Jan 19, 2012

''Everyone'' practice

So we are now at the point in the season where we no longer have fresh-meat practices, since we have too few girls that has not passed minimum skills - so we made Wednesdays into ''Everyone'' practices where all skaters are welcome, no matter level. We focus those practices on skill and basic training, since everyone really can improve. We all need to work on our agility, jumping, lifting our feet, stop, start, skate backwards, on one foot, basic hitting, weaving, communicating and so on... I really try to design those practices so everyone can push themselves on the level they are at - I've said this and I'll say it again... you should be falling when you try new things, then you know you are pushing yourself. It is hillerious and sometimes emabarassing when I show a drill, and I fall on my ass... but at the same time, it happens, and if you fall in practice and learn how not too.. then you win...

Since the hall we practice is so cold - we have started practice with the ''Black Widow'' the past two weeks... and it really warms everyone up, but also gives us all a chance to work on our cross-overs in both directions and throw some strenght exersices in. It is good to be back to practice after the looong Christmas break, and to start really to work with my new team.

Yesterday I was supposed to coach together with Twisted, we always try to have two people coaching, in that way we always have an extra person till fill in when drill come up short, and also four eyes are better than two. But Twisted was sick, like everyone else, so Husse ended up coaching with me instead, and that was fun.

I'm finally feeling like I am a part of Stockholm Rollerderby, it is extreamly hard to change leauges, and I still miss Crime City lots...

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