Oct 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and thoughts on moving...

(Sunshine skate this, and now she is scared of me...)

I'm still feeling sick, but better, and Sunny and her girlfriend are here, and they are somewhat committed to the dressing up part... and I guess I could be buying into it, if I wasn't feeling so slow and tired... But you know, you cannot always be on top of it all.. But I guess I will take a shower and then maybe I will feel a little more up to it!

Listing to ''Hello Saferide'' and bopping my head... Malou found us a place in Copenhagen, so I guess it is really happening, I'm moving to Scandinavia... After seven years in US, I'm finally moving back to Europe, it is a really odd feeling. How will I really feel about it when I'm there, I don't know anyone in Copenhagen, really... except for Malou!

Hallooween special

(As someone said on Facebook... ''Chicks digs me'')

Yesterday was GGRD's last home-bouts for the season... Queens and Bronx fought hard and long about who would win the Championship... and Bronx came out as the winners.

Me, Fisti, Razor and Pie were inpersonating the band Fornyx... Hopefully pictures of the entire band will come soon... but for now I only have the picture of me and Schnitt, who dropped out of the band to be a chicken.. does that mean she is chicken...?

Walking home from the afterparty took forever and we saw a girl get hit by a cab, it was really crazy... like really crazy... and getting a cab on the weekend of Halloween is just like getting a cab on new years eve.. totally impossible!

Oct 30, 2010

So I am not really a hypocondriac...

(This is how GGRD Allstars are getting ready for the WFTDA Championships)

I hate going to the doc, but since my lungs been hurting and it has been feeling like breathing thru a straw the past weeks, I finally did it... I guess it was good... She gave me antibiotics, told me to rest lots and drink fluids...
I had tons of water and four exciting beers at the Blind Tiger with one of the Stockholm Rollergirls... I acctually first took her to Five Stride and there I ran into some Gent Go-Go Girls too.. ah, Five Stride really is a worldly Derby Central...

I ended the night by falling asleep on TipHers bed, after trying her costumes on... I felt acomplished... Now I'll get some more rest by setting up for the GGRD Championships tonigh.. Bronx vs. Queens.... Suzy Hotrods last bout with Queens of Pain...

Oct 29, 2010

WFTDA Championships are ONE week away

Trying to sell my car, going to the doctor, missing my girlfriend, taking traintrips with Fisti Cuffs, carving pumpkins, skating, skating, skating, skating and some more skating.... yeah... that pretty much is my life right now.

Oct 28, 2010

On the note of getting fit

(and when I don't work-out, I breakdance at Five Stride)

Yesterday I was feeling like shit, but after spending some time at Five Stride with OMG I decided to go to practice anyway. It was fun, I am still breaking my new skates in, and it was a mellow practice to do that at.
We ended the practice by doing 300 crunches... with almost no rest inbwtween... oh yeah... sixpack here I come!! And when I say sixpack, I do not mean the kind you drink... I mean the one on the front of my body that is attached to the body...


Oct 26, 2010

Getting ready for WFTDA Championships...

(I really belive drinking mimosa makes you a better skater)

So after Saturday morning practice we ended up at mimosa central... aka FIVE STRIDE SKATE SHOP to be honest we brought the mimosas and OMG remounted my plates for me while watching Bonnie squeezing some girls feet... I mean... who does not want Bonnie Thunders Squeezing their feet... One of the Swedes that was visiting me last week got her feet fitted and squeezed by Bonnie... and now has a pair of amazing skates so she can kick ass with West Coast Bombshells... Yay for Swedish rollerderby... And this upcoming weekend, Stockholm Rollerderby, have their first bout against Hamburg (that's in Germany folks... )

Pain and Practice

(Yes, it's me and the famous Bonnie Thunders at Time Square... TOURISTING)

So my brother came and visited, he also drank all my protein powder, but he bought me a small protein powder shaker, since my herbalife one is in Sweden.... so I guess he is forgiven...
He left and now all I have left is a bunch of practices... and I am gonna make them count... I will.. Today was my last scrimmage with Manhattan Mayhem, it was really sad, adn I wanted to cry, I almost dis, I was gonna have a little speach... but it just were not to happen, since I would have cried like a child... and hardcore tough Swedes like me dont do that kind of thing! HA HA

I also had the great joy of being the bottom of a pileup, and the outcome was a a charlie horse leaving me limping like a dumb boy. Must say that was NOT the highlight of the night... land-drills today was held by my amazing captain Sweet Sherry Pie, and I have a feeling some of us will be hurting tomorrow... my horse Charlie will be the one hurting the most...

Oct 25, 2010

Tired but happy

My brother is here and we even bought matching t-shirts today. Yesterday we had morning practice and then we spent the day drinking mimosas at Five Stride... and then I lost my brother to the NYC nightlife...

Oct 21, 2010

Mayhem also won over Suburbia on October 9th

(Me jamming, Fisti, Tip and Thighs blocking, Photo by Tigoe)

It started kind of rocky, but then we kicked into gears and became a force to reckon and fear...

Tyra mail and Swedes...

So my Swedish friends were in town for a couple of days and piled up in my studio apartment... So six people in this small space, I guess Swedes can make it work, because we had a blast. Lately me and Loony been obsessed with Americas Next Top Model, and this showed when we all in a tipsy haze got wigs... We scared the general population of New York by screaming 'pose' 'pose' 'pose' on the subway, while snapping shot on our iPhones.. and when we reached my apartment the DRESS UP began...

They all ended up going out to the bars in their amazing wigs and outfits, I stayed home, I had travel-team practice Saturday morning.... things I do for roller-derby

The death of the counting days

(East Regionals, Gotham vs. Charm City photo by BrendanMc)

I keep on getting too busy to write on the blog, I continue to eat well and skate lots and lots... but when it comes down to it all... I just have been to lazy to keep track of my eating and my exercise. It feels like I'm always doing something and eating something.

Nationals just around the corner, and that makes me really happy... really... really happy... and nervous and excited! Well, YES I know it is not Nationals, it is WFTDA Championships, and Gotham is playing either Texas or Bay Area first... EARLY in the morning... yeah, our first bout is 9.30 in the morning or something crazy like that...

Oct 6, 2010

Day One - again

(Me and Loony)

I like starting over, it's like I have a clean slate to build from, but it is actually a stronger clean slate than my first day one... that was five month ago. I also like to have goals, and now it is to be in shape and all that for WFTDA Championships in Chicago.

Today me and Loony are going to MoMA for a more cultural aspect of our lives and then I guess we are heading for leauge practice, we are both still sore since Bonnie Thunders KICKED out ASSES on Monday... So we will look like two little gimps at the museum.

Oct 3, 2010

Let's start over again...

(Fisti looking at me jamming, photo by BrendanMc)

YOu guys know how I love to start the countdown over again, I have been busy the past days... so I haven't had time to write, and now I guess I am still busy, but I want to feel like it is a fresh new start... so let's count up to NATIONALS....

I am gonna work even harder on my endurance, Fisti has some weird thought about me jamming more, I think I will jsut go for runs more often. Men and Loony went for a morning jog yesterday, but I think she might have still been drunk, and I was hungover. Yeah, we went drinking in style after BAD beat Denver during Western Regionals...

Good times, good times... what can I say... Now I'm going to cut Loonys hair... (she is mad I call her by her real name all the time, so I am trying to call her by her derbyname more often)