Jan 31, 2012

Friends moving to Stockholm... Welcome Amly

Two of mine and Loonys dear friends from Kallio (Helsinki, Finland) just moved to Stockholm, and I am so excited about that, I love those two girls, both on and off the track. We are sorry Kallio that we are stealing them, but we promise we will do our best to make them feel at home... And we also promise we will make sure they get to take a trip on the ''knull-båt'' once in a while to visit you!

Welcome to Stockholm!
Only and PolygAmy Winehouse!
Or should we just call you Amly?

I hope you guys will be happy here in the capital of Sweden and I hope you will come skate with Stockholm Rollerderby. But also have yummy dinners with me and Loony and watch bad movied and I can practice my non-existing Finish (I am totally willing to learn). I know it is superhard to move to a new city and change leauges, it's heartbreaking, and I hope we can make you feel at home here, both the derby part - but also the non-derby!

This is how me and Amy know each other.... She is ripping my head off and I am trying to hit her in the chest...  Amazing friendship... 

Jan 30, 2012

Greetings from the icebox...

Me and the almost wife
I really am skating in all this - and I am still a little cold... but you know it's nothing a 2 minute full sprint can't take care of... it was acctually fun, I have felt a lack of urgency in lots of the Stockholm skaters, and today I made them all skate as many laps as they could for 2 minutes. I think most of the girls had fun doing it... and then I wanna do it again in a few weeks... but until then we are gonna work on our sprints a little more, and hopefully everyone will improve...

Todays practice was a mixed bag of blocking, jamming, full sprints and skating backwards and stopping while going backwards...

It was fun to lead practice with Loony - it's been a while since we did that together... hopefully we get to do it again! 

Time to go to practice... in the icebox

Team ''Haaaaappy Donuts''
Today me and Loony are leading practice in the ice-box that I just named our hall... We just got back from EROC late yesterday... and it was AWESOME to get to scrimmage in a heated hall... even if the floor was sliiiipery, but I got to skate a few jams with Heavy Rotation, who is one of my favorite Berlin skaters, so that was good. Actually her and Shevil are my favorite two Berlin people, and me and Loony always end up staying with them, I also got to share the white team with Team Scotland skater Crazylegs, and tyhat was also fun... I bought a pair of new ugly leggings in Berlin... I always do! And I think I will wear them tonight as my third layer in the ''icebox''.
I will later write a blog about EROC - but right now I have to run home! 

Ok, that's it - I wanna move to London

There are a few reasons why I would consider moving to London....
1. They play the most competative rollerderby in Europe.
2. Raw Heidi is funny
3. They are full WFTDA-members
4. Raw Heidi i funny
5. They wear pink.... (maybe not a good reason) or Liv or Die is a great editor
6. Raw Heidi is funny
7. People in London speak funny (Like Heidi)
8. Raw Heidi is funny
9. I had fun when I practiced with London Rollergirls
10. Raw Heidi is funny

But NO - I bet that Kix would alsmost be as funny if we taped her... so I'm all about Stockholm... because Stockholm is freaking amazing!

Jan 26, 2012

Training in an ice-box...

So as I said yesterday, I been sick - and I'm chomping down antibiotics - but I still decided to come to practice yesterday. I took it really chill, and I'm telling you - the place we practice is really CHILLY... brrrr... brrrr.... and the floor is covered by a thin layer of rubber. This rubber tend to turn into some sort of dust - so my skates are covered in this black rubber dust after each practice. Makes me wonder if our lungs look the same on the inside as our skates on the underside.

