Oct 30, 2015

RollerCon 2015 - short late recap

Team Fasholes vs. Team Tomboys by Tristan King

I had an AMAZING time at RollerCon, it was my SEVENTH RollerCon and it was just as magic as any other year. I played some truly fun bouts with talented and kickass people, and most of all... i got to dress up while playing rollerderby... meeting old and new friends!
I was honored to be voted in for the East Coast Team this year, it is truly humbling and amazing to get to skate with this team. And AGAINST Team West that really had some of the finest skaters on it. Oh, and we won... but it was an amazing and hardfought bout...

Team Cruz always leaves me feeling like a BEZErKING VIKING, I am not complaining... I couldn't stop grunting for a really long time after...   Team Fashole just get better and better each year... both outfitwise and skating, this year we event made points...  we alsmost gave those tomboys a run for their money... with our tits out... yeah we did!!
Team Vagine is the highlight of the weekend, being able to be a part of a team with such talented and queer skaters makes me super happy. Skating for a cause, because we are who we are, and we are not afraid to be who we are. Oh, yeah, we also won this year again...

And as always, skating with Cheezeballs Precision Skate Bearings is always a great time and so are the bearings spinning in my wheels... even if we didn't win, we still kicked some ass and had a GOOD time both against Bont and S1!!
I also had a good time seeing that Roll Line Roller Derby had a booth there this year, and my Gladiator wheels totally tore up the floor..

Oct 28, 2015

Don't call me hipster! I am a gardener... or something...

The morning I left for Alaska I said good bye to the sunflowers

So for you who follow me on Instagram, you know that I took over Fisti Cuffs and Frozen Chosens garden this summer. I literally took over... I cleaned out a hella lot of debris and dead morning glory (with help from Frozen) and then I dug up all the soil and added a bunch of pots. Bought lots of soil and started planting... well, I got Frozen to drive me to Home Depot to get a bunch of plants 06.30 in the morning (he was the one who wanted to go that early, and he actually slept in the car while I went crazy on little baby plants in the nursery). I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, lots of different herbs, jalapenos, peppers, zucchini, winter squash and watermelons...
And SUNFLOWERS! I love sunflowers... the only other flower I might almost love as much is a weed, and it's the dandelion. Dandelions are super useful, you can use the leaves for salad and make wine of the flowers. I know there are also some remedies you can make out of them. Have not gotten that far yet...
I spent lots of the summer on killing morning glory and some other weeds, on hunting down squash worms and trying to figure out why I had black spots on some tomatoes and how to get rid of mildew on cucumber leaves... I learned SO much, and I loved it! Well to be fair, I also had Brazilian Nut take me to Home Depot to get more plants and I ordered soil and strawberries from Amazon... yeah... there is nothing you can't get from Amazon...
I think I was mostly excited about being able to go out in the garden and eat a cucumber for breakfast whenever I wanted to.
I had to leave NYC before the growing season was over, so I never saw the end of it, but apperently the watermelons never came out, but it produced lots of tomatoes... and still is.
Growing things in NYC is not hard, well it is polluted, but as long as you have water, it will grow because of the heat and the sun. Sure there are all the pests, but it grows fast, and if something dies, something new will soon pop up...
Stockholm is not the same... we have a subarctic climate here, so it's going to be interesting to see how my balcony will fare next summer. I am also going to do some planing at my moms outside the city, because I want to do some real gardening, and not just the urban balcony pot gardening.

I truly enjoy gardening, it is just fun to get better at something, and also the joy of being able to give something to others. There is something really satisfying about being able to produce your own food.

I am also learning a new composting method called Bokashi, I made my own bin... well... more about that in my next blogg... Well, acctually next blogg will be a late post about RollerCon!

So this is what it looked like after a few hours of cleaning

And I got the plants

And more plants.... 

Oct 27, 2015

Another hard slap to the face...

Out and about
So I was hoping at least that I could travel to the WFTDA Champs to root Gotham on, to see all those people I love in derby. But also to watch the best rollerderby, the sport I love, and the athlethes that impress me each game! If I can't play myself, at least I could get the second best... but no, US decided  that I should not travel. It really sucks and it makes me really sad!

REALLY REALLY SAD and UPSET! It leaves me feeling powerless, I can't really decide on my own destiny of life. I can't grab life by it's boobs and go where I please. FRUSTRATING!

