Oct 14, 2013

WFTDA Championships - here I come!

I admitt, that it be a little more fun if I was playing, but I am not, I am just going to watch. And that will be SO MUCH FUN!  Walk around and hold hands with a hot lady, probably wear something completly outragous, cheer for all my friends that ARE playing and have a good time.
I will be watching topnotch rollerderby together with friends and wear funny outfits! It feels like this cannot be anytnig but completly AMAZINGLY fun!  I was sitting down the other day looking at the WFTDA Championship bracket, and I can really not decide on who is going to win what! This is just BEYOND exciting! I am excited to see all those teams play! Gotham will always have a special place in my heart...

I am also sooooo EXCITED to watch London!

My flight is booked and I am almost ready to go... RIGHT now, but aperently I have to wait 25 days, because that is the date set for Champs, and that is also when my tickets are booked for it. I still ahve a hard time to contain myself! Ahhhh! Ahhh! And a big part of my excitement really is to walk into a big hug and to gaze into the most beuitul eyes I have ever seen. 

Helsinki two bouts and friendtime

So I flew straight into Helsinki from Portland, into the arms of one of my best friends in the whole wide world: ONLY! I hate that she has moved back to Helsinki, and I liss her soooo much, both as a friend and as a player on my team. I am happy for her that she has found love in Helsinki and she get to be close to her teenage daughter (yes she has one of those). She deserve to be happy and I want her to be happy! BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME MISS HER ANY LESS!

Well, so when i came into Helsinki she got off work a little early and we went to her and Pygmes house and she made me soup and we caught up. I probably just babbeled all about Portland forever and ever and she told me the latest news on her life. Then Pygme came home and laughted at me saying htat Only was a very reasonable and easygoing person... we also established that Pyme is short and I am tall (BIG SUPRISES)

Me TALL you SHORT... any questions? 
Later that night Amy and Loony arrived, so we jumped into the SAUNA and drank some alcoholfree beer and prepared for the bout next day... being among frienemies.

I get coffee = mesohappy

Boutday was kicked off by a long walk to get food, and then we ate food before we went to the venue and met up with our teams. The bout itself was intense, Kallio early took the lead adn kept on chipping away, but at halftime we managed to get ourself togheter and start to chip away on that lead. And of course it all came down to the last jam, and guess what, WE WON!

Squeeeze! Kallio and Stockholm! 

I felt like I played really well, and I was awarded Best Blocker, and I got SUPERHAPPY by the award! After the bout we went back to Onlys place, tried to cook of the few things we found in the refrigerator... SAUNA again and then sleep, since Sunday was boutday AGAIN... this time a WFTDA sanctioned game against Helsinki, that beat us last time we played them. 

Oct 11, 2013

Portland, Portland

So I went to Portland to hang out with someone special, and it surpassed my expectations. I gotta hang out with someone that makes me giggle, that makes me blush and that holds my hand, someone that I can be just me with. She gives me compliments and hugs me tightly and yeah, makes me really happy. Yupp, that just happened!

I had a great trip, with some derby, got to see some old friends and make some new. I gotta see the last day of the playoffs in Salem - none of the games were particularly exciting, since Rat had a firm grip on Detroit from the get go and Bay Are we're not about to give Atlanta any spare points... The most exciting was probably the first half of the bout for the fifth place between Victoria and Toronto - until Victoria got a good grip and kept on plowing away. It's exciting to see that international derby is digging its way into the WFTDA ranks! Even if the only international team at Championship will be London Rollergirls... And that is EXCITING!!! And I am gonna go to Champs and I'm super excited about that!!
Afterparty dressed up in gold by some Demanda and Blue pressure, gotta see Eagle in a dress... (Why did I not take photos of this)

I got to join a Portland hometeam practice - it was fun to practice in the hangar and Guns N Rollers were superfun and nice to skate with. And on Wednesday I got to scrimmage with them - and that was also super duper fun, and I gotta skate with twin tower Eagle, tall awesomeness on the track. I really had a great time skating with Rose City!
Rainbow in Portland

Now I'm on my way to Helsinki to play Kallio on Saturday and Helsinki on Sunday, gonna be awesome to play with my team.