Sometime it's really dishearteing to practice at the place we do, it is expensive, cold and we have to few hours and to many different skill levels and I feel like we are going nowhere.
But then I think about Gotham, that they for a while had to practice under the a bridge in Bronx (not that I was there for that) and now lots of years later they are the best in WFTDA, and that gives me hope. It is worth to keep on going, because I know there are lots of us that are motivated and want it, and one day the ''Skatehall fairy'' will come to us and say ''Stockholm Rollerderby - we have lots and lots of practices in this amazing hall... knock yourself out''

Beggers can't be choosers, but I am for sure hoping for a better place to skate, but you know what - at least we have a track and we HAVE practices. It be much worse if we ahd nowhere at all to be :-D

Over and out... and back to work! 

Jan 25, 2012

Refusing to be sick - usually means even more sick

 I have not been feeling well for quite a while, but there has just been to many things to do, so I just have ignored it, I usually do...
 I totally hate being sick - but after a month of feeling like shit I finally broke down... well to be honest, my dad actually got me a doctors appointment last Saturday... and yes... It was bronchitos and I got antibiotics.

I randomly started nosebleeding during the Stockholm Boot Camp I was coaching, and I probably should have slowed down a little... so now I'm slowed down a little bit... So doctor said NO training for at least 4-5 days. I was going to Tallin on Monday anyway and would have missed Monday practice anyway, but I feel much better today, so I'm gonna join practice, but take it easy, really easy.

And tomorrow I'll going toBerlin to attend EROC - me and Maloony, we are two of the six (4 players and 2 referees) people going to EROC to represent Stockholm Rollerderby, and I am really excited about it. It is going to be really nice to go somewhere and not be in charge and just chill and listen to other people.

I really love Berlin - and once again we will stay with Shevil and Rotation - two of my favorite derby people in Germany (yes, they will be features in Derby Perople I heart later on). They have the most awesome place in Friedrichschein, and I love haning out with them. If my German was better and I had a job, I would move to Berlin in a heartbeat. Instead I try to go there quite often, I think I went to Berlin about five times alst year, it was closer from Malmö, it only took six hours on a bus... perfect overnight trip.

Jan 22, 2012

Keep your helmet shiny!

So I just got the best present from Loony... it's a late birthday or christmas gift... either way, it is aaamazing!
So as you know, we travel ALOT - and most of the time out helmets are hanging on the outside of our bags, because the bag is packed with derby awesomeness... and the poor little helmets get banged up...
So a few times when we have been traveling we have used our helmet panties for protection - but ya know, we wanna keep both our bouting panties and out helmets in mint condition... So we have been talking about maybe making travel panties - we talking about Maloony making them... and TODAY... I got mine... she even WROTE my name on it.. .and my number... It is soooo freaking AMAZING... Ah, I will look so cool going to EROC next weekend! Thanks Loony, best present ever!!
That's my name
And that is my number and my coffee
 Thanks Loony, best present EVER... about as great as the Pink Flamingo I got for my 30th Birthday!

Jan 19, 2012

''Everyone'' practice

So we are now at the point in the season where we no longer have fresh-meat practices, since we have too few girls that has not passed minimum skills - so we made Wednesdays into ''Everyone'' practices where all skaters are welcome, no matter level. We focus those practices on skill and basic training, since everyone really can improve. We all need to work on our agility, jumping, lifting our feet, stop, start, skate backwards, on one foot, basic hitting, weaving, communicating and so on... I really try to design those practices so everyone can push themselves on the level they are at - I've said this and I'll say it again... you should be falling when you try new things, then you know you are pushing yourself. It is hillerious and sometimes emabarassing when I show a drill, and I fall on my ass... but at the same time, it happens, and if you fall in practice and learn how not too.. then you win...

Since the hall we practice is so cold - we have started practice with the ''Black Widow'' the past two weeks... and it really warms everyone up, but also gives us all a chance to work on our cross-overs in both directions and throw some strenght exersices in. It is good to be back to practice after the looong Christmas break, and to start really to work with my new team.

Yesterday I was supposed to coach together with Twisted, we always try to have two people coaching, in that way we always have an extra person till fill in when drill come up short, and also four eyes are better than two. But Twisted was sick, like everyone else, so Husse ended up coaching with me instead, and that was fun.

