Sep 22, 2011

Team Sweden Shirts - GET ONE

Me and Alotta Riot representing....
So we finally got the Team Sweden Rollerderby shirts online - so please support Team Sweden and buy one. Every penny you spend on the shirt will be used to bring Team Sweden Rollerderby to Toronto and then to house, feed and cloth them when there.  You can buy our AMAZING T-shirts online now... Help us realize our dream, and get a cool shirt!

Sep 18, 2011

Bout weekend - again

Team Sweden afterparty dancing
So yesterday Crime City's B-team played Stockholm and beat them and then we played Berlin Bombshells - and they had a very coordinated intro. The final result was about 253-28 or something like this... oh, since I'm an idiot I killed my finger in the sixth jam or something exciting like that, I am unsure if I broke the tip of my finger or if I just sprained it... all I can say is that it is extreamly painful and difficult to type on the computer.... and it is purple and yellow...
The afterparty was really epic, the music video that we did with LoopTroop Rockers were shown and it was aaaaaamazing. Me and JazzAss probably went to bed at 06.30 and then we had to get up at 11.00 to go and scrimmage some. It was a nice little mixed scrimmage, all the German girls already left, but we had one of the Paris Rollergirls, a bunch of CCR girls that bouted yesterday, some Stockholm girls and some Finnish ladies :-D.
I tried to keep myself off the track, finger was hurting, but it only lasted for 25 min, after 25 min I found myself on the track, lazy blocking... and it was great...

Now I'm gonna watch some derby...... eastern playoffs... London vs. Montreal... I so cannot decide who to root for!!

Sep 15, 2011

Non-broken toes and long walks

I found a Hello Kitty soda... it tasted YUCKY and waaay to sweet
So yesterday I was SURE my toe was broken - but after som intense arnica and painkiller treatment the swelling had gone down - the discoloration was still massive, but I decided it was not broken and I will be able to skate with it in two days... pehww...  I even went for a long walk into the ''city center'' of Malmö, the first 20 minutes were really painful and I wanted to cry, but after a while it seemed like the toe warmed up to the thought of walking.

We strolled into a couple of stores, because we were getting haircolor for Loony, she was going INTENSLY ginger... I like strolling into clothing stores - cheking out what's cool and swhat's on sale - and in one of the stores I found this AMAZING leathr jacket! i just WANTED it, it was everything I ever wanted in a jacket! I looked at the pricetag 1600 swedish kronor (that is about 242 US dollar) and choked - I could NOT afford that.. and then I looked up - I was by the sales rack, and everything was 70%... may I tell you all that I now FINALLY have the leather jacket of my dreams, I now look very dyke and no longer have to steal Loonys jacket to wear a jacket. I am very pleased, I think this was a very sucessful day!
Ninja looking for Twinkie
And then we met up with Ninja and her dog Twinkie outside the store - we went and sat in the fall sun until we got cold and Ninja almost lost her dog in the flowerbed. (it was quite hillerious to watch her look for Twinkie among the flowers... )

And then Loony bleached all her hair to put bright orange haircolor in it, and I got so inspired I put a bright yellow stripe in my hair... Guess I am really representing CCR on Saturday in our bout we play against Berlin. Crime Citys last homebout of the season!

I am a clumsy but stubborn one

I am licking my lips... hungry for jammer... Fenix is going for blocker blood

So we all know me, I am a tall girl, I have big feet, I am sort of awkward, but in some way uncoordinated and coordinated at the same time. (anyone who seen my try aerobics knows what I mean)... I might be just a tad better than Fisti Cuffs...

Well, I am just also really good at injuring myself outside of derby... Those sharks are after me... biting me into little pieces, so once again my missfortune struck and I am limping around and mouning and feeling sorry for myself,  like there is not tomorrrow. Buhu... I am a big freaking baby, and there is 3 days until bout time... I guess life ain't easy!I actually tried to run stair with the rest of the team today, and I am so proud of them, they look more and more fit for each day that passes by. I cannot belive they put up with me, off-skates, on-skates... but htey are all such good sports and becoming more athletic by the day...

Oh, and Ginger Snap, my old team-mate wrote a really good piece on Derby Names today... I love my derby name, but I am happy it is so...  ehm... me... and I can totally explain to my Swedish talking sisters what I means...

Okey, it is time for sleep and hopefully I will heal up just a tad bit more so I can fall apart on Saturday.. .after the game!

Oh, and my girlfriend is fantastic! On and off skates....

