Apr 30, 2012


This weekend was epic - I got to share track with some of Europes best skaters and I also got to play against the best team Europe has, and it was epic. We didn't win, but I must say that I think we held our own.
I have realized I have picked up a few bad habits, and I have to start adjusting some of bad habits... they gotta go...

The way London plays is supersmart, and I really enjoy it -and the drive and determination those girls have is amazing. I love that London has gotten this far, they are a true role-model for the rest of us. I hope that STRD one day will play like London...

I am bty far to tired after this very intense derby weekend to write much more... but I will say that I really want to THANK London for putting this on - it meant the world to me, it was beyond exciting and I loved every minute of it...

Oh, and I discoverd Grievious who is the Captain of Brawling, she's like a Brittish Fisti Cuffs, like really! Such an amazing person, I just want to take her home and keep her... now I don't only miss Fisti, but I miss Grievious too... hm... how can I scam everyone into moving to Stockholm... (evil plan in progress)

Apr 25, 2012

Being sick sucks

I hate being sick, I usually deny being sick, I just continue as usual, until I fall to the floor or end up with bronchitos. Apperently I should take better care of myself, so when I woke up this Monday by Loony coming home from work, I decided that I had to go to work - but I would stay home from practice.
And so I did... derbylife has been extreamly tough the past weeks - due to the loss of our practice space and a few other reasons. It feels like a damp cloth has been laid over some of the usual spirit...

It's like everytime things start to look up - we are whacked over the head again... and again... and again... and it makes me really sad and I just feel like the world is a hopeless place to skate in... in short - I am really low right now! And being sick does not really help my spirit at all... 

Apr 22, 2012

Hunting a place to skate in - again

So we were promised a place to practice, and we were soooo excited... We planned the summer, and it felt like a gigantic weight was lifted off from our shoulders... and then BAAAM, after two practices we get the e-mail telling us we are not welcome back.
Heavy hearts... heavy hearts... the past week have not been easy, it just fels so unfair! We ahve so many girls that just want to practice, and we just don't have a place to skate. The go-cart hall have been nice enough to let us back in - but we are getting poorer by the practice, and soon we will not be able to afford being there.
It just feels really unfair...

Apr 19, 2012

London Calling: Euro Crash

As I wrote about a while ago, London Rollergirls put together their version of an European All-star team - and now it's only a week away... it's exciting and nerve-wrecking... and exciting... and I think I need to do some extra planks today... ahhhrg...
But below is the roster of the amazingness...
Cant wait to skate... 

AnDracula #16 - 
Big Bucks High Rollers
Chemikill Hazard #LD50 - Glasgow Roller Derby
Crazylegs #11 - Auld Reekie Roller Girls
Heavy Rotation #505 - Berlin Bombshells: Bear City Roller Derby
Jack Attack #101 - London Rockin' Rollers
Mad Maloony #221 - Stockholm Roller Derby
Martattack #4 - Copenhagen Roller Derby
Master Blaster #2 - Berlin Bombshells - Bear City Roller Derby
The Mighty Mighty Bash #888 (vice captain) - Brighton Rockers Roller Derby
Missy Rascal #6 - Rainy City Roller Girls
Rogue Runner #22 - Dolly Rockit Rollers
Suvi Hokkari #99 - Helsinki Roller Derby
Swede Hurt #46 (captain) - Stockholm Roller Derby
Titty Twista #81 - Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
Violet Attack #182 - Birmingham Blitz Dames

Apr 18, 2012

Glasgow vs. STRD

Right after the Bout... we won with TWO points

On the way to the afterparty we found somethign to climb

STRD went to Glasgow - with both our A and our B-team... and had the greatest time ever. I loved the Glasgow girl - the afterparty was just AMAZINGLY fun and the bout was a nailbiter...  we won with TWO point!
Glasgow were such amazing hosts - fun and helpful! I can't wait for them to come and play us in Stockholm, and then to come back and play in Glasgow again. I totally wanna see more of Scotland! Amazingly beutiful!
Loony got MVP and I got Best Blocker for Stockholm... and that was very exciting - even if I must say that the entire team did so fantastic and I am SO proud to be a part of Stockholm Rollerderby! We are a fun and amazing team - and all the hard work we put down is so worth it! The way we play better each bout, makes me happy! Hoka Hey!
Playing rollerderby is the best fun EVER, and with those girls... even more fun! I am so happy that one of my long time best friend Husse is playing on the team...
In the end of the night the two of us bought those face masks of famous Britts, I was Gordon Ramsey and ran down the streets telling ppl that their food tasted like.... and Husse was Rooney... it was beutiful...