I'm finally feeling like I am a part of Stockholm Rollerderby, it is extreamly hard to change leauges, and I still miss Crime City lots...

Jan 17, 2012

Learn to jump with Kamikaze Kitten... just do it

Picture stolen from Kami's blog, check it out for more

So I have a few European favorite skaters, and a few of them just happen to skate for London Roller Girls, they are atheltic and hardworking, their A-team is way beyond all other European teams, and they got 5th at Eastern Regionals this year. Those girls are hardcore... Kamikaze Kitten is one of them, she is hard to miss even if she is about as tall as a smurf (no offence, apperently I think everyone are short), but her skating got tons of personality, she got blond dreads sticking out of her helmet and she is extreamly fit. She hits like a ton of bricks and she is an amazing jammer, jumping allover the track. (this is turning into a derby people I heart... )

The whole point of this blogg was to say that Kamikaze Kitten has a blogg - and right now she is doing a series on jumping for derby... and it is really awesome! Read it! you can find it right HERE! 

Jan 16, 2012

How to become a roller derby girl...

So we have finally decided on a new date to get new girls into Stockholm Rollerderby!
On Monday the 19th March we welcome everyone that want to try rollerderby and have the ambition to become a skater for Stockholm Roller Derby to come and try rollerderby in our practice space. There is more info on it on Facebook - but there will also be more info popping up at our website.  There will be some skates and gear to borrow at the try-outs.

You really don't really have to be able to skate, we can teach you that, but you have to be willing to take a few falls and willing to learn. Of course it is a plus if you know how to skate, and I encourage everyone that want to try-out to get their own gear and find a parking garage and start practicing now... Because the faster you learn how to skate - the faster we can teach you to play derby.

I had never roller-skated when I started derby - but I went and practiced just skating three times a week right before I joined Jet City Roller Girls, because being able to skate forward and to stop is so important.

So here are my tips for you who want to start derby, but is waiting for try-outs:

1. Get your own skates, skates don't have to be superfancy - but seriously, get a pair of rollerskates that you will be able to play derby with Riedell R3's and Sure Grip Rebels are both skates that will take you through the first year, maybe a little longer... I prefer R3's - that is what I started in, they are a little more narrow than the Rebels and mine have lasted forever. When I got new skates I kept my R3's for outdoor skating, and then Kix DeVille from Stockholm used them for her Fresh Meat period, and now a Malmo skater is using them for her fresh meat period.

2. Get your own gear, and spend some money on kneepads, when you start derby you will be spending lots of time falling, especially on your knees. So get big padded kneepads for the first year, if you later on decide to go with less padded kneepads, I don't care. But for the first year - get something fluffy to protect those knees. Other gear you kneed for derby is: elbowpads, wristguards, helmet and mouthguard. Most derbyshops offer some sort of rookiepackage - a deal where you can get the skates and pads for a good deal - uppgrade the kneepads...

3. Now you can start skating... I recommend to find a parking garage, during the less busy hours (if you live in a country where there is snow/rain and no skating rinks) and just get used to being on skates. If it's summer, just go outdoors on smooth asphalt...  There are some instructional videos online of different quality that will help you with things like crossovers and stops... those are probably hte two first things you want to learn after you just just have learnd to propel yourself forward. Think about that you really want to bend your KNEES to find balance, NOT your torso. And learning to fall does not mean that you throw yourself on your knees, a friend of mine that skates in US - likes to call it controlled lowerings. Derby is alot about control - controlling your body on skates...

4. Just wear your skates at home, one of the hardest things when you learn to sakte is to feel comfortble on your skates, and to find the balance. So why not just put those skates on when you are cleaning your apartment, I promise it makes it lots and lots of more fun! When I started I used to walk stairs in my apartment building, this might be a little on the dangerous side, and I think my neighbours might have feared for my life a few times. But bottom line is - that the more you wear your skates, the more you will get used to it and you will become more balanced...