Sep 14, 2011

Picture that makes me look really big

Nights are for sleep and work

I work better in the night, Loony has her final exam tomorrow at school, she fell asleep a looong time ago, I answer customer mails and browse the intraweb.

but off to sleep

Sep 11, 2011

Mini-meltdown over everything

I don't really have much against having lots of things to do, but right now, I'm once again just a little on the verge...
Today we had a 3 hour practice, 1 hour of drills, 1 hour scrimmage, and 1 hour of skills where we skated backward and other fun stuff that we don't practice often enough... and then a few of us went into the sauna and drank tons of water.

Right now Loony are printing T-shirts for our B-team that are bouting STRD's rookie team next Saturday, and I'm trying to sort five things out at the same time. I think I need a secretary... It's really interesting how people just tell you ''I am really sorry, but I just don't have the time right now'' but then expect things to just happen... Yeah... things just appear out of freaking nothing...  Yeah, I am feeling a little whiny right now - I have a headache and I think the cold that everyone seem to suffer from currently is attacking me.

I HATE living in this crappy small appartment, we event had to make toast today in a freaking pot, since we don't own a proper pan, and I can't walk anywhere in the apartment without falling over something, because there is barley room for one preson. AhhhhhhhAHHHHhhhHHAHHHHh

And I don NOT have time to get sick - curse all!

Sep 10, 2011

Barfight and Packmans party

Me, Fenix, Muffa, Smacky and EvilEye defining the pack...
After three hours of practice we went to Barfight and Packmans house (in the middle of fields about 30 min outside Malmö) to enjoy an amazing get together with lots of Crime City girls and food (me and Loony made a yummy french vegan potatoe salad)... we all brought something and then we just munched away... and guess what... it tasted amazing and we had a great time! Well, we might have gotten a little tired at times, and some of us took a pack-nap... PACK IS HERE!!

Night Skate Malmö

Picture stolen from the newspaper Metro
Last night Malmö had the first ever Night Skate, and it was awesome, Crime City was one of the organizers behind it and about 150 people turned up to be a part of it, all with skates on their feet. We rolled on the streets and just enjoyed the for once great weather and sunset... it was a great time and it will happen again on the 23rd of September. The route was around 15km, so it was a good amount of rolling and there were lots of people of all ages on inlines and quad-rollerskates.... It was great, I got to see lots of Crime City girls that haven't been around practice in a while, and it made me happy to see them.

Sep 8, 2011

Rough Ruffie training

Grocery shopping with Loony is never boring...

Alotta Riots cousin does something called ruffie training and it's a really cool mix between fitness exercises with elements of martial arts and wrestling... and today Alottas cousin came to lead one of Crime City's off-skates andcan find more info on, that he came from here...
This was one fast paced hour of hardcore, sweaty fun. To be honest, I am one of those people that hate to work out, if it feels like I work out... ok, I lied, I do like to work out, but I like it more if I get tricked into it. Most excersices were for two, and you know,  everything is more fun when you partner up with someone. We all had a blast, and I think we all will be sore tomorrow... and being sore is a good thing :-D
Also a lot of the exercises were good for building up muscles that will be useful during derby...

If you ever get the chance to try this! I totally recommend it! DO IT!

Back on track

CCR vs. Copenhagen

So CCR is playing Berlin in just 8 days, so the whole resting up after Nordic Light is not an option, and the ones that aren't playing against Berlin are going to play against Stockholms B-team. So no rest for the wicked, and I guess spending Monday in bed feeling like i got hit by a train was enought for me... Yesterday we revisited the lovely parking garage and ran stairs like there was no tomorow, I do like those stairs, even if I think my skaters think I might be a little crazy, they like it too (at least I tell myself that). After the stair crazyness we had a really good talk of what we did good and what we did not so good during Nordic Light,there is always room for extra development!

I am happy my hamstring finally healed up, I couldn't skate for almost three weeks, because my hamstring was pulled. It honestly felt like someone was yanking a knife into the back of my leg everytime I sprinted or tried to do something sudden... and if you can't sprint nor do sudden movements, you can't really play derby. During Nordic Light I skated with my leg neatly wrapped, since it is how I have dealt with a pulled groin earlier. But before Nordic Light I forced myself to some aggressive resting... and that and the wrap helped out, I was just in a little pain... and pain just gives you charachter ya know... (but I had to skate in longer shorts to cover the wrap up... no hot pants this time, maybe next bout)

Sep 6, 2011

Nordic Light MVP's

Suvi Hokkanen, Helsinki Rollerderby
Mad Maloony, Crime City Rollers
Udre, Kallio Rolling Rainbows
Blood Countess, Stockholm Rollerderby
Martattack, Copenhagen Rollerderby

Teams gotta vote for one MVP of the weekend - and the results came in as above. I am very happy to announce them here and again, since they are all fantastic skaters and did fantastic during the weekend. The pictures above are shamelessly stolen from the skaters facebook pages... well.. well.. over and out!
(I guess I'll never get MVP until I start jamming again....)

