Jan 25, 2012

Refusing to be sick - usually means even more sick

 I have not been feeling well for quite a while, but there has just been to many things to do, so I just have ignored it, I usually do...
 I totally hate being sick - but after a month of feeling like shit I finally broke down... well to be honest, my dad actually got me a doctors appointment last Saturday... and yes... It was bronchitos and I got antibiotics.

I randomly started nosebleeding during the Stockholm Boot Camp I was coaching, and I probably should have slowed down a little... so now I'm slowed down a little bit... So doctor said NO training for at least 4-5 days. I was going to Tallin on Monday anyway and would have missed Monday practice anyway, but I feel much better today, so I'm gonna join practice, but take it easy, really easy.

And tomorrow I'll going toBerlin to attend EROC - me and Maloony, we are two of the six (4 players and 2 referees) people going to EROC to represent Stockholm Rollerderby, and I am really excited about it. It is going to be really nice to go somewhere and not be in charge and just chill and listen to other people.

I really love Berlin - and once again we will stay with Shevil and Rotation - two of my favorite derby people in Germany (yes, they will be features in Derby Perople I heart later on). They have the most awesome place in Friedrichschein, and I love haning out with them. If my German was better and I had a job, I would move to Berlin in a heartbeat. Instead I try to go there quite often, I think I went to Berlin about five times alst year, it was closer from Malmö, it only took six hours on a bus... perfect overnight trip.

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