Jan 17, 2012

Learn to jump with Kamikaze Kitten... just do it

Picture stolen from Kami's blog, check it out for more

So I have a few European favorite skaters, and a few of them just happen to skate for London Roller Girls, they are atheltic and hardworking, their A-team is way beyond all other European teams, and they got 5th at Eastern Regionals this year. Those girls are hardcore... Kamikaze Kitten is one of them, she is hard to miss even if she is about as tall as a smurf (no offence, apperently I think everyone are short), but her skating got tons of personality, she got blond dreads sticking out of her helmet and she is extreamly fit. She hits like a ton of bricks and she is an amazing jammer, jumping allover the track. (this is turning into a derby people I heart... )

The whole point of this blogg was to say that Kamikaze Kitten has a blogg - and right now she is doing a series on jumping for derby... and it is really awesome! Read it! you can find it right HERE! 

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