Jan 5, 2012

Jo Evil Eye - a derby person I heart

So there are so many things to say about Evil Eye, but most of all she is a very calm and very fair person, she is also one of my favorite people to play derby with. She is one of those people that are silent but deadly, and she listens, listens and listens and then she acts, quick. Oh, and I also need to mention that once she tripped me so my knee got hurt - and it still hurts. I think she did it out of love!

When I came to Crime City she was not at all the most talented skater and derby did not come easy to her. But she wanted to learn and came to every practice, asked questions, worked hard and improved, and improved and improved. She might never be the hardest hitter or the fastest skater, but she is an amazing teamplayer that I would like to  have her in my pack anyday, she makes the rest of the skaters look good, making her team look good. She is at the right place in the right time and I miss her, probably one of the best positional blcokers that we have in Sweden.
She sometimes drives me CRAZY, bceause she is so darn correct, she doesn't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, she has partners, and if you wanna pick on her, tell her she is gay or straight. She is very humble most of the time, but her sense of humor takes a while to figure out, and the way she tells a joke is quite special. Oh, and she is also so darn POSITIVE all the time! (i like it)

She also listens to the name Musta Kissa and have a very special relation to ginger.... and I have a very funny video on her explaining it... but it is private. Oh, and it also took me forever to understand her number 925... 9 to 5... cleaver and I am not so fast at all counts... 


  1. Aaah, darling Swede! How incredibly nice of you! I've had a really crappy day, but your post really put a smile on my face again. Thanks for that, now I feel all positive again. Even though I haven't told you, you know that I really appreciate you as a coach, derby player, person and I guess... a real friend. And of course, I tripped you out of love! <3

  2. I think I met Evil Eye and skated with her at Rollercon in some classes! Along with some other Swedish gals, all very nice. It was so fun to meet European skaters and I hope to make it back to 'con again this year!