Sep 5, 2011

Loooong weekend to an end...

So it has been a loooong weekend - but it has been amazing and full of fantastic derby. It was so amazing at the end when I stod on the floor after the last whistle blew and just realized I put on a rollerderby event with SIX BOUTS during two days... in my native contry. Me and Vix just put on the largest roller derby event ever in mainland Europe... kind of kool to be honest.

We had five full teams from three contries - and three full bouts a day... and it all ran really amazingly smooth.

I can't belive we did it, and it made me tear up... stressful weekend, but it was fun... I even jammed once... but that was only because my lovley girlfriend totally tricked me into it!

Crime City Rollers played three bouts, two on Saturday and one on Sunday... they were all hard but we ended up winning all three... I am very proud of Crime City!We won against Kallio, Copenhagen and Helsinki with over 100 points in each boute. I am proud over us getting so far in less than a year! Hard work and dedication is paying off...

Stockholm won against Copenhagen and so did we, but Stockholm lost to Helsinki who beat Kallio, and we also beat Kallio, but we also beat Helsinki... and earlier this year we did beat Stockholm... So I sort of wanna say that we currently are the best team in the North... After this weekend I would say that we have a feeling of where all the teams are at, and since we all have been playing other teams in Europe, we can slowly start to see what level we are at...

This weekends bouts and results:

 Crime City vs. Kallio: 191 - 43
 Stockholm vs. Helsinki: 77 - 141
 Crime City vs. Copenhagen: 266 - 61
 Helsinki vs. Kallio: 217 - 57
  Copenhagen vs. Stockholm: 137 - 149
 Crime City vs. Helsinki: 212 - 76

Sep 4, 2011

First day of Nordic Light

We played Kallio and Copenhagen today, it was hard games, but we ended up beating them both with over 100 points.
I am VERY proud of my team, Crime City Rollers are amazing and hard-working... and that is what I love about them. 
Today is the last day of Nordic Light, and we are playing Helsinki as the last game. Yepp, I am out of bed, drinking coffee and ready to go work the whole day at the venue before we are playing!

Sep 3, 2011

Our Team Made us a PRESENT!!

Yesterday at the team-meeting the team presented us with matching jackets saying ''Crime City Rollers Coach'' HOW cute is that?

Sep 2, 2011

Tomorrow is Nordic Light

Me and Husse after STRD vs. CCR

I don't know where the time went, it feels like it was yesterday when me and Vix sat in her living-room and started to draw up guidelines for a big Nordic RollerDerby event... and tomorrow it is on... We invited the five currently bouting Nordic teams - to a two day event.. .and hopefully it will paly out to be lots and lots of fun, with lots and lots of derby... and derby and fun are usually synonyms...

So many things to do and it just feels like there is too much time and too little time... My head is totally overheating and I try not to forget anything... But it is gonna be AMAZING - and if you are coming, make sure to get your ticket right here and now! It will be cheaper and faster for you, me and all of us! And you are sure you have a ticket to the most amazing rollerderby event EVER in Scandinavia....

Sep 1, 2011

Parking Garage Fun with stairs

Hail the mighty parking garage... our new love/hate

So I have just realized that just next to our out-door track a there is a huge parking garage, well, it is not like I haven't seen it, we even shot a music video with LoopTroop Rockers earlier this year. So I have been very aware of the parking garage, I have just not been using it to it's full potential, since the parking garage is in an area that is not really busy around 19.00 when we have practice....

ok, ok... I will get to the point - the point is that the parking garage has 5 flights of STAIRS... oh yeah... oh yeah! So know Crime City Rollers are set until the winter... we are running STAIRS, over and over again... and to add to the fun, when we were jogging IN the parking garage I realized that the slopes between the levels are PERFECT for upp-hill plyos... (amazing memories from snowboarding off-snow exercises). And a good thing with parking garages too... is that we can be there even when it rains outdoors and we don't have an indoor practice space. Since Nordic Light only is TWO days away - we went light on it yesterday - but I cannot wait for the future sessions we will have there... this is gonna hurt! Hurt so good... (and since my name is Swede Hurt - I guess that is a good thing... right?)

This is probably when I tell the story of when I moved to Tärnaby (with HussInsane) to attend Tärnaby Folkhögskola: Snowboard Linjen and we had one of our first practices off-snow with the skiiers... yeah there were sprints upphill, there were jumping up-hill and there were stairs involved. It was very evident the next few days that snowboarders training regime was NOT the same as the skiiers... All the snowboarders were so sore we could barley walk around school, while the skiiers didn't even seem like there been an extra hard training session... but it all made us better snowboarders, and I ended up winning the total Swedish Cup that year... Good times... good times....