Jan 30, 2012

Time to go to practice... in the icebox

Team ''Haaaaappy Donuts''
Today me and Loony are leading practice in the ice-box that I just named our hall... We just got back from EROC late yesterday... and it was AWESOME to get to scrimmage in a heated hall... even if the floor was sliiiipery, but I got to skate a few jams with Heavy Rotation, who is one of my favorite Berlin skaters, so that was good. Actually her and Shevil are my favorite two Berlin people, and me and Loony always end up staying with them, I also got to share the white team with Team Scotland skater Crazylegs, and tyhat was also fun... I bought a pair of new ugly leggings in Berlin... I always do! And I think I will wear them tonight as my third layer in the ''icebox''.
I will later write a blog about EROC - but right now I have to run home! 

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