Jan 12, 2012

Wile. E Peyote - a derby person I heart

I sort of don't really know when I met Wile first, she was one of the owners of Fast Girls Skates, and I'm not sure if it was her or Morty who fitted me for my first ''real'' skates. But however - I met Wile a whole bunch of times, but it wasn't until when I started to work around the corner from Fast Girls and later tried out for Rat City that I really got to know her. When I got on Rat City I ended up on the Sockit Wenches that was Wiles hometeam - and later on I also became an All Star - and we went to Western Regionals 2009 in Denver.
Rat City Game Face (Wile, Braxley, Drea and Mater)
Wile is one of the tinest people I have ever met - she just happen to think she is twice her size and she is a hot head, she is a little like Stich, in Stich and Lilo. Once she even found a Stich kid-costume for Halloween - it was aaaamazing...   She also LOVES great food - and her husband makes fantastic food. The two of them is one of the main reasons I quit being a vegetarian and started to eat meat. I promise, the pulled pork is totally worth it!
Wile and I used to go for really long outdoor skates, and I really miss this - I would come by Fast Girls and she would whine about something and then we would drive somewhere far or close and then skate, skate, skate and chat, chat, chat... I mostly remember many sunny days on skates, and then we would go for ice-cream (or vegan donuts) or to her house and chill in her hot-tub. I even used to have my bikini waiting for me at her house, I would not be suprised if it's still there... Ha ha ha... Ahwww, I really miss Wile, she is really an amazing friend, she might bark, but she doesn't really ever bite, and she gets tipsy on a glass of wine, and the more I think of her right now, the more I miss her!

At Rat City we also worked interleauge together, and as mentioned we also skated lots and lots together, we equally hated jamming and loved blocking - I might have had a little more patience for the jamming than she did - but she was (and still probably is) at jamming.
Together we did lots of  fun things, like me whipping her between my legs and other just silly derby show-off things.
A few times we even went skiiing together. (well, I snowboarded and she skiied) and she seriously is HILLERIOUS! Oh - she also drives a VERY awesome car!
At the World Cup I did not get to hang out with her enough, since she was busy skating for Ireland - and I was busy skating for Sweden...
Oh, and her and Morty are the owners of Fast Girls Skates, the first Brick and Mortar rollerderby store in the world, how cool is that! I'd say that is VERY cool - and they know their stuff really well, when I lived in Seattle I spent many hours there! 

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  1. SOO good to see some roller girls who are actually in shape! Good on ya!