May 30, 2014

Are you looking for EXCELLENT coaching?

I feel tall and blonde.. this outfit also made me wanna jam-skate.. Kozmic tried to teach me
Look NO furher, Track Advantage has collected a bunch of amazing coaches in one hot pot, pick and choose among oss (I know you mostly want me) and e-mail them and like a genie we will appear on your doorstep and teach you all those little tricks we have up our sleeves.

And yes, I also think we all look a little creepy in this picture, but I guess there is a reason we are not models, and we coach instead! I also told Master Blaster we should be wearing orange outfits, it would make us stand out more, but apperently not yet.. not yet... I am waiting!

Please book us, we are amazing coaches and WILL make your leauge better! That's why we coach!

Weekend of Team Sweden practice coming up

Yesterday I went to Fighting Fit after a long bikeride, it was great weather for bikeriding, sunny but not superhot. On Wednesday we had on-skate practice with our Advanced skaters,  I focused on endurance and walls. It was fun!

I am back in the swing of working out, but I can't deny that I feel a little lost in the way that i have a hard time motivating myself. There is nothing to work towards, nothingness and that feels hard. I am a little slow on my goalsetting right now, probably because I feel liek there are so many things that are up in hte air right now.

BUT ONE THING I KNOW WILL HAPPEN is that Team Sweden is playing Team USA in Stuttgart in the end of June, so I will really focus on that. It's going to be REALLY exciting and fun, fun, fun!

So this weekend we have on-skate practice with Team Sweden, and I am looking forward to it, feels like it will contain a little of everything. A mixed bag of goods, the way I like it, hopefully lot's of focus on skating together and staying together. A more cohesive offence with better communication from the jammers.

Since I've felt a little stuck in my development lately, maybe because I coach to much, I'm considering going back to some jamming. Not to become a main jammer or somethign crazy like that, but to jam because I can get better at it... I do like jamming, but that means I have to start working out a little different, and a change might be good for me! Getting outside of my "safespace"...

LOOK, I jammed back in 2008...  (and yes, I am wearing dipers and R3's)

May 27, 2014

Team Sweden in London

Photo by John Hesse
Damn, I was menatally not ready for this. Sometimes life get's a little overwhelming, and the past weeks have been like this. The utter dissapointment in that Stockholm will not make it to Division Two Playoffs (where we clearly belong) in combination with some other things have really left me feeling at an all-time low. It's hard sometimes when you work really hard during a looong time to achive something.

Digging yourself out of such a place is not the easiest, but having friends that support you makes it easier!

Right when I got back from my US trip, I went on a work trip to Tallinn and when I came home from that I litterally got SUPERSICK nad could not get out of bed, and ontop of that I had really severe jet-lag and really couldn't sleep. Lack of sleep is really a tool to make life feel a little more dramatic than it acctually is!

 Not the best place to be just a few days before playing Team England...  well, well...

The bouts ended up being stellar, first we played Team England and lost and then we played Brawl Saints and won. I did much better in the second game. The first game i was fighting all those feelings above and I was penalty heavy in the first half, the second half went better and I got used to the floor. I already miss the sportscourt of USA...

May 22, 2014

No WFTDA Con this year

I have had lots of travel on my docket, and after a very emotional Beach Brawl and an even more emotional Portland trip I'm quite traveled out.
I am REALLY upset that Stockholm is not going to make Div 2 play-offs, because we showed the world at Beach Brawl that it is where we belong, and that we could have made an impact. And on top of that leaving someone you really care about sooo far behind and knowing you will not see them for two months is just not easy. To be honest, it really freaking SUCKS!

So I feel quite haggard coming back to Sweden having to pick myself up and try to decide what things are important in life. I think I have a real good hunch about it right now... Things are about to change... hopefully

SO... because of all those different things, I will not be able to go to WFTDA Con this year, even if I REALLY want too... INstead I get to go to London and play rollerderby, and considering I LOVE to play rollerderby, that's not a bad thing... I do have a little FOMO about not being at the Con.. .I guess RollerCon will have to be the thing this year... DAMN IT, I just cannot have it all!

May 18, 2014

Short stop in NYC

That's the winelist.... 

Went back to Sweden via NYC, catching dinner and great company with Trish and brunch and more great company with OMG and Bonnie. My mothers planted some seeds in my head!


May 16, 2014

What happened after Florida? I went to PORTLAND!

This girl is something... something...

Since I already was in USA it only made sense to go and visit my lady in Portland (it's only a 7 hour flight from Florida).  It's really nice to hang out with someone that is so different yet like myself, she's such a genuine person and makes my heart skip a beat. Most of all I have HELLA fun with her, and she does make me push myself... freaking speedskating was EPIC! Trying to shoot with her bow during camping (sorry for destroying an arrow) and also just talking about everythign and nothing. I am for sure more obsessed about coffee...
 I was able to attend a few Rose City practices and also got to see Eagle play a bout with her home team Guns and Rollers. It's really awesome to just go to practice and not have to think much of it, on Sunday it was endurance practice, it was AMAZING, - I had a blast just skating laps and sprinting. I WANNA GO AGAIN! All I did was jus thinking "just one more lap" until my legs want to give in.
On Monday I got to attend A Guns and Rollers practice, it was great, maybe a little to slow for my Monday hyper self. 
I also got to attend two scrimmages and got to scrimmage with AoA agains WOJ, and it was SUPERFUN, you know hitting on a nice taqll jammer... gotta love it.. . I also picked up on some bad habits I've developed and I need to work on. Back to getting a lower centre of gravity in my plows when someone is pushing me from behind. "MUST GET BETTER"  it's that darn chatter that Eagle looooves to talk about... I tink it comes naturally for hockey plaers (THERE, I said it)

It was also really fun to see Sorelsen and Rivas arriving from Denver, just starting fresh meat in Rose. Rivas has always been one of my favorite skaters, she's good. I've had the pleasure to skate with her on VR before, and I've always called her quiet girl. Favorite nickname!
I also sort of feelt accomplished since I actually went for a 45 min run on the Thursday practice when Eags had WOJ practice. I know it doesn't sound like THAT great of an achievement, but when you haven't been able to run for such a long time (one year due to the hamstring rupture), that really is something I feel utterly excited about. 

We also went on a fantastic bike ride along the rive before the Sunday BEFORE the endurance skate.. .and we did go camping for a day, and that was EPIC, probably one of the best campingtrips I have ever done. 

 I guess active vacations are my style over just sitting around doing nothing, even if I can appreciate doing nothing too... well at least staying in bed... 

May 7, 2014

Playing Team USA

Me and AJ "warming up"
So at Beach Brawl an International Allstars vs Team USA was put together. Me, CrackHer and Loony got to represent Sweden. It was superfun even if i think most of us were exhausted after already playing three games that weekend. It was superfun and I think I was just smiling and laughing the entire bout...

I decided that jamming was gonna be the way to go at some point
, and it was acctually real fun! So now I can say I have jammed against Team USA... ha ha ha

Kicking Ass and taking names in Florida

Dear Stockholm Allstars

We rocked this weekend at the Beach Brawl... we played THREE Division ONE teams and almost beat one of them! So much fun playing!!

I couldn't be anymore proud to be a part of a team that has worked so hard!


Fiiine ladies of Stockholm Allstars