Jan 12, 2012

My new sport - ice-derby?

It is not really like this...
Damn, so after a month of not skating in the Go Cart hall, Stockholm Rollerderby is back for bi-weekly practices there. And no kidding - this place is freaking cold. Monday was so freaking cold we had to end practice early - but it was also about -5 C outside. Yesterday practice was better, and it was a few plus degrees outside, plus I think we came better prepared/dressed. I surrently skate in two pair of leggings, a long-sleave Helly Hansen, a hoodie, a short-sleave hoodie and a down vest... It probably looks really funny and colorful - but at least I'm not freazing to death... hopefully it will get warmer outside soon. I KNOW, I do wish for snow - but at the same time I wanna skate... ah, those dilemmas!

The really bad part is that when it's this cold - it's hard for girls that have a slight cold to come and take it easy, because it is cold, and if you have a cold, you probably don't wanna get colder...

I must have an extra shoot out for our girls that JUST passed minimum skills, they are all looking really great and are super motivated. It is so much fun to skate with them, and they come to almost every practice. It is very evident that progression correlates to attendance. I remember when I started derby, I never missed a practice, and one time I overslept (I worked morningshifts, and slept in the afternoon) and missed a practice, and I called my coach and cried. Yeah, I was truly obsessed... (craaazy)

Well, this blog was just about nothing - and about that there is no bad weather - just bad clothing choices... For sure this is NOT fishnet weather, I would totally laught my head off if someone came to practice wearing fishnets in this weatehr. Offically CRAZY! Brrr... now I'm gonna go back to working.

No ice - even if it could be... almost

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