Oct 31, 2012

A fun practice with an element of fitness...

Me and Loony ran practice yesterday, it has been a while since last. We like to run quite intense practices, but also try to throw somethign new in, and something fun... so we ended practice with some syncronized skating... that I tell you all I totally SUCK at... but it makes us all laugh and I mean, Bonnie Thunders was once a syncronized skater... so I am quite sure it will not make us any worse...

As I have said before, we don't have a place to skate, so we get random bookings, so we don't have the permanent days of practice anymore, so we just book and hope that our amazing girls can make it to practice... adn we had a good showing yesterday, the floor was nice and sticky, so I bet more than one of us will feel it in our quads and shins today.

I also threw in some push-ups, sit-ups and otehr strenght exersices for good measure... being fit will make you a MUCH better derby player... or at least a much longer lasting derby player... I now that when I get tired I am more likely to get minors and majors... and I am not much help to my team when I am in the box... taht is also why I think it is important to run practices that are high in intensity, you should be able and used to skating through when you are tired, you should fight til the end and being used to it..

Yesterday practice was one of those practices where I felt liek I was just having fun and playing around, but at the same time getting better, pushing myself to do new things... It was a very good feeling!

So ready to rock... oh yeah... we are sooo cute! 

Gothenburg vs. CCR B

Last weekend I took a roadtrip to Gothenburg with Kix and Kim, to go watch CCR' B-team play Gothenburg...
It was great to spend soem time just driving through a very beutiful Sweden, it always strikes me how amazing and striking my native country is, dressed up in orange, yellow and red leaves falling off. The sun is still just a tad warm, and winter is just sneaking up on us... Ahhh...
 last time they met about 8 month ago, CCR beat Gothenburg with over 100 points or somethign like that, I did have a feeling that Gothenburg had gotten much better, sicne tyhey been working really hard the past month... and that really showed during the bout.
It was a nailbiter, and both teams were fighting really hard, there was really great derby played, and I didn't know who to cheer for... CCR were better at pointprotecting while Gothenburg had amazing walls, that worked fantastic together.
It really isn't often that I get to watch derby, and I forgot how much fun it is to sit in the audicence and just watch... and I am acctually allowed to scream at the referees... (not that I ever would... right.... )

Four minutes left and it could go either way... (GBG to the left and CCR to the right)
CCR showing off their new bout shirts! 
Ready set go! 
Kix gives teh game and the afterparty two thumbs of two! 

Oct 29, 2012

Balancing your life

Trust and balance - it's waht we are trying to build in life...

We all love rollerderby to death, but it's a lifeconsuming activty that takes a lot of effort, time and mental energy. In the end, it's all worth it, but sometimes on the road of all meetings, practices, little dramas, hurting limbs and just in general the stress and lack of time does take a toll on you. 
On top of that most of us also have something we like to call our REAL job - that place were we earn money so that we can continue to play that sport we love so much! 
Somedays I wish that I had an extra day in the week, and preferably a few extra hours per day aswell... just so I could fill it with some extra practice/admin/friend/dinner and most of all SLEEEEEP!

Balancing your life when you try to build, improve and run a team/leauge is not the easiest thing, and sometimes you have to remember that you do it because you love it and that rollerderby is not the only thing in the world, even if I do think rollerderby is one of the most important things in life. Rollerderby makes me smile and it also makes me cry...

Right now I 've been in that sort of mental not so pepp funk: Two weekends of bouts after each other, it is not only hard on your body. It is also hard on your mental state, especially when you have to travel to a bout, it sorts of makes a mess of your daily routine.  I tend to be too tired to unpack my bags the day I get back home... and then I tend to never get home early enough to get it done... . I currently have piles of things/clothes laying on my floor, and I am in a dire need of doing laundry... or I soon have to start wearing my "outside panties" (those are the panties you were ontop of your leegings for bouts) as my underpanties... and that is just NOT acceptble...

All focus is currently on the tournament in Berlin, and it's hard to sit at work and not start to write line-ups in your head, or mentally go thorough that last bout in your head and make notes on what we have to improve as a team and as induviduals. I love to skate with Stockholm Rollerderby, those girls are all really amazign people, we respect each other and we skate well togetehr. My mental state has not been the best the past days due to things that are not rollerderby related, and I hate to see it when it affects my derby, and my team. I wish I was one of those people that could feel very passionate about my job, I really don't, my job is a means of getting the funds to do more rollerderby.

