Jan 28, 2015

When practice is cancelled

Well, we all hate to get the e-mail saying that practice is cancelled. Even if it's because of an epic snowstorm... That turned out to not be epic at all... But we have snow in NYC and I love it, even if both practice on Monday was cancelled and drop-in scrimmage yesterday... But Gotham ALLSTARS have off-skate homework... And this is when living with Violet and Vish really has its perks... Off-skate workout two days in a row with Vish, Violet and Kenbo... Yeah... I am so ready for this season to get kicking!!
Kenbo is our private DJ

And so it is...

The first time you see someone, really see someone, something you never saw before,not until that one time, when both of you lock eyes and you kiss.
Its a piece of magic, and its like that song "i feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes"
And thats when you know, you fucking know that you will feel something and it scares the crap out of you, and you want to run, you want out, but you take another step. You step closer, you intensify that kiss and you find yourself naked. Words are now a danger, every touch is a feeling of chaos inside and out and sends ripples of pleasure and pain. 
Running now would be excused, you be back to feeling nothing - the glorious nothing. 

And you fucking run, like a bunny hopping over a meadow, you run, like you were chased by wolves  and you wake up in the darkest and most quiet places, in your own nothingness and you cry loud because no one can ever hear you here.

Jan 27, 2015

It's snowing in NYC

So we are supposed to get a crazy amount of snow and there is a citywide emergency alert, trains and roads are shutting down. And worst of all practice got cancelled. Living with two other Gotham Allstars have the perk (?) that we still got motivated and did a work-out. So much fun! I love having people to work out with! I'm not really that great of a self-motivator.

It's crazy how the entire city is shutting down over some snow... But we are all set, we bought a bunch of religious candles at the bodega, in case the electricy goes out. We are stocked with food, Violet is making chili, Vish is gonna bake shortbread cookies (my favourite) and I'm gonna make the Swedish version of mulled wine (Glögg). Yay for having the best roomies and friends ever! 

Jan 20, 2015

Scrimmage with Stockholm Rollerderby

Me and Blow Me having the best of times... as always
On Sunday I went to scrimmage with Stockholm, and it was superfun. I miss my old team, it would be strange if I didn't. It's a group of hardworking and compassionate women. They are among the top teams in Europe and are really deserving of the high ranking they acheived this year. Some of the most fun bouts I've ever played were played with Stockholm Allstars. I think I will always feel like I'm a part of Stockholm, it's that one leauge I just can't really leave, Stockholm is and will always be in my heart, and they say that your home is where your heart is.

I had SUCH a blast, and I'm REALLY happy that I went! I can't wait until I am back in Stockholm again and can come and play again! 

Jan 18, 2015

Back on skates in Stockholm

Smashed, Calla, Becky and Amy for breakfast
Got back from Brazil on Friday and a few hours later I'm at Stockholm Rollerderby practice. It was delightful and amazing to be back with my old team and it was amazing to be on skates again. It is always amazing to be on skates, but after over a month of not skating, it was extra awesome. I spent the night at my derby wife's house and got two blankets! Talk about luxurary... In the morning Becky and her gf came by, and we had American pancakes with fixings. Me so happy.

I am still unsure of my 2015 personal goals, but I'm certain about one thing, and that is: that the world of Rollerderby is expanding.

I'm currently trying to get out of bed so I can join Stockholm for scrimmage. Sometimes it's just not the easiest...

Jan 14, 2015

An old Facebook status I wanted to share...

This will be a long post, it's about how I bought a pair of rollerskates, fell into the lap of rollerderby and never turned back.  It's about how I always strive to be the best I can be; as a skater, coach, teammate, person and friend. It is about not crumbling under pressure and expectations, it's about all the friends I've made and the weird rumours I've heard about myself. It's about how fit I've become, about the countless hours I've put into planning, accommodating and helping others. It's about how thankful I am to every person that been there along the way, how every coach and teammate has pushed me in different ways, how we together have won, lost and afterpartied. It is about all the places I've traveled to, all the airports I've visited and the awards I've gotten. It's about being different and accepted. It's about all the games I've played, coached and watched. It's about being nervous and not showing it, it's about pepptalks, broken skates, broken hearts and suprises. It's about trust and smiles, it's about the wins, beers and injuries. It's about two whistles that became one and it's about women, men and juniors, it's about long meetings, phonecalls, tears and lack of training facilities. It's about taking the time, working out and soreness, it's about falling in love and it's about the past seven years of my life... 

Jan 11, 2015

With Love from Brazil

It's my BIRTHDAY and I at least look toned
I have never been off-skates for this long before. My last practice I went to was with Shock Exchange the day before I left NYC. I was even a tad sick then and sat out the last few minutes of scrimmage.

Since then I've been a busy bee and catched up on work in Sweden, hung out with friends and family. And now I'm in Brazil, and it's nice here, it is warm and my body is happy with me. 
Me and my brother have taken some surf classes, and I regret to tell you that I'm now leaving roller derby to pursue a career in surfing... Or nooot! I am not very good, I guess it's good to get to suck at things sometimes... 

Ah, well... at least I'm trying to regain some fitness that I lost during the Holidays and by being sick. I'm also adjusting and about to tackel some major things in life. I can't wait to be back on skates, it will hurt so good. Oh, and I'm as tanned as I can be... And I still have FOUR more days to complete my transformation to a tanned beach babe. (Not that looks matter, but they do)

Jan 4, 2015

World Cup 2014 - it's coming

When I was looking over the past year I realised how much Team Sweden was present, how we practiced, how we bouted and anticipated Dallas. I always been really excited about Team Sweden, it's great to see how your teammates all raise to occasion and how everyone work so hard. It's great to see how Sweden is growing as a rollerderby nation and how I very much have had the opportunity to be a big part of that. I and so many others with me have put hours of time into helping, developing, meeting and talking about how, where, when, who and why. It's sometimes a thankless job, but in the end is super rewarding, especially when your national team end up being number SIX in the world among 30 nations.

I still have not really had the urge to write about the World Cup, it's not because it wasn't awesome, it's more because I have so many other things going on in my life that I have to focus on. But I WILL recap the World Cup in a few days.

I am also getting back to shape after taking a break during the hollidays...and you can read more about that here: http://swedehurt.blogspot.com/2015/01/back-in-shape-for-2014-15-days-of.html