Jul 30, 2010


I AM OFF....
going to Vegas

see you in three days

Jul 29, 2010

Tomorrow RollerCon

(Me and Krissy Krash last year at the Dance Off Pant's Off party... we toned up since...)

Starting the day off with a Herbalife Shake... well, now I lied, I had coffee and now I am having a herbalife shake... Yummy... Yummmy... orange juice and the Vanilla formula really taste like a popcicle!

I'm not going to Vegas until tomorrow because today is travel-team practice, it is amazing how fast I have adapted to a new team, new strategies and also gained new confidence in my skating. I really love skating with Gotham Girls Allstars, it is very hard work, but also very rewarding... I sometimes feel like falling down crying, but at the same time, I will not become a better skater by falling down crying, so most of the time I don't... I am a sturdy lady, and I keep on trucking...

I don't want to loose weight, maybe two pounds, but for most of it, I am very happy at my weight, I am a mover and a shaker, whilst being very hard to move... 170 pounds just don't go flying easily, I would be a fool trying to loose more than maximum 10 pounds, at least if I wanna continue to be a great derby player at this level...

Tomorrow is RollerCon, I am gonna play a scrimmage or two and then spend time at the pool in my bikini... I never really liked wearing a bikini... I don't know why... but I still like to get a tan... maybe I just should try to go find a nude pool in Vegas... Ahhh... Vegas baby... VEEEGAS!

Travel Team Practice 2 hours
Workout: 1/2 hour of strength and fast feet

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and Herbalife Vanilla Shake with Tangarine Juice
Lunch: TBA
Dinner: TBA

Jul 28, 2010

Day FortySeven til present

I lost track... I still eat... I still play derby and I still live life as I love it... I think this blog will from now and on be less food based and more derby based... I think that is more or less how I live my life... I love derby and I love food... Uhm... yum! I also love talking about derby and also to blab about everything and nothing... past week I've celebrated Em Dash birthday in CT and then I took off to Philly and visited Sunshine Skate and Miss Fortune...

Yesterday me and Mad Malooney from Copenhagen Roller Derby went to Five Stride and she got herself a pair of 595's... Good choice I'd say! Two thumbs up!

Later on we hit up Manhattan Mayhem (my home team) practice, it is soo awesome to skate with your own team and have your sweetheart there at the same time... Today I waved her off, she is heading to RollerCon 2010, I am going there on Friday... gotta be awesome to see the before and after pictures from the Derbalife 7-week challange...

Jul 22, 2010

Day FortySix

(Puss n' Glutes and Taylor skating West Side Highway with me)

UGHA... I'm totally burnt, well my back is burnt... it hurts, I knooow... I did get sunscreen today... I had a good time skating with Puss and Taylor, I was a little hung over, but for sure, after skating I did feel a great deal of better.

Travel Team Practice 2 hours
Workout: 1/2 hour of strength and fast feet and skated about 15 miles (that is about 24 km), West Side Highway up and down, about 2 hours of moving on skates...

Breakfast: Chocolate Herbalife Shake with coffee and 2% milk
Lunch: Vegan Sesame Noodle Salad from Whole Foods
Half a watermelon, two cups of Kefir and some coconut
Dinner: Korean Chicken Dinner
Herbalife Berry Protein Drink

Jul 21, 2010

Day FortyFive

Today I went to Trash/Treasure Beach with Fisti, her mother and Ginger Snap... It was good times, the sun was beating down on us and I got flip-flop tan and legs that now no more are scary white...

It actually sort of burnt my back... but it will turn tanned... I like it! I gotta get the tan before Vegas...

derby break day
Workout: walking the beach and 30 push ups

Breakfast: Coffee and a bagel with walnut/maple schmeer
Snack: a pint of Blueberries
Lunch: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with milk
Dinner: Mussels at Flex with beer and then more beer at Metropolitan

Jul 20, 2010

Day FortyFour

Bout weekend always throws me off soo much, be cause it is really about eating, but eating healthy, eating what I want, but not over or under eat. When nervous I usually don't have too much of an apetite... Damn, life is complicated...