This week is just as busy as any other week - tonight the Stockholm Allstars has a meeting at my house... I can offer ppl to sit on my piles of laundry (mmmm sexy)... ehm... and tomorrow night is practice somewhere where we might have a booking (we are struggeling to find a place to practice) on wedensday me and one of our players aer going to bet on horses at the racehorse track Solvalla and on Thursday we will try poledancing... with we I mean the ppl from Stockholm Rollerderby that want to try... since it's one of our girls running the class... this one I will FOR SURE blog about...

BUT there are sometimes those crazy thoughts in my head... what would I do if I didnt have rollerderby... would I eat out more? Would I travel to India? Would I acctually have taken the time to go sailing this summer? Would I have a girlfriend? Would I be really good and amazing at my job...? Would I plan a trip to the Alps to snowboard with some old friends? Would I go to Bali to surf? Would I really learn how to play rugby?

I really don't know, and sometimes I really DO wanna know, and sometimes I really DON't wanna know... But I say as I have done the past weeks "Can we take this after Berlin?"

Oct 23, 2012

League meeting!

We had a great leauge meeting, I love Stockholm Rollerderby - the only downside is that I need to go home and write the minutes/protocol now... And I decided to go out for a beer with and have a postmeeting beer... I deserved it!!

Jender, Red and Salivet being excited about drinks on a Tuesday

Home From London...

I am finally home in my own bed... Ahhhhhhhh... My turn to sleep... Loony and Mary had gotten their fair share ;-)

Mary on the flight to Sweden
Mary and Loony on the train to Gatwick
Loony really sleeping hardcore - soon back home in Stockholm

Oct 21, 2012

LRR vs Stockholm

We got up at 4 am to take a flight to bout at 5pm... It was a little stressful when the flight ended up being 45 min late and seriously - trying to get nine derby people to across London is quite like herding cats!
I stuffed my face with food and we managed to find the venue after a train, a subway and a bus... You can't say that London doesn't offer a wide variety of travel options.

So we scurried into the venue, threw our skates on to try the floor that was super odd - slick but grippy. Hard to explain - but it was just weird, but it's the same for everyone.

The game was fun, hard hitting and very, very exciting. London Rockin Rollers has a very good team, and really got us all working hard, it was great to feel that our hard work payed off, but I wasn't even sure we won when the last whistle sounded. The scoreboard was really hard to see, and at one point I looked over an I could have sworn it looked like they were up with 40 points.

Oh, and afterparty was stellar - at a pub and of course half of the team ended up in their sports bras - just seem to happen, good thing I have invested in a pretty one. And LRR was also celebrating that their leauge been around for FIVE years, just like STRD and me... Amazing rollerderby...

Today me and Loony will be goin to London Roller Girls practice, LRG is the other London leauge, the ones that came in fourth at eastern regionals, and that will hopefully be stellar!

You never need too much sparkles!

Oct 19, 2012

Another music video... YEAH!

It's dark and cooool, and we are skating.... Stockholm Rollerderby featured in BADGE video... oh yeah!

Oct 17, 2012

Underwater Rugby

I am in bed - frozen to the bone after playing underwater rugby. It was fun, and it was entertaining to see how everyone flocked to the ball like little fishes... Hm - and seriously - this is not a spectator sport... and you cannot look hot doing it... But it was mucho funno!
I just have a feeling I will not start this sort of weird but fun sport, just not my thing....

Me and Only

Picture 16/10/12

Smashed is being excited over the colors of the fall... oh JOY!

Oct 15, 2012

Five years later...

It is five years later - it is five years since I started rollerderby! A decision I never regret!

 About five years ago I went to my first Jet City practice. (I think it was in October 2007) I remember I was soooo nervous, I did not know what to expect at all... I had just e-mailed them and they told me to show up... I had told them I was tall and blonde and that I had my own gear (bought online a few weeks earlier). Honestly I really did not know much about rollerderby, than it was a sport for women on rollerskates, and that it was fullcontact... oh, and that the outfits were quite colorful.

