Jan 11, 2012

I need a kick in the ass...

I am just like everyone else - I need to work out to feel good. And just skating is just enough, we have two onskate practices per week, and in avarage I run one of them, so that means I only have one onskate practice per week. And one onskate practice per week will not keep anyone fit, it doesn't even keep you at the level you are at... so I have to find an alternative solution.
AND trust me on this one friends, I am a very lazy person, if I got to decide I probably would just go out to fancu restuarants and have great meals and good wine, and then I'd go home and watch something on TV while cuddeling with my girlfriend...

And no, I don't think it is fun to go to the gym, I never have, I've done it for a long time, when I was snowboarding and then in between and also now during derby, but it just don't motivate me. I need something more high-energy, and I also need other people to motivate me.
STRD are trying to have an off-skate on Thursdays - but it just tend to be the same 3-6 people showing up to it, apprently running in the snow seem to be very low on the list of things to do among our skaters.
 I am really considering becoming a member of Nordic Military Training, so I can do it once or twice every week. I think it might be really motivating, and it is extreamly fun for me to work out in groups and outdoor.

I also need to get better at eating, currently I run lot's and lots on sugar, especially on the afternoons, I LOVE candy - not chocolate - but little sour and salty candies... MmmMMMmmm... but I need to get better at eating, I miss my Herbalife shakes, they are yummy for breakfast, and I have run out. Krissy Krash would not be pleased with me... Currently my breakfast is a HUGE coffee with milk - and that my dear friends is NOT the best way of startign the day, we all know that!

I wanna look like I did a year ago and also feel like I did a year ago - full of energy and strong ... and skating once a week will not make it happen. I need more and more and more... and only I can decide waht I want to do with myself! Sometimes it's just hard to kick yourself - especially when you have a really comfortble couch and very goodlooking girlfriend and six more seasons of SuperNaturals to watch...

Me in January 2011 (in LA with Krissy Krash)


  1. Have you ever done BodyRock? http://www.bodyrock.tv It's pretty fun because they always add new routines, AND they're really intense. I think Zuzanna had something to do with the marines? It's free - and you can also make up your own routines with their exercises. I like them because they're short but intense. Although, I don't do them as often as I could :)

  2. I feel you girl, after chancing leagues I only get on skates once a week, and always coaching. Only cross training is hitting the gym or skating alone in my school sports hall, lemme tell you it's not so great... I've been thinking about starting up boxing - that's a great exercise to core muscles and especially upper body... Can't wait to get back to the old skating routine by spring! This is not good...