Jul 30, 2012

Just à few photos from Rollercon!

Just a little selection of what happened this weekend...
I call him Hans, and he's my German male alterego
Kacey loves me and Jackie
Don't know what the thing might be...
Jamming for the beer team
Shortbus crept between the Amazon legs
Vagine Regime trying to beat up on the straight people... 

Jul 28, 2012

Totally beaten up in Vegas

Oh, RollerCon you hurt so good! I'm so beat up after playing 3 full-lenght bouts and about 6 halfbouts..
Yeah... Today I have one mini-challenge and then I'm all about the pool and watching some derby! Yeah! Gonna be great!


Jul 27, 2012

Jul 18, 2012

RollerCon 2012

Yeah - so - yeah

I was nt planning on going to RollerCon this year either, since I was gonna be home and chill, maybe go camping, maybe a roadtrip...
Things never really go as you plan them...

So - yeah - so

I am going to RollerCon 2012 - I am sharing a room with Jackie Daniels... last time I did it Mark the Shark told me I looked like I was gonna make mistakes... yeah... I will try not to wake them up with a bucket of Bloody Marys... I am focused on derby... and derby only... and my friends... and maybe just one or tow bloody marys... on the Sunday! mkey...

Jul 17, 2012

When it gets wet - derby still goes on...

So one of the bouts got cut a little short because of a sudden and intense rain - but that did not stop the DJ's from continuing to play - not did it stop us from dancing. When dancing became a little less exxiting we returned to the track... off-skate but still blocking and playing the game... it lasted for a jam... we might have been six black and two white people on the track... and it was a little confusing to determine the jammer...

Really - slippery when wet!

And then we danced some more - until we had a need for dry clothes and then we watched derby baby and went to Jalla Jalla and had the best falafel in Crime City! I love Malmö, I really do - but I love Stockholm just a little more! 

Jul 16, 2012

Derbyfestival in Malmö

This weekend was so full of things that I don't even know where to begin, not at all... we fun we had sun, and rain, and skated, and skated, and ate too little, got weird tans, wore to big bout shirts and to small hotpants. I got kissed and sun kissed and I smiled, a lot!

Vagine Regime Nordic played our first bout against Crime City Rollers A-team and the Swedish Meatwalls won against all the other contries until yesterday in the final - when we ended up with a draw against the Finns... 92 - 92

It was a really amazing weekend with dancing in the rain, hanging out with amazing people and lots and lots of skating... and I can't complain about getting to bout too much - even if I now (and yesterday) suffer from a real bad cold and some bruises...

Thanks to everyone that made this happen, I know it was really hard work! 

Jul 14, 2012

Dancing in the rain

Spending the weekend in Malmö at an amazing derby festival!

Sometimes I forget why I love derby so much - and today made me remember!

Our bout was cut short because of rain, and instead of crying we ended up having a danceparty in the rain!

I probably will be sick tomorrow and regret bouncing up and down for 1 hour in the rain... But it was worth it.. The sun was shining and the rain poring down, the music poring and a bunch of awesome girls dancing and life just felt quite perfect...

Jul 10, 2012

Team USA vs. Team Sweden

It will happen - first weekend in September! Team Sweden will be playing Team USA in Helsinki... Oh yeah baby! I am superduper excited about it! 

Derby did not do it to me

It just happened when I was driving... 

Practice outdoor during the summer

Outdoor ice-rink without ice becomes our summer place...

We are not that many at the practice sessions during this summer, mostly 8-12 people, but we are still having the best fun ever. I learn something new everytime and the sweat is drippnig from my knees. Fisti Cuffs used to make fun of my sweaty knees... I have very sweaty knees in the summer... soaked kneepads and socks... MMMmmMmmmm I am SO attractive!