I drove the 45 min from Seattle up to Everett and sat on the parkinglot of the skaterink to build my confidence up, and watched a few girls enter the building. I didn't wanna be the first there, but I for sure did not wanan be the last, I really wanted to start the car and just drive off...
But I kept on telling myself that it would be just fine, that this was somethign I really wanted. And then finally I got myself out of the car and into the rink...
I remember it being a little dark and I ended up just standing in the entrance feeling a little lost watching a few girls skate around on the rink. Suddenly a short woman  came up to me and asked me if I was "that Swedish girl". I nodded and she pointed over to a corner where a few girls were putting their gear on "That's our Fresh Meat group, just go put your gear on and you can skate with them" and so I did. I even rememeber what I was wearing to this firs practice, tight acid washed strech jeans and a white oversized Misfits shirt.
So I got all my gear on, and entered my first practice, I think we were practicing stops and weaving and we were about 10 people using a small corner of the rink since there was a regular practice going on at the same time... I was still supernervous but everyone seemed really nice, and I got compliments for trying and I was having the time of my life, I probably fell about a thousand times and I kept on getting up, just to fall again.

After that first practice I knew was going to come back, and after a few practices I becamse really good friends with one of the other Fresh Meats and we started to carpool and she later became my derbywife (Colt 45). This year I watched her on wftda.tv jam for her current team Sacred City, and it made me remember those fresh meat practices we shared, all those drives and the really bad  jokes we shared....

.... and now five years later... I am still comming back to Rollerderby... I am... I love it, and I am very thankful and happy that i did start rollerderby... and to all the people that have turned me into the skater I am today!


Probably from my second bout with JetCity... 2008

Stockholm vs. Malmö

We won.... The Final Score was STRD 169 – CCR 122
I am very proud of my team - they played very well. After a rocky start we regained our feet under us and started to chip away on the lead that CCR earned. I don't think I have never been so nervous EVER playing a bout, it is really weird to play a team that you feel you aer such a big part of.
I loved Crime City - but Stockholm is "mina drömmars stad" and even when I hate it the most - I love it even more.
AND WE SOLD OUT - over 700 tickets! Yaya! That was REALLY exciting! I'm so excited we had such a fab audience cheering both for us and for Crime City! It was truly lovly and made me hopeful for the future of Swedish Rollerderby!

It is really exciting that Sweden has not only one but two teams that are going to the AP/WFTDA tournament in Berlin, and that we both are really able and work so hard to improve our derby, fitness and awareness.

The bout Saturday was our second sanctioned bout, and we are really hoping to soon become full WFTDA members, there are so many exciting things ahead of us - I love rollerderby - I really do - this is what I do to put a smile on my face. And I know that I at times go close to teh fire and almost burn out, but for most of the times, it's worth it in the end...

Oct 12, 2012


Well, to be honest, we are playing in Solna Hallen - but how cool is that!? It's gonna be frealing fantastic! Swedens two best teams are going head to toe in a great game... and I have very deep ties and connections to both teams!

If you are in Stockholm, you really should come and watch it! It will be a BLAST! Don't miss out! Just COME!! Game will START at 17.00!

You can still get your tickets online OR just buy them at the door! This will be KICK ASS

Picture of 12/10/2012

Had a meeting early at Söder - view over Stockholm... I love this city!

Picture of 11/10/2012

Waiting for the vegan meal to be ready... best place to eat, and Becks is great company

Picture of 10/10/2012

Madde fed me and teh cats after intense practice... I think the cat was about as hungry as me

Oct 11, 2012

Maybe moving inside is a good idea...

What I wore at practice today:

Winter running tights,
sweatpants made into shorts
sports bra
Helly Hansen longsleave
sleaveless hoodie
scrimmage shirt
....and I was still feeling a little chilli...

Today was our last practice at Ekvallen, it's sad since its free and we have a taped track there, and to be honest we have no clue were we are gonna practice for the rest of the year... Yikes! Well, until we can be at Ekvallen again... the reason we have to leave Ekvallen is not because it's getting to cold, but because they are turning it into a real ice-hockey rink... with actual ice on it... yikes...

On the bright side I found a detergent with my name... Yeah my real name - not my derby name...
AND it's BEST IN TEST! They might just mean me!

Last practice for STRD of 2012 at Ekvallen

Oct 8, 2012

Blast from the past

I do have friends from before derby! A few that is!