5. Start working out - rollerderby is a fun sport and sometimes you forget that it is a demanding sport -and the more fit you are when you start - the faster you will learn, but also you are more likley not to get injured... I cannot say that I love off-skate, but I know it is a really important part of roller-derby - it will make me last longer as derby-player.

6. Find other girls that want to start rollerderby - and start practicing together in that garage, basement or park...

7. You are always welcome to ask me questions if you don't know anyone that does derby, I will try to do my best to help out! Or if YOU have any tips... please let me know and I will share it with the rest of the world!

Oh, and I also want to tip you all of about this blogg Fresh Meat Chronicles - it's a few Gothenburg fresh meat girls that been bloggin about their journey of learning to play derby.

Ok, I am off to work now...

Jan 15, 2012

My Birthday Party

So yes, I had one of those, ''a birthday party''... and it was really nice and I love the awesome mix of friends I have. I got awesome birthday presents - and we drank lots of wine - and a cake was made and it tasted aaaaamazing... yum yum....
And then we played 'truth or dare' until everyone either left or fallen asleep...

Jan 12, 2012

Wile. E Peyote - a derby person I heart

I sort of don't really know when I met Wile first, she was one of the owners of Fast Girls Skates, and I'm not sure if it was her or Morty who fitted me for my first ''real'' skates. But however - I met Wile a whole bunch of times, but it wasn't until when I started to work around the corner from Fast Girls and later tried out for Rat City that I really got to know her. When I got on Rat City I ended up on the Sockit Wenches that was Wiles hometeam - and later on I also became an All Star - and we went to Western Regionals 2009 in Denver.
Rat City Game Face (Wile, Braxley, Drea and Mater)
Wile is one of the tinest people I have ever met - she just happen to think she is twice her size and she is a hot head, she is a little like Stich, in Stich and Lilo. Once she even found a Stich kid-costume for Halloween - it was aaaamazing...   She also LOVES great food - and her husband makes fantastic food. The two of them is one of the main reasons I quit being a vegetarian and started to eat meat. I promise, the pulled pork is totally worth it!
Wile and I used to go for really long outdoor skates, and I really miss this - I would come by Fast Girls and she would whine about something and then we would drive somewhere far or close and then skate, skate, skate and chat, chat, chat... I mostly remember many sunny days on skates, and then we would go for ice-cream (or vegan donuts) or to her house and chill in her hot-tub. I even used to have my bikini waiting for me at her house, I would not be suprised if it's still there... Ha ha ha... Ahwww, I really miss Wile, she is really an amazing friend, she might bark, but she doesn't really ever bite, and she gets tipsy on a glass of wine, and the more I think of her right now, the more I miss her!

At Rat City we also worked interleauge together, and as mentioned we also skated lots and lots together, we equally hated jamming and loved blocking - I might have had a little more patience for the jamming than she did - but she was (and still probably is) at jamming.
Together we did lots of  fun things, like me whipping her between my legs and other just silly derby show-off things.
A few times we even went skiiing together. (well, I snowboarded and she skiied) and she seriously is HILLERIOUS! Oh - she also drives a VERY awesome car!
At the World Cup I did not get to hang out with her enough, since she was busy skating for Ireland - and I was busy skating for Sweden...
Oh, and her and Morty are the owners of Fast Girls Skates, the first Brick and Mortar rollerderby store in the world, how cool is that! I'd say that is VERY cool - and they know their stuff really well, when I lived in Seattle I spent many hours there! 

My new sport - ice-derby?