I just have not gotten back to recording what I been eating the past days, probably because I have been eating less healthy than I usually do... Today I went for a yummy Bratwurst at Blaue Gans and a beer after practice... Practice was quite intense...

Derby: 2 hours of Manhattan Mayhem practice...
Workout: 10 min on that walking and moving your arms machine and upperbody...

Jul 19, 2010

Day FortyThree

(Me and Krushpuppy from Boston)

Weekend was great, we watched Boston beat Madison, the game was close at times, and Boston had me worried. Krushpuppy was doing an AMAZING job jamming, very impressed.... On Sunday morning we played Madison, and won. It was a fun game, even if I did for the first time in a long time get bruises, cement for sure bruise you much, much more than sports-court does...

Derby: I was a good girl and went to Legaue Practice... Scrimmage vs. Bronx

Jul 17, 2010

Day FortyOne and FortyTwo


Today: Boston vs. Madison
Tomorrow: Madison vs. Gotham

Sorry, I will not be around for your blogging pleasure...

Jul 16, 2010

Day Forty

(My new SKATES)

Went to Five Stride in Queens and hung out with OMG and picked up my new skates. Ahhh... custom made Riedell 595's narrow... that is what I hopefully will be skating Regionals in, if I have broken them in by then.... Oh yeah baby! Oh yeahhhh...
Leaving early tomorrow for Boston, we are watchign the Boston vs. Madison game, and hten playing Madison in a so called 'hangover' bout the next day.
I also talked to my Danish lady, and it is only 10 days left until she comes to NYC to see me before she rolls (no pun intended) to RollerCon in Vegas.

Fridays are a derby free day, I did not even skate...
Workout: 120 sit ups, 60 push ups, 20 min cardio on that dumb machine I hate...

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
Snack: 2 pieces of polenta with sprouts half a very delish melon and a LARGE iced coffee
Lunch: Veggie Burrito from the Mexican place nextdoor to Five Stride and a diet coke
Four more pieces of Polenta, some italian hot sausage and a some cocunut and the coconut water that was within it...
Dinner: Harvest Mix CousCous and Chicken with some Hazelnut Brown Ale... YUMMY!!

Day ThirthyNine

(This is how I start every day)

Today was just one of those days... I just started out with craving something... and the cravings never stopped... I am thinking that I might need to front load my days a little more and in htat way get rid of the night snacking cravings...

FINALLY! HEEL is healed enough to skate without immense pain! Travelteam practice was fun fun fun!!
Workout: a bunch of offskate stuff, about 30 min

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
Snack: Two table spoons of peanut butter and two table spoons of honey and a piece of banana bread from Starbucks... grrr...
Lunch: Scallops at Ma Peche
Homemade Polenta with some chicken
Dinner: Pasta with a can of tuna and half a cup of peas...
Snack: A cup of pineapple and strawberries... YUMMY!!

Jul 14, 2010

Day ThirthyEight

(This is a hella fit Unicorn, probably because Demanda Riot made it for me)

Today was not a bad day, but not a very good day either, it was just one of those days when things just didn't really feel amazing, nor boring. It was acctually fun to do some hitting at practice yesterday, apparently I have some knock-down power in my long spider legs...

I miss my lady in Denmark, and if I wasn't bound to NYC for my love of derby, I be spread out on her couch/bed right now in Copenhagen...

Derby: Heel is almost healed, still on off, on off, on off... Sucks, but I got about 1,5 hours of skating in today.
Workout: Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders and back... and about 500 sit ups and 30 push ups
I also did 15 min cardio on that funny machine that make your arms and legs move together...