Right now Trish is here visiting - it's quite a blast! It's nice to hang out and chill and just not have too much planned! All weekend was chill, me and Only went to a gigantic flea market and I found another jeanjacket I can turn into what Tush likes to call "a party vest" and you can apperently not have enough of those.
Oh and on Saturday Sookie and her husband Zok invited me, Trish, Smashed and Calla for BBQ. And that was super mellow and nice - yep - it was a good weekend!

We found SKATES
To much crap to buy! 
She's truly excited to be back in Stockholm!

Oct 6, 2012

How I love to work out...

It really did not start that way, it started as something I would do to improve my rollerderby, and sure I still work out to improve my rollerderby and minimize injuries.
The difference is that I acctually like it much more now, I don't only like it, I freaking LOVE it...  Moving my body everyday makes me happier, it makes me giggle, and it makes my life more worth living.
I really enjoy being fit - and since I hav ereached a certain fitness level - it's not like I have to kick ass every time I work out to see results, but I still try to. I have gotten myself an appointment with a personal trainer once every week - to work on my core and my upperbody - rollerderby takes care of lots of lowerbody and then I need something for my indurance and explosiveness.
I suggest running stairs are a good one - but i still have not met the perfect stairs of Stockholm to work out in.

I know lot's of my friends are "I go out run" but just running per se is not really a derby specific work out, rollerderby contains speedchanges, short rushes, explosiveness and sure running will give you an overall endurance  - but not the endurance you need jam by jam... (I probably also say this because I hate running and I can think about 30 things that are more fun to do than running, and that doesn't even include going to the bar with my friends)

Oct 4, 2012

Life full of creative solutions

Our track is often wet - we come up with other things to do... I am back up from my black hole - I smile and I can encourage others.

If the track is too wet for regular derby - we do something different, I know it sucks, we write heartbreaking letters to Stockholms politicians - but who cares.

We cry - but at least we can still practice - together. Harder stronger faster... What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, another thing to put in that gigantic bag of tricks...

MY skates are pretty and got a welldeserved rest
when you run for the bus you sometimes dont have time to take kneepads off
Stockholm truly is the most beutiful city I know - I heart Stockholm

Oct 2, 2012

God is great, beer is good and people are crazy

Late night subway from a friend, searching the life for something that isn't lost.
Music in my ears - texting someone that's too far away.
Living late night, getting off the subway
 - too sober to deal with the drunks -
going home alone to my corner of the big city.
Missing things I never dared to lose.

Getting off doesn't mean you reached your destination.

Oct 1, 2012

Less "have to" and more "wants"

I decided that I need more wants in my life and less "have to". I want to frolic more and cry less, I don't have the energy for the sad little animal that lives inside of me. The sad little animal need to be entertained and loved more. I have to learn to shake the feeling of never being good enough. I have to realise that my best is good enough!

It's easy to make decisions sometimes, but there are always roadblocks

Open sea!

Right now I'm on open sea - somewhere between Finland and Sweden.

I've had an amazing trip, I'm super proud of our B-team, they kicked ass, I got to pick mushrooms in a sunny Finnish forest and I got to acctually spend some time with friends and just stroll around in a city where they speak a language that is so strange I can't even guess what they are saying. I'm a big fan of Finnish culture, Only tells me I'd be a good Finn. I'm probably not good enough of a Finn to spend as much time at karaoke as they do.

This is the third night we have been at karaoke and I finally sang - Swedish child song - completely sober... And also an older Finnish lady asked me to dance with her, and I did that. Hopefully someone got pictures of that, you can't turn an old lady down, right? Especially not. When her husband is singing karaoke, some Finnish song.

Boats, bout, karaoke and walking in the forest...
And riding in Flukes very fancy car - I don't regret going to Finland this weekend, even if I missed out on watching all of Eastern regionals, but thanks to awesome friends I at least have been able to hear most of the scores from the most exciting games.

the Finns singing

On our way back to Sweden

The bout yesterday was great - but more about that later. We are now driving back to Turku to take the boat back to Sweden. We decided on a spontaneous mushroom picking stop - and it resulted in wet feet and some chanterelles! I was super excited to run around in the woods, I love nature, I just don't get to spend enough time in it. I often get trapped in the city - in the concrete of the city - and this lifted my spirit and made me just laugh to myself. Good thing I bought two pair of shoes at the flea market yesterday... When we get to Turku and the boat I will have dry shoes!

This could be a "funny mushroom" Glenn is the expert!
Kantarelli - I have an eye for those
Trolskt is all I can say!