It is not really like this...
Damn, so after a month of not skating in the Go Cart hall, Stockholm Rollerderby is back for bi-weekly practices there. And no kidding - this place is freaking cold. Monday was so freaking cold we had to end practice early - but it was also about -5 C outside. Yesterday practice was better, and it was a few plus degrees outside, plus I think we came better prepared/dressed. I surrently skate in two pair of leggings, a long-sleave Helly Hansen, a hoodie, a short-sleave hoodie and a down vest... It probably looks really funny and colorful - but at least I'm not freazing to death... hopefully it will get warmer outside soon. I KNOW, I do wish for snow - but at the same time I wanna skate... ah, those dilemmas!

The really bad part is that when it's this cold - it's hard for girls that have a slight cold to come and take it easy, because it is cold, and if you have a cold, you probably don't wanna get colder...

I must have an extra shoot out for our girls that JUST passed minimum skills, they are all looking really great and are super motivated. It is so much fun to skate with them, and they come to almost every practice. It is very evident that progression correlates to attendance. I remember when I started derby, I never missed a practice, and one time I overslept (I worked morningshifts, and slept in the afternoon) and missed a practice, and I called my coach and cried. Yeah, I was truly obsessed... (craaazy)

Well, this blog was just about nothing - and about that there is no bad weather - just bad clothing choices... For sure this is NOT fishnet weather, I would totally laught my head off if someone came to practice wearing fishnets in this weatehr. Offically CRAZY! Brrr... now I'm gonna go back to working.

No ice - even if it could be... almost

Jan 11, 2012

I need a kick in the ass...

I am just like everyone else - I need to work out to feel good. And just skating is just enough, we have two onskate practices per week, and in avarage I run one of them, so that means I only have one onskate practice per week. And one onskate practice per week will not keep anyone fit, it doesn't even keep you at the level you are at... so I have to find an alternative solution.
AND trust me on this one friends, I am a very lazy person, if I got to decide I probably would just go out to fancu restuarants and have great meals and good wine, and then I'd go home and watch something on TV while cuddeling with my girlfriend...

And no, I don't think it is fun to go to the gym, I never have, I've done it for a long time, when I was snowboarding and then in between and also now during derby, but it just don't motivate me. I need something more high-energy, and I also need other people to motivate me.
STRD are trying to have an off-skate on Thursdays - but it just tend to be the same 3-6 people showing up to it, apprently running in the snow seem to be very low on the list of things to do among our skaters.
 I am really considering becoming a member of Nordic Military Training, so I can do it once or twice every week. I think it might be really motivating, and it is extreamly fun for me to work out in groups and outdoor.

I also need to get better at eating, currently I run lot's and lots on sugar, especially on the afternoons, I LOVE candy - not chocolate - but little sour and salty candies... MmmMMMmmm... but I need to get better at eating, I miss my Herbalife shakes, they are yummy for breakfast, and I have run out. Krissy Krash would not be pleased with me... Currently my breakfast is a HUGE coffee with milk - and that my dear friends is NOT the best way of startign the day, we all know that!

I wanna look like I did a year ago and also feel like I did a year ago - full of energy and strong ... and skating once a week will not make it happen. I need more and more and more... and only I can decide waht I want to do with myself! Sometimes it's just hard to kick yourself - especially when you have a really comfortble couch and very goodlooking girlfriend and six more seasons of SuperNaturals to watch...

Me in January 2011 (in LA with Krissy Krash)

Jan 10, 2012

Kamikaze Kitten's blogg

and picture is shamelessly stolen from her blogg
One of my favorite skaters from London Roller Girls has a blogg - Kamikaze Kitten... check it out - she talks about the importance of cross-training... you see - it is not only me!

My Birthday! (Today)

Please send this girl or the presents here:

Lina G Berglöf
Frejgatan 51
113 49 Stockholm

I count pretty postcards as presents....