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
Snack: Coconut Water with Blueberries, a tbl spoon of peanut butter and a table spoon of honey
Lunch: 4 eggs, 1 big potatoe, a few asparagus a splash of milk, some garlic and then I mixed it all together and made a fritatta... and ate it with some sprouts... AMAZIIING....
Coconut water, lemonade from whole foods and some brazil nuts and half a sandwich...
Dinner: Bratwurst with Brezel and Saurcraut at Blaue Gans

Jul 13, 2010

Day ThirthySeven

(Finally I am able to re-enter the skating lane...)

Yesterday at practice one of my teammates told me that I looked really leaned out, and then today another of my teammates commented that I am getting a little closer to my goal of being as buff as Suzy Hotrod.

So I was trying to cut down on carbs the past days, that is not gonna work out... ugh, I had such a carb craving that I polished off a half a box of pita chips...
Nom Nom Nom... I really believe in that if your body is craving something, you should probably give it what it wants. Well, in a more healthy way if you can. If it craves sugar, have an apple or two...

It is only 13 days before my lady comes to New York and I can skate with her along West Side Highway before she takes off to RollerCon. Ah, can't wait for her to get here.

1 hour Manhattan practice 1/2 hour offskates drills, after re-lacing my skates in a real elaborate way, I was able to skate almost the entire practice.
Workout: Skated 8 miles... heel still really dumb, but is better in my old R3 skates... they are soo padded... 60 sit ups and 20 push ups

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
Lunch: Chicken Sausage, asparagus, half a watermelon, blueberries, sprouts and asparagus...
Brazil nuts, half a box of pita chips and 6 ginger candies
Dinner: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice
Snack: 1/2 Cup of Chocolate ice-cream

Jul 12, 2010

Day ThirthySix

(I tried to boost my dykeness and my americanism in the Batting Cage... )

Monday, monday, mooonday.... booked my ticket to RollerCon... I am excited and totally looking forward to this to happen... Get to see Krissy Krash, but also a few of my fellow Scandinavian friends are coming... not to mention that girl that I always have on my mind...

Leauge practice 30 min skating, on the bright side, heal really is feeling better
Workout: 120 sit-ups, 30 push ups, some pilates and off-skates stuff

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with Tangarine Juice and large coffee with 2% milk
A few of those Brazil Nuts
Lunch: Pasta with Pasta Sauce from Whole foods... boooring but it did the job
Cocunut water, 5 of my beloved ginger candies, Chocolate Herbalife Shake with some extra cacao...
Dinner: Chicken sausage with Steamed Green Peas

Jul 11, 2010

Day ThirthyFive

(Working it out during Gothams bout... Mayhem clearly did not play)

I am still quite jetlagged and woke up at seven this morning, bright and early, still no groceries at home... Me and Trish started off the day with walking to the Chelsea Piers and visiting the BATTING CAGES... Yeah, I for sure have no formal training in hitting a softball... I must be Swedish or just not that much of a dyke...

Derby: Foot is still not skateble and Sundays are always a derby free day...
Workout: 120 sit-ups, 30 push ups, and an hour walk in a brisk pace in the heat...

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake and an quad Americano with 2% milk
''Farmers Breakfast'' at Cornelias Street Café (that be two over easy eggs on some greens, crumbled bacon and roasted potatoes) with a Bloody Mary and Coffee...
Ginger Ale with fresh ginger and a Coconut water, some pita chips and half an avocado and a SLURPEEEEEEEeeee and some Swedish Candy
Turkey Burger with waaay to much Dijon Mustard and mushrooms, it was quite agressive and cleared my sinuses out quite well...

Jul 10, 2010

Day ThirthyFour

(So yeah, my hair got shorter, but I am real happy with it)

I am still jetlagged, and woke up super early, there is still no food at my house, so another morning I had to drag myself to Starbucks... it is so far the closest place with decent coffee around here. Then I skyped with HussINsane and Mad Malooney, that both were hungover in Copenhagen. Ah, I miss Denmark and Sweden, Scandinavia in the summer really is the place to be!
Today Brooklyn and Queens are playing, should be a good match up, and I am working the bout, good times, just gotta find some hot MAYHEM like clothes to wear...

