RollerDerby - My HerStory

Rollerderby has been my love and passion since I first put my foot in a pair of speed skates October 2007. I fell backwards, I fell forwards, I went to open-skates with pre-teens and I went to ope-skates with old, old people and organ music around the Seattle area. I was determined to learn to skate, and it payed off, I tried-out for Jet City Rollergirls in December 2007, and got to placed on Camaro Harem, got to scrimmage the first time of my life on my birthday January 10th, 2008 and got to play my first bout two weeks later.

After a year on Jet City becoming one of their better jammers, the long commute was killing me, and there only being two practices a week, so I decided to try out for Rat City, since I lived in Seattle and they offered more practices. After watching the WFTDA Championship of 2008, I only had one goal, and that was to get to Nationals and play among the best. I became a Rat City skater (Sockit Wenches) in December 2008, and became a Rat City All-Star in March 2009, and all year we fought hard to get the team to work together and I also had to up my skill-set so much, I might have attended six practices a week sometimes. I loved roller-derby... I grew muscles and I grew confidence... and I even ended up as the Sockit Wench captain. In the WFTDA Regional Championship we fell one place short of going to the Championships, and it broke my heart a little, but it was just to pick it all up and skate harder and practice more. I got to skate in front of 5,000 people, and I must say that it's quite cool... and strangers would walk up to me on the street and ask if I was that rollerderby girl Swede Hurt.
I loved Rat City, I had the greatest of times there ever and I was really sad I realized that I had to leave. I drove cross-contry with OMG and tried-out for Gotham Girls in NYC, and I found a derbyhome that had very little drama and lots of focus and heart. I was put on Manhattan Mayhem in March 2010, and two weeks later I became a Gotham Allstar and I finally reached my goal, to go to the WFTDA Championships. And I assure you, there was lots and lot's of skating involved, and I love, love, love rollerderby...

And now I live in Stockholm, first when I moved to Sweden I moved to Malmö and became the headcoach of Crime City Rollers and coached together Mad Maloony we lead the hardworking team to an undefeated season. It was an amazing experiance to get to work with such new skaters, with so much passion and drive, a big piece of my heart is still with Crime City, even if the larger part is of course with Stockholm.

In October 2011, I took my things and moved up to Stockholm, where I originally am from, and where most of my family lives. I currently play and coach with Stockholm Rollerderby, it's lots and lots of fun, and I could not ask for a more amazing leauge. We got third at Track Queens, and I have never felt more proud of a team!