Jun 26, 2015

Things that make me cry...

...well in this case it is just emotional happiness.

USA recognised homosexual marrige in all the 50 states. It is a huge step forward, love is love and will always be love. I really don't care who you marry, maybe I will never be married, but I love to read that we are all the same, we are not treated different in the eyes of the law. a human can marry another human that they happen to love. Ok, fine... there are limits to everything, but you know what I mean...

In many times I don't think I care that much, until I read the articles online and see the happiness it creates. Love is supposed to bring joy into our hearts, it's supposed to be something we celebrate, not something that is a burden and something we ALWAYS have to fight for,

I know there are many opinions about marrige and the significance of it, but when it all comes down to it, I like to have the possibility to say no, rather than not have it avaible to me if I meet someone I want to marry, no matter what the sex is.

SO FLY THOSE RAINBOW FLAGS HIGH... because rainbows and unicorns will always win in the end! And a BIG WELCOME TO USA for stepping into the 21st century... 

Jun 23, 2015

ECDX 2015

Unicorns and Unicorns

Another amazing ECDX, the pool was back this year, and that for sure was a plus!
I had such an amazing time.

So proud of Gotham ALLSTARS, so amazing to be a part of such a strong and determined team! Hard work is all paying off!! HARD SMART TOGETHER!

I am also super proud of Shoch Exchange! Super well done! It's a great experiance to be a part!

And STOCKHOLM Roller derby - you guys killed it! So amazing! 

Something like that... 

Jun 19, 2015

Happy Midsummer and ECDX

It is that time a year again....

The best part was to get to see Stockholm play so well...

Jun 8, 2015

BrewHaHa and new unifoms

Gotham got new unforms and we got sponsored by Roll-line... and they are really soft and you can barley notice that you are wearing them. Iwas suprised, since i usually don't like a high neck, but I didn't notice it at all, they really were like a second skin, and I could just concentrate on killing Minnesota jammers...

We re selling the black one as a fundraiser, so if you are interested to get one, please let me know and I can make it happen.

BrewHaHa was superawesome, last time I was in Milwaukee was watching Champs in 2013 with Eagle, so of course i had a little nostalgic moment. *sigh*

Well, well... I really like playing on concrete, so I was excited about that. I was only rostered for the Minnesota game, so I had the pleasure to watch the team beat Tampa on Saturday. My team is amazing and every player is such an inspiration, all in different ways.

Of course I rather play, but it is always a gret experiance watching my team play and learning from that. I'd lie if I didn't say I wasn't upset about not getting rostered, I think it's healthy to get upset. I just have to tell myself that I do play for the best team in the world, adn I have to figure out how to be even better on the track and also be proud that my team mates are doing so well.

It was fun and challanging to play Minnesota, and I learned some things about myself, I still have to tell myself to get lower and be more communicative. Always strive to become better...

Jun 2, 2015

Pretty in Pink Prom RollerDisco

Brooklyn has a park called Prospect Park and there is a roller rink there - and Lola Star runs a different theme roller disco every Friday night during the summer.

So last Friday I took three non-derby friends to skate to music, and it was real fun. Dancing around on skates really is the best fun ever, except from rollerderby. I can't say I am real good it, but I do my best!

Since the theme was Pretty in Pink prom I found a 8 dollar sparkly pink dress at one of the many vintage stores I frequent for fun outfits. At the rink I ran into some of the NYSE guys, and Otter even talked me into entering the dance contest with him. I think we at least were entertaining!

This is something I could do every Friday night!

Me and AK "dancing"

Jun 1, 2015

OKStupid adventure...

So after much thought (or not) I decided to get on another online dating adventure... Tinder hasn't really been my jam at all, so I figured why not re-activate my OKStupid account...
 It is an adventure... Like really?
I've only put down an interest in women previously, but thought I branch out for the men. Don't wanna come off as too picky, since I myself stated earlier this year that at least I fall for a person, not a particular gender. Even if I at this point have found myself attracted to fewer men than women.

SO there it begins...

First I of course ran into a few people I know, because you know, it happens, and it is interesting... at least we weren't enemies... (if you don't have an OKStupid account I will happily tell you that you don't just match with people, it also tells you how many percentage of enemies you are.) So after establishing that my friends aren't my enemies, I could go on and recive messages from potential matches.
Quite quickly a 21 year old guy wrote and asked me if I would consider hooking up with someone much younger. I answered "ha ha ha ha" but probably could have come up with somehting more creative.
A 23 year old messaged me and asked if I would dress him up as a girl, and I helpfully said "Yes, I would be happy to do that" but then he was more into telling me I was hot and not so much into picking lipstick shades for himself.
Then a 63 year old man wrote me a message where he praised my good looks and also told me that he used to watch rollerderby when he was a teenager. I frankly didn't know hw to respond to that... so I didn't ...

So far so good, rolling two days into this and still havn't really "talked" to anyone that have sparked any of my interest. I hate to give up on OKStupid, but I am not sure that it will work out for me this time either, I mean my Tinder dates have so far been a little on the crazy side, and I don't know why I expected OKStupid to be any different.

Well, I probably don't have time to date anyone anyway, because you know "I have derby"