Derby: I am working the Brooklyn vs. Queens game... so no derby for me, just looking at derby!

Workout: 25 min cardio, 120 sit ups, 30 push ups, some triceps, biceps and shoulders...

Breakfast: A Grande Americano with an extra shot, milk and a Greek Yoghurt Parafait with honey and Muesli
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
Bright Eye Blueberry Smoothie from Jamba Juice, and one of there prezels
Slice of Veggie Pizza
Chicken Kebab with Sesame Sauce and small chocolate Haägen-Dazs icecream

Jul 9, 2010


(yesterday I only got to watch the action, skating is my only attraction)

A new day, and I still am unable wearing shoes or skates.... makes life a little more limited I really must say. I miss Sweden, but it is nice to be back in NYC... I had to sit and watch a travelteam practice yesterday, and that sucked... it had been ONE WEEK with no skates... it is real frustrating! I did do around 400 sit ups yesterday, and that does make me feel a little better...

Derby: The no skin on the heel is still killing my game

Workout: Walk from my home to Lower East Side... my joints are killing me today...

Breakfast: A Grande Americano with an extra shot, milk and a Greek Yoghurt Parafait with honey and Muesli
Herbalife Chocolate Shake and some Brazil Nutz
Pasta with tuna, soy sauce, half a spoon of veganeise and wasabi
Herbalife Chocolate Shake
Had dinner at Blaue Gans with Trisha, we shared a Wurst Platter with a soft Prezel and shared a plate of Striped Bass with Mushroom Risotto. It was real yummy! AND I drank ONE beer with it... but it was a German sized beer...
Snack: 6 pieces of Turkish Pepper... it is an excellent Swedish salty Candy...

Jul 8, 2010

Day ThirthyTwo

(Me and Mad Malooney from Copenhagen Roller Derby are showing off in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are both very accident prone)

All day was spent on a flight, and now I will go to travel team practice, even if I highly doubt I can skate, due to me being a clumsy idiot and shaving all the skin on my heel off... it is quite deep... I am soooo tired too... so I will take it easy... maybe do some land drills... maybe try to put the skates on...

Jul 7, 2010

Day ThirtyOne

Not entirely back to square one... but my foot is really bad and I can't put shoes nor skates on... so I guess biking is what I will have to do.. today I did go kayaking with my mother for 45min

Day TwentyFive to Day Thirthy

I apologize for my absence... but I have been trying a different sort of exercise, we can call it 'making out'... I have been coaching Stockholm Roller Derby (that is Sweden) and Copenhagen Roller Derby (that's Denmark)... I had a party, I hurt my foot, and can't run nor skate... been forgetting about my vitamins, eaten a lot of salad, cheese and bread...

Yeah, I have been living life, I even had a Danish beer... 'SHOCK'

I am now on the train going back to Stockholm from Copenhagen, internet on the express train... makes me happy and I am enjoying a nice salad Miss Mad Malooney made for my travels.

Jul 1, 2010

Day TwentyFour

(Amazing friend Jenny aka HussInsane is trying her scariest move)

I am still in Sweden, Mad Malooney is coming up from Copenhagen today to join the ranks of awesomeness... I hung out with my loooooongtime friend HussInsane yesterday. She just started to skate a month ago, and she is doing sooo good, I am so proud of her. Her and me had good times snowboarding together years and years ago, and now we have even better times skating together... We also decided that no one coule ever pay us enough to be 20 years old again... ugh...

Roomie Em left me to go to work and now I'm just coughing on the couch, wondering if it might be the cat...

Work out:
70 sit ups and 40 push ups, 1 hour of skating out in Stockholm, good day to skate...

Derby: Leading another Stockholm Roller Derby practice....

Breakfast: Swedish bread with nuts and dried fruit... I love this stuff.. and tea with milk and honey
Herbalife Vanilla Shake
Snack: TBA

I wanna do bad things with you...