Jan 31, 2012

Friends moving to Stockholm... Welcome Amly

Two of mine and Loonys dear friends from Kallio (Helsinki, Finland) just moved to Stockholm, and I am so excited about that, I love those two girls, both on and off the track. We are sorry Kallio that we are stealing them, but we promise we will do our best to make them feel at home... And we also promise we will make sure they get to take a trip on the ''knull-båt'' once in a while to visit you!

Welcome to Stockholm!
Only and PolygAmy Winehouse!
Or should we just call you Amly?

I hope you guys will be happy here in the capital of Sweden and I hope you will come skate with Stockholm Rollerderby. But also have yummy dinners with me and Loony and watch bad movied and I can practice my non-existing Finish (I am totally willing to learn). I know it is superhard to move to a new city and change leauges, it's heartbreaking, and I hope we can make you feel at home here, both the derby part - but also the non-derby!

This is how me and Amy know each other.... She is ripping my head off and I am trying to hit her in the chest...  Amazing friendship... 

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  1. We can provide bad movies in abundance... :-) /rikard