I love Stockholm, I have spent much time outdoors, and I love it. The fresh air, the smell of the fall and how winter is slowly creeping up on us. Walking and running the woods, looking for mushrooms and drinking water straight from a spring, sitting in the sauna, going outside into the cold water and air.
It is almost everything I could dream of.

 I know I will hate November, it's that rainy, dark and cold month... the time of the year we all suffer... waiting for snow... I've started to compost, I'm planning to rebuild my kitchen, I've painted all the furniture, I want to learn how to build furniture, I am taking classes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy... Things are looking up...

Oct 21, 2015

Running around with vegbles

6.30 am... I swear... doing this for a minute x 5, wakes you up
Everyone that knows me, knows that I really hate running, jogging, moving my body in any direction that doesn't include skating... ok, FINE, I do really like walking... BUT I have always been baffled by all those crazypants that tell me how WONDERFUL running is. Like really! I have always looked at them and thought to myself "you poor human beeing, who had lobotomized you". Well, maybe not that harsh,,, but surley something like that...

And now I have to confess... I have been running... and I sort of like it... I don't know why this is, maybe because it is out in the woods on really fun forest trails and I get to go to the sauna afterwards? Maybe b3ecause it is fall, and the temperature is just right. But yeah, I like running, and I like the sauna afterwards, and the naked skin in the fall air when we go outside to jump in the lake that slowly is going towards winter.

I love those aspects of Stockholm, that I can be in the middle of the nature just using my buspass. I love watching the season change and I can't wait for winter to be here... and as always, I keep on working out at Good To Go. It really is great, I've really gained a lot of core and upperbody strength. This morning I went to the 06.30 am session... I am seriously a zoombie whrn I get there... and then I leave as an almost functional person. It's very nice. For me, Functional Fitness works really well, I probably should spend an additional day at the gym... but I guess I have to lay down boundaries.

Oh, and then there was that little thing about being a vegetarian... It has been over a week, and I am not really missing eating meat, but I got myself some protein powder to consume after training sessions, I suspect that I will need that, I had vegan sushi the other day, and I must say I really did miss the real deal...

Oct 16, 2015

Vegetarian Day 3

So let me be clear...


I guess I was sort of cocky, because I've even been vegan before... but that was EIGHT years ago! I have to reform so many habits!

Yesterday I went to Hellasgarden with Panica and Sarra, we ran in the woods for about 8km and it was quite epic. The fall weather with sun and the nature just being stunning. I can get into this... I really can! And then we went into the sauna, dipped ourselves in the 9 degree lake and back in the sauna before I headed to Good To Go for an hour of work out. EPIC!

I did have my usual morning smoothie, and then I just totally forgot to eat lunch, so on my way to Good To Go, I grabbed a Gainomax and another smoothie that you just can buy in the store. And after training I went home and snacked on some fried tofu. I really like fried tofu...

For dinner I met up with my brother at a pub. I come here often for food, but i have never had a vegetarian meal at this place. They had one option, Mushroom risotto... I looked longing on the other options, thinking that no one would no.. .BUT I WOULD... cheater!  So I had mushroom risotto, and it was really good!

Yeah... it's a quest!
Getting fit and healthy, and trying it while being vegetarian. it's a challange. But challanges in life are what keep us all going... right!?

Oct 15, 2015

Vegetarian DAY 2

As I said in my blog yesterday I am aiming to go vegetarian, preferbly vegan, but I figured I am going to start light. And i might just fail miserably and end up just eating less meat. Nothing is easy in this world, and the meat and milk industry are horrible, both because of the way it treats animals but also because of the toll it takes on our environment. I guess I will be eating meat that is caught in the wild, I know that makes no sense to some people, but it does to me. I am against an industry, not the eating of meat itself. I do think we don't have to have meat with every meal, not even everyday.

I love the nature and the earth we live on, so I figured that I would get back to dragging my straw to the stack. I want to be a better human, not only for myself but the rest of the world. I mean, I want the earth to be a part of me striving to be more fit.

I love the north where I am from, and I don't want global warming to take over the beauty of it. So there, I am gonna do something, and yes I know... my carbon footprint i GIGANTIC, so I will do what I can, not traveling is not an option in my world.