Loony woke me up this morning with coffe in bed, and a present! She had gotten me an E-BOOK! Yes, it was EXACTLY what I wanted! Now I'm just gonna figure out how it works and head to the libary... (online)

Jan 9, 2012

Stockholm Rollerderby Bootcamp

Kix and MadFish getting ready to skate

So as I mentioned in the last entry, we had a bootcamp here in Stockholm, it was during the Stockholm Winter Games, that is a big sports exhibition in Älvsjö, we were given a whole lot of space, so we were able to have two tracks, one regulation and one 90% and a little information/merch table. We had girls from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and from about 17 different leauges. So it was super-exciting! It was the first larger boot-camp that I worked that I also got to lay down the timetable for. So with all the things in mind from the bootcamps I have worked the past year, I did my best to give everyone a variety of on-skate classes, but also some off-skate classes that are valuable for everyone.
We parted the girls into three different groups, Blue, Yellow and Red, and everyone got a ''wristband'' in the color of their group, to make it easy for us to indentify and for them to remember...
As most of you that reads my blog on a regular basis, you know that I think off-skate exercises are SUPER IMPORTANT for becoming a successful derby skater, so all levels got to have an off-skate session. For the girls that hadn't passed minimum-skills (rookie girls) we also let them do sock-derby (but with shoes on) as a part of their off-skate session. Sock-derby is, for you that doesn't know, a scrimmage in full-gear, but without skates... so instead of skating everyone is running. It is superfun! All regular derby rules apply, but we shortened the jams down to a minute.... me and Loony had a blast refereeing this!
The intermediate and advanced girls both got to scrimmage, an hour each day, and we made sure it was not the last thing of the camp, since it usually ends up in exhausted girls getting injured. And during the scrimmage all the referees that had their little referee camp got to practice calls and all what they do, so that worked out really well. We had invited Riff Reff up from Stuttgart to lead the referee camp - and we had referees of different experiance from allover attend, and from what I saw, they were having a great time!
We also had Fluke run an off-skate Rules class for the intermediate and rookie girls, since there are always lot's of questions about rules, and who is a better person to answer them than a referee? HyperNova was kind enough to come and go over the basics of gear, she is a little of a gearhead and always a good person to ask about different wheels, plates and boots.
Becky Lawless, Twisted T, Mad Maloony and me ran the onskate classes, and we did everything from crossovers to hitting and jammerline starts. Our last class the girls really look exhausted, but I guess that is a good sign, that they got lots and lots out of the classes and a work-out. Loony ended every day with a partner-strech that was amazing, since we all are very likely to forget to strech if noone makes us do it.
In the end we had three prizes (sponsored by SwedeVix) for three girls that just stood out a little extra, I do think that everyone worked so hard and did such a fantastic job, but sometime there just are girls that stand out, just a tiny bit more:
Best Attitude: Mrs Knuckles - Umeå
Hardest Worker: Obnoxious Li - Gothenburg
Most Improved: Cursed Nurse - Norway
Overall I must say that I loved the vibe of the weekend, everyone had such a great attitude and skated so hard and really listened, and I appreciate that.
 I had a really great time putting on this bootcamp, and everyone else did too, so I hope we have the opportunity to do it again. And it felt really good to be able to send some of the girls from remote or really new leauges off with a whole set of new tools! I also wanna do a speacial shootout to Sleaze and Hell for being our event coordinators, making sure we had what we needed and a little extra... and of course to all the STRD skaters that volonteered. Oh, and then we had a GREAT afterparty... with dancing and all that jazz...
Amazingly fun everyone!

Jan 8, 2012

Stockholm Rollerderby Bootcamp Weekend

This weekend we hosted and put on a bootcamp in Stockholm, during Stockholm Wintergames. It was superduperfun, lots of work with three different group skills... I made a really nice colorcoordinated scedual and Loony, Becky, Twisted and med coached on-skate classes and benchcoached while we had Hyper teach gear and Fluke rules... it was overall a really fun time... I will write more about it when I get back from lunch with my non-derby friend.

