Aug 31, 2011

History is in making this weekend...

A year ago, there was not a singel Swedish team that had ever bouted, not a single Finnish team that had ever bouted (or when did Helsinki bout first time?) and Denmark had one bout under their belt... and this coming weekend there will be FIVE full teams bouting against each other!

THAT my friends is EXCITEMENT! And we are hoping that next year we can add Norway to Nordic Light... and in two years maybe Iceland... who knows... the sky is the limit!

So if you don't wanna miss out, come to Malmö this weekend - have a beer or two and watch the largest Roller Derby event in Nordic history.... YAYAaaaaaa....

Get your tickets NOW!!

Berlin Bootcamp

Swedish Maffia on the same team... it was a sweet and fun scrimmage...

So last weekend I spent in Berlin, coaching an Advanced Bootcamp together with Suzy Hotrod, it was good to see her again and get som news from NYC. I miss Gotham at times like this, a lot...
The camp was good times, and lots of the girls were really talented, and it is good to see that continetal Europe has girls that will become amazing. There were girls from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Luxemburg, France and Germany... and well... I am so happy to see the rate European derby is developing at, and I am glad to always have my dear Mad Maloony by my side.

I got to drink Club Mate and hang out with people I really like, we stayed with Shetation as usual, and that was as nice as ever, and Titty Twista was staying there too, and I heart her too.  On Friday night, we went to Master Blasters skate store opening, and it is really cute.  On Saturday we went out for YUMMY Italian food and then for a beer with the Stockholm girls... and on Sunday we went for food and beers after the Black and White scrimmage that ended the camp... and I almost forgot my skatebag there... yikes!

Aug 30, 2011

BAck from Berlin

I will let you know all about coaching in Berlin - it was great fun! I loved it! But I am really starting to feel worn out! So I'll write a longer blogg about it! Now I just wanna say - coem and watch some darn derby! In Malmö this weekend - BAttle of the Nordic Light - and you get your tickets here... HERE.... HERE

Aug 24, 2011

17th of September

So after we are all done with Nordic Light - we will just have to pick it all up again and play a bout against Berlin Bombshells...

SwedeVix got T-shirts

Excited SwedeVix owners
Oh yea... right in time for Battle of Nordic Light - SwedeVix got their own T-shirts! Look at us! Me and Vix looking a little AMAZING in our new T-shirts... we both wore them for off-skates practice last night, and now they smell... the first smelly SwedeVix t-shirts EVER!

Aug 22, 2011

F*ck it, sun is shining!

And a HUGE thanks to Fluke Skywalker who made this poster happen...

So outdoor practice it is! On our own outdoor track! It is awesome - since rain has been haunting me! Crossing my fingers that the sun will last until we gotten to practice and had an entire pratice too... it will be great, and hopefully the little skateboard brats will not bother us either.

I just started to use my Flatout Outragous on hte outdoor track, and they work really well, I used them yesterday at Stockholms practice, and despite the mad amount of dust, they gripped really well. Stockholm just found an outdoor hockey rink with a roof over it! SCORE... so they are also getting some practice in before Nordic Light. If we are arranging Nordic Light again next year - we will make sure it's not right after the summer, since most leauges seem to coming off summer holiday right now, and the Swedish leauges seem to ahve a problem to get indoor space during the summer, since schools are closed.

Well, well... you learn while you skate... or live... or whatever is cleaver... so now over and out and totally into practice... my hamstrings are feeling much better - so maybe I can even be a part of practice today!

The summer that never came

A year ago at Rockaway Beach...

I been waiting around for summer to hit since May, patiently waiting and all of a sudden it was fall. Yepp, I got cheated out of summer, and that makes me NOT very happy! It makes me wanna cry - gigantic tears.
I do not demand much of summer, but I need two weeks of unbearable heat, of warmth that loosens my bones and joints and makes me wish the weather was more shitty. This year I was not given those two crucial weeks that makes me live through the cold and dark winter...
My batteries have not been recharged, I am still running on that spare reserve battery that I was left with this spring...

Go on a vacation you might suggest - but there is no money for that - I have spent my money helping out with derby. And on the other hand there is no time for a vacation... life is just full of a bunch of must do and must be right now...

And dear friends, I am not complaining at all, not at all... I don't mind... just once in a while, but everythign would have felt so much better if there would have gotten those two weeks of utter heat, of heat that would have made my knees stop hurting and made the beach luring...


Aug 20, 2011

Off to Stockholm for a breath...

So my brother has his long awaited birthday party - my hamstrings are still hurting, my girlfriend is coming and we are setting off to Stockholm. Yesterday we went and saw Coco Rosie and it was really amazing - it stormed on scene and I swear it was snowing... It is August and we are all freezing, it is not fair, I have no clue were the summer went... Stockholm today - back on Monday!

Well, we are gonna to finalize our roosters for our games during Nordic Light on the train... be there or be square.... F*** we had practice on Wedesday, and you can tell everyone have been away for the past month... life aint easy at times... Let's pick it up... because you know when you got it!

Aug 19, 2011

Killed by myself... with some help of some Rocky Mountain girls

The are always sooo attentive.... my dear Crime City

So Rocky Mountain went quite hard on my hamstrings, DeRange has this amazing heel-to-toe stride that we all tried to learn, yeah... and aperently that is NOT what my hamstrings like a few days later - that in combo with running forward on the toestops and slowing down while running full-speed... yeah... adding to that is that we ran downhill intervals during an offskates session... all this together left me with overworked hamstrings... A sensible and smart person would have gone home to Sweden and layed down and done nothing for a few days...