But what a bout... what a bout... what a bout.... We only had 13 players from the get-go, and right before halftime one of our skaters went down injured.. yeah... so we played with 12... We all need to work on our endureance... MOHAHAhahaha... stairs and Stockholm... here we're coming! 

Apr 12, 2012

My sisters

I just got my oldest little sister Ester new skates, she's a size 36, (size 4) and is 10 yrs old. I think it funny since I know girls my own age with smaller feet.
My youngest sister Elsa got sad that I didn't get her skates, so she took Esters old white skates and kept on falling and falling, and falling... and the skates were about 2 sizes to big for her... If she wanted to, I think she would become a Rollerderby star...

I really hope that we will ahve some sort of junior-derby going here in Stockholm... they started it in Criem City - and that is SO exciting! One day... once day...

Apr 11, 2012

Loony is the best...

I'm at work and she does this.... we will be fast as lightening in Glasgow! I do confess - I NEVER clean my bearings and until Chezeball Bearings started to sponsor me -  I never had top-notch bearings... and I LOVE my Cheezeballs... they are delisous... 

Apr 10, 2012

I love my mothers house

Sometimes pictures say more than a thousand words... 

Outdoor skate with parts of STRD

Ice, Becky, Swede, Kix and Only (Loony holding camera)
Yesterday was the first outdoor-skate of 2012... It happened around the new rollerderby collective, and involved some coffee, some running on grass and some falling down stairs...

Me and Loony started the day with a run, and my poor brother could not keep up, and then we did the crazy outdoor skate (there was snow here last weekend) and we rounded of the night with practice... Fun, fun off-skate with some explosive jumping... and on-skate preparing for Glasgow this weekend, working on things we realized we had to improve after playing London.

I think I will be a little sore today during accounting class... ahrgh...

Apr 5, 2012

Off and On skate...

I KNOW - very RARE sight!
I love it... I love it... I love it... I love it...
Ah, Stockholm Rollerderby is getting a new home for the summer... It will be stellar! We are SO excited!

I am so excited to be a part of Stockholm, yesterday practice was AWESOME and we all did great and had a blast! Makes me REALLY REALLY happy!

In EIGHT days we will be on a flight going to Glasgow, both the A and the B-team... It will be QUITE a blast!

Apr 4, 2012

How I really like polkagrisar...steal mine and I bite...


Yes, I LOVE polkagrisar... the ones from Gränna are the best! If you have not had a polkagris from Gränna, you have missed out of one of the amazing things of life! Amazing! On our way to Gothenburg we stopped at a gasstation right outside Gränna and I found an amazing amount of Gränna polkagrisar to choose from... Loony laughed at me... I was extatic... klike a five year old in a candyshop...

It looks like I am letting them have some... but NOOOOOO... polkagrisar are ALL mine!! 

Apr 2, 2012

Stockholm vs. Gothenburg

It was a great bout, our B-team took the win, but me and Loony were really impressed by both teams. I'm so delighted to see that Swedish teams are growing into their own and Gothenburg already looked better in this bout than they did against Malmös B-team. MadFish is really becoming such a great player, it is amazing, but of course it is not only her, but the entire team that is stepping up, and compared to the Gothenburg, I went and coached a little over a year ago... this is FANTASTIC.

I am superduper proud of our B-team, and it was a delight to be bench-staff for them, even if my voice might suffer just a tad today... once again I think my office will think I partied to hard during the weekend. We had seven girls that played their first bout, and they KILLED it, and worked really well together with our more seasoned girls. Yaya... Congrats to ALL of you this weekend, you all did a fantastic job! I'm a proud coach and a proud member of Stockholm Rollerderby... In general I'm just proud of being a part of Swedish Rollerderby! We all rock!