Jan 5, 2012

Jo Evil Eye - a derby person I heart

So there are so many things to say about Evil Eye, but most of all she is a very calm and very fair person, she is also one of my favorite people to play derby with. She is one of those people that are silent but deadly, and she listens, listens and listens and then she acts, quick. Oh, and I also need to mention that once she tripped me so my knee got hurt - and it still hurts. I think she did it out of love!

When I came to Crime City she was not at all the most talented skater and derby did not come easy to her. But she wanted to learn and came to every practice, asked questions, worked hard and improved, and improved and improved. She might never be the hardest hitter or the fastest skater, but she is an amazing teamplayer that I would like to  have her in my pack anyday, she makes the rest of the skaters look good, making her team look good. She is at the right place in the right time and I miss her, probably one of the best positional blcokers that we have in Sweden.
She sometimes drives me CRAZY, bceause she is so darn correct, she doesn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, she has partners, and if you wanna pick on her, tell her she is gay or straight. She is very humble most of the time, but her sense of humor takes a while to figure out, and the way she tells a joke is quite special. Oh, and she is also so darn POSITIVE all the time! (i like it)

She also listens to the name Musta Kissa and have a very special relation to ginger.... and I have a very funny video on her explaining it... but it is private. Oh, and it also took me forever to understand her number 925... 9 to 5... cleaver and I am not so fast at all counts... 

Jan 4, 2012

My Birthday (it is not today)

Since we don't really do Christmas gifts in the family, I always put all my hope to my Birthday... My Birthday is 10th of  January - so only a week away from today... and I am already hoping for the singing in the morning and marängtårta in bed.

This year I want a few things for my Birthday: I want snow, I want new iceskates (or possibly that the ones I have get sharpened) I want new plates for my rollerskates, I want a bike, I want a hairdyer, I want a fancy dinner, I want a massage, I want a new blazer from Tiger or Acne... and I want a couch from IKEA and a coffee table, I want a helmet cover to travel with and new clothes...  there are so many things I want...
But most of all I want great times with friends and little packages to open... I like little colorful things that I can put up everywhere in the apartment... I love pens... I love post-cards and rollerskate whatever... yeah... I want new roller-skates... who doesn't??

This year I'm having a little get-together under the theme ''Kalas'' I think I might just turn it into ''Traditional Lesbian'' the Friday after my birthday - last year we had a butch theme and it became very butch in our Copenhagen home...and that was HILLERIOUS and I made lentil soup and we had different little ''butch-offs''. Krazy Kris and Martattack from Copenhegen were there, Callavera and Smashed were visiting from Stockholm and Firebird, Ninja, Fisty, Fenix and Dusty came over from Malmö... Ninja turned into Roffe and made even Kris act and look like a little girl... Ahhh, I love parties with themes...

Jan 2, 2012

New Years in Dalarna 2011/2012

Me and Loony partner skating
Me, Loony and five of our close friends (Husse, Jazz, Enoc, Amy and Only) went to Sågmyra, where my mother grew up, and celebrated New Years in my grandparents old house. It totally became another lesbian boot-camp - but this year we had no straight friend to harass... we missed Sarra and Kris from previous year!
We downloaded the 'Truth or Dare' app and went skiiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, cooked, chatted and just spent time together.
We were a little nervous there would be no snow there, and it was not as much snow as last year, but it was better than none at all, as it is in Stockholm right now.

Loony doing piruettes in the sunset

It got colder during the days we were there, and we even dared to skate on one of the local lakes (totally freaked me out for a bit) and we went for an amazingly beutiful walk in the sunset (sun sets arond 16.00).
We are currently trying to talk Enoc into starting derby, she is tall and blonde, so we think she might fit really well for the task...
A new addition to this years celebrating was putting make-up on each other, while the person putting the make up on was blindfolded... Oh, yeah - and a sauna... and a sauna and snow can never go wrong!

Jazz cooked us an AMAZING New Years dinner... it was nice and tasted amazzzing! 

Jazz going for the best make-up job on me ever

Happy New 2012 to all of you!