I am not this person, I held an off-skates practice with my team... running and jumping over obsticles... yeah... I did that until it felt like someone was jamming a knife into my hamstrings (or more like 5 knives) and I fell to the ground... the next day I held a four hour practice... everytime I tried to do something that involved sprints, I fell to the floor in excrutiating pain (true story) and since sprints and stops is what derby is all about, I just had the pleasure to coach even more... yaya... no skating for poor me... buhuuu... Like HONESTLY... I have NEVER been in this much pain in my hamstrings before...
So know I'm on a ibuprofen diet... yeah... probably for the best... I cannot even walk fast... I think I might get better by the day after tomorrow... I feel a sudden urge to do 200 sit-ups... and a plank...

Aug 18, 2011

Rocky Mountain Camp post-party

Well, I blame the Germans... even if we are in UK
It's never to late to do a plank... 3 am at the hotel
Who knew derbygirls were so talented at making pyramids on rotating podiums... it is almost like as if we were cheerleaders
Deranged and Loony bonded by 3 hours non-stop dancing
Me and AJ sharing a moment with a rose
So what do you do with people you haven't seen for a long time and you find yourself in Birmingham... yeah, you go and find an almost empty bar that plays 80's music and drink a few jägerbombs, dance, build a pyramid, dance some more, take random pictures, get harassed by ugly Brittish dudes, plot how to get an american citizenship, talk about skating, dance, drink a few jägerbombs, dance... try to remember that I am wearing a skirt (AJ's) and not pants... skirt starts to act like it thinks it's a belt.. .dance some more... and BAM bar closes down... we stroll in fountains, get chased out by the officers (without funny hats) and then did lots and lots of planks while drinking beer!

Aug 16, 2011

London Roller Girls vs. Rocky Mountain

Knickerblocker Glory streaching after the game
So last weekend was spent in London and Birmingham, and it was fantastic, and sad, and amazing. I realized how much I acctually do miss playing high-level derby, and at the same time it was great to see old friends, make new friends, play and practice and just not have to be the strict coach... I liked that quite a lot!
The bout was no big suprise, London did draw first blood (that was a suprise), and then after that they did not score much while RMRG kept on putting points on the board. I must say that I am very impressed by Kamikaze Kitten - she was doing great jamming for London, and I must say that London had great walls, but against the well-oiled machine that Rocky is, they just did not match up.Stephanie Mainey did some great job jamming, but she is a fierce blocker, and I must say I also have a soft spot for Raw Heidi :-D.
DeRanged jammed amazingly, Psyko was cocky and amazing on hte track (I think she's the only skater that I know that get away with the attitude and still is so lovable) and Rocky are just so well times and has some amazing team-work... and AJ looked great - even if she just got back from an ankle injury...  Yeah... it was great to watch, the bout was intense and not boring a minute even if Rocky were winning, with A LOT.
Oh, and we did not end up in the middle of any riots either... a weekend of sucess.. .I will write soem more about the camp when I wake up tomorrow morning... we just got back from off-skates practice and that ontop of the weekend... my hamstrings need some loving!

Aug 11, 2011

Off to London...

Dear world...
I am off to London of all places... and Birmingham... I got myself an ACTUAL derby vacation, that meaning that I am going somewhere - NOT coaching BUT skating... yeppers...
yeah... over and out....

(and yes, it is derby related)

I am meeting Krazy Kris at the airport in about 45 min, so I better run of now... hasta la vista babes... see you another day!

Aug 9, 2011

Giving up the Booze

Me and my nice petting bunnies in Stockholm
Kicking into gear....
So this weekend I decided that I am over it, I am over getting a little to drunk going out, I love to drink with food, I like to have a few really good beers, I just don't like being hammered and falling into chairs while dancing. So from now and on - no more shots - only really YUMMY beers and good wine... and ok, the pre-party wineschorles...
I am not that much of a fun drunk - I am much more fun sober or slightly tipsy, so I think I am gonna stay there, because I like to be fun, I like to have fun. And also alcohol totally ruins your fitness, and I need to get back into gear, with Nordic Light only three weeks away, a game against Berlin only seven weeks away and Sweden is playing Finland the 8th of October... not to talk about the World Cup in December. Yepp, let's all kick into gear, get more fit, have more fun and work harder! Cheers ;-)

Aug 8, 2011

From Berlin with love...

We also call her MONKEY at times
Rotation also made us smell the flowers - there were signs with the Latin AND German names
Rotation took us for many walks - and everywhere I found something to play with
We had to hide in a play-house because it rained so hard, and then we walked to the car in our underwear
We went to Hanna Hellfires Baby Shower and I petted a dog
I did the Bunny with Bunny aka Beatrix Slaughter, my old team mate from Gotham
So I am currently suffering from writers block... so I guess I'll just go with the old saying, a picture say more than a thousand words, and just imagine how much those seven pictures with captions are saying... they just told you all EVERYTHING about my Berlin trip.... well, we also as I said earlier scrimmaged with the Berlin Bombshells (thanks for having us), I got SUPERSICK for 24hours and almost thought I was gonna die, we watched the worst movie ever... I promised not to tell ANYONE we watched it... we walked by Master Blasters skateshop that is under construction, and it looked hella nice, we spent lots of time with Rotation and as much time as we could with Shevil, since she had to work... and then we took the darn bus home...

Aug 7, 2011

And it rains again...

two of my favorite things in Sweden

We went to Berlin and it rained and the bout was cancelled (not because of the rain but because of Air France being bitches and going on strike). We scrimmaged with Berlin Bombshells and that was all good. It was fun to see Shevil and Rotation again, we made them shirts saying ''Swoony hearts Shetation'' and we stayed on their coach as usual... After Berlin we headed back to Malmö, just to move onto Stockholm, in Stockholm we went of an amazing outdoorskate and hung out with all the Stockholm girls.
And today it's time to head back to Malmö - more driving ahead and it's raining... I am honestly REALLY sick of driving and rain!