Ugh, I am hung over, I need to rehydrate and get my poor body back on track... no rest for the wicked...

Jun 12, 2010

Day Five

Work out: Game Day - no work out

Derby: GAME DAY - 1 hour of hard hitting derby playing...

LET' not talk aboout what I eat at bout day, because it is BOUT day, and I will eat ANYTHING that I can, because it is BOUT DAY...

Jun 11, 2010

Day Four

It is the day before the bout, and being sick yesterday was probably not the best way of getting prepared, so today I have to concentrate on hydrating, hydrating, HYDRATING! I still felt shitty, so I just kept on trying to figure out what I could eat without getting ill again. ..

Work out:
The only workout I will do today is going to Five Stride Skateshop and pull my bearings!
And then I ended up going for a three mile walk, but that is just normal in NYC, even if I was a little tempted to take the subway...

Derby: NONE - we have a game tomorrow, playing Bronx

Breakfast: Watermelon with a dollop of Greek Yoghurt and coffee with milk
Yummy Berry Beverage from Herbalife
AppleCinnamon prezel from Jamba Juice and a freshly pressed carrot juice, Plantaine Chips and a coke(I know this is not the best food, but a girl gotta splurge, and today I need to make up for not really being able to eat yesterday)
watermelon with yohurt
Dinner: I went all out in carb-loading, five small pices of calimari and then ravioli with ricotta cheese and marinara sauce. Yummy, after this meal I finally started to feel sort of normal again...

Jun 10, 2010

Day Three

Motivation for life is sometimes low, and yesterday was for sure one of those days, I know I have no reason whatsover to feel down, I still do. After practice I went out with my captain and friend for a beer, and while talking I realized two things.

- I probably am a little edgy because we have a game coming up on Saturday
- I am a little homesick for Sweden

It was a really good talk, we watched hockey, and that has been forever, and had a beer and a shot on the house. Not to bad of a way to end practice that almost made me cry...

F*** I am feeling really shitty! It is the worst day ever to get sick on! I threw up after lunch and could't really eat anything after that. So I just tried to eat anything that I could put into my body, probably not hte most healthy, but better than nothing.

Work out:
60 sit-ups, 20 hamstring bridges, 20 acl-dips, 20 squats and some fast feet work
Still sore from Monday and feeling like shit, I don't thing that working out will make me feel any better

Derby: 2 hour travel team practice

Breakfast: Chocolate Herbalife Shake with 1% milk and coffee
Chipotle Burrito Bowl and an Arnold Palmer
1/2 water melon with 2% greek yoghurt (I love this shit)
Broth with some pasta, a small scoop of Ben&Jerrys chocolate ice-cream
Dinner: Half a watermelon, hot chocolate, 5 ginger candies

Jun 9, 2010

Day Two

I woke up this morning being really, REALLY sore, both from Monday and Tuesdays practice, I am hoping I can make it through two more days of practice and still be fit for the bout. I just cant be away from anymore travel-team practices this close to ECE.

I think I am skipping the running today, my legs need to rest until tonights practice, I do have a BOUT this weekend, and I wanna be ready for that!

BUT to start running I got new running shoes, and I had the worst experiance EVER at Footlocker. The first thing the guy tells me is that I have water in my kneew and that I need to drain it! I am like
''NO MISTER, I do NOT have water in my knees, I just happen to play derby, and I am tall, girls like to LOW BLOCK me! The are just a little swollen.''
Then the darn guy starts to tell me ALL about this Swedish girl he once dated (do I look like I care??) while making me try on shoes that were the opposite of what I have asked for.

UGH, finally I had to walk the boy over to the shelf of shoes I wanted, point at them and say...
''THIS IS THE KIND I WANT! LOOK! they are solid, have good shock absorbation, versitle and EXACTLY what I am asking for. I don't care that they are not super cool looking, I care more that I can EXERCISE in them.''
His response...
''Eh, miss what color do you want them in?''
I told him I didn't care as long as they came in my size! And they did, so now at least I have new running/training shoes...

Work out:
60 sit-ups, 20 push-ups

Derby: 2 hour league practice and 1 hour travel team
(that makes it three hours, I know, I am a math genious)

Breakfast: Chocolate Herbalife shake with 1% milk and coffee
Snack: Apple (oh Pink Lady I love you soooo)
Multigrain wrap with tuna, sprouts, veganaise, mixed sallad and WF Salsa Verde
Snack: ginger beer
Miso Soup, Avocado/Salmon Roll, Hamachi piece, 2 pieces of ginger candy and a handful of Yoghurt raisins (natural sweetened)
A beer and a shot after practice (this is NOT recommended)
Dinner: Homemade frittata with vegbles

Morning weight:
168 lbs

Today I also when to my Chiro, since I like so many other derby girls have slightly disaligned hips.... ahhh...

Jun 8, 2010

Day One

(this is me today)

So yesterday Krissy Krash told me I should do her 7 week challange, and I have a very hard time saying no... So here I am...
It was at a very good time, since I already had decided that I have to get into better jammer shape, not that I am out of shape or anything, I just don't think my endurance is up to paar with how I want it to be...
The struggle for me is always to figure out how to get lighter without loosing muscles, because I would be a better jammer with some less bulk, but I am primary a blocker, so I don't want to loose the edge that my weight does give me... Since I now skate for Gotham I have to up my game more and more, since those fine ladies are ON it, and if I am not on it, I am a burden to both my home team and the travel team. I got MVP in the last game, but that only means that I did a fine job in that game, and now I have to make sure I do an even better job in the upcoming games.

I know I do a couple of things wrong, I know I drink to much coffee and that I should hydrate better, I know I probably drink too much beer and I know that I hate running! I do still thing that running is a part of how I will become a better derby player... so let's go for it!

My current weight according to my crappy IKEA scale is 169 lbs, it is what I usually weigh, and I don't mind it, I just want my legs to be less pudgy, I want my arms more toned and firm, and why not a complete sixpak?? Is that to much to ask for??

Work out:
I ran for 20 min along the West Side Highway and then did shoulders, biceps, triceps, pecs, 60 various sit-ups and 20 push-ups

Today was the last practice before out Bronx game, so what we did has to remain a secret to the world. But it went on for 2hours, and I broke a sweat...

Breakfast: Multigrain wrap with tuna, sprouts, veganaise, mango, mixed sallad and WF Salsa Verde and coffe with milk
Snack: Chocolate Herbalife shake with 1% milk and coffee
Lunch: Multigrain wrap with grounded chicken, sprouts, veganaise, mixed sallad and WF Salsa Verde
Snack: Ginger Beer (I LOVE those things)
Chocolate Herbalife shake with 1% milk, a mango and a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE

And lot's and lot's of water with an Aloe Vera supplement...