Leaving work yesterday I wanted a snack, so I went into SevenEleven, just to figure out that most snacks I usually would go for had some sort of animalistic component to it. So i decided to go for an apple... i really like apples, so it was a gain.

I was still sick yesterday, so no work-out, but I did go to a photo exhibition at Fotografiska with Martin Schoeller, it was really nice. And afterwards me and my friend took a walk and ate BimBimBap at a Korean/Japaneese restuarant. I had tofu instead of with salmon or beef... It was really yummy. I did have the miso soup, and didn't think about it until afterwards that it probably contained fish... I guess babysteps... babysteps...

Afterwards we went to a Chineese supermarket and I bought some other fake meat products and found some really odd things, like boobballs. What do you even use those for?

I hate when I am not able to work out, I sleep really terrabbly, and last night were no different. Insomnia, insomnia... so I lay around and draw pictures and watched bad Netflix...

Oct 14, 2015

Going vegetarian and more fit

So the past weeks I've been thinking more and more about that maybe I should go back to being vegetarian. I've never really liked the meat industry and I know I can live without meat, since I've previously been both vegan and vegetarian.

I thought I would give it a try... and I am also going to start blogging about that and my training more. I don't eat well when I am under lots of emotional stress, and I have lost almost 4-5 kilos the past month. I am so light now, I alsmost think I am going to become a jammer.

I haven't lost any muscle really, I've kept on training at Good To Go several times each week, even if I start to think I need go to a gym for some extra weight training. I am just not a gym rat,,,

Well... Let's start this

Yesterday I came back from Helsinki, and I have a terrible cold, that just was on the verge of breaking out, so I just stayed at work and went home and was intending to make vegan lasanga. But I was feeling so shitty, that I just settled for vegetarian.

I woke up with a really bad cold, and decided to stay home and do schoolwork in the morning. I made my new favorite breakfast: half a cucumber, an apple, water, some apple cider, a lemon, wheatgrass powder and some other green power powder. I throw it all in the mixer and it turns into some sort of juice/smoothie.

On my way to work today I grabbed a salad, and not until I had payed I realised that I had grabbed a chicken salad out of habit. I was so hungry and late that I just decided to eat around the chicken pieces. It did make mefeel bad, because the whole idea is not to support the meat industry, and now I had still payed for meat. HA... Things might take some time to get adjusted too..

Well, no work-out for me today, I am just not feeling very well, I am acctually feeling horrible and can't wait to get out of work and back into bed! I still have vegetarian lasanga at home, so that is what I am gonna eat! YES BOX!

I went to Paris and worked out... 

Ups and downs in life

Sometimes life feels really unfair, I just had a lot of things falling in place the last year. I felt stronger and more confident. I did a lot of soulsearching and found what I wanted to do. I applied for a masters degre and got accepted. I was figuring things out with the person my heart had been cirkeling around for a long time and I was feeling like I was at a really good spot in rollerderby.

I went home to Sweden and applied for my student visa, since I have a BA from a University in US,  a masters from a US University makes more sense. And I got a NO.

I seriously felt like I was going to throw up, my entire lifeplan sort of got turned over and I called my best friend and cried. I wanted this education really bad, and I wanted to end the season with the team that I had worked really hard with all season. It was heartbreaking in all sorts of ways. I miss my friends and I miss the freedom of doing what I wantto do, the freedom of follow my own heart and choices.

I am figuring things out, and of course I know that it's a first world problem. I am not starving and I have a job. I signed up for classes in Stockholm and been walking in the woods and loving the nature. I have been working out lot's and I am probably more fit than I've ever been. I have even started to run... and that my friends, is crazytalk in my world.

At Good To Go with Loony, Dominå, Calla and Smashed

I have amazing friends here and I have no right to complain, still, it is not a great spot to be in. This is not what I wanted, this is not what I planned for. I broke down the weekend Gotham played at playoffs, I wanted to be there so bad. I miss the team so much! I am also really sad I am missing ManChamps this weekend with Shock. I would have loved to be on the bench supporting my guys!

Things just don't work out the way you expect them to all the time, and I guess you can only do your best. Smile when you cry on the inside and pick up another book on the subject you want to study. In the end it is only you who limit yourself, your thoughts on what you can do... but also... I can't manipulate the thoughts of immigration... so my limits acctually are there...

The best part has been all the nature... Fresh air and woods...