Feb 28, 2015

Cross-country skiing and family

My mother taught me to cross-country ski when I was about two years old. For her it was really important that her children could ski, she's from a small village in Dalarna called Sågmyra. When my grandparents passed away about ten years ago, she kept the house, the house where she and her sister grew up, but also the house I spent much time in as a child. And as a kid I got to do lots of cross country skiing and I also learned downhill in the local hill Bjursås.

So three days in Sågmyra has been amazing. My two oldest stepbrothers and their families been here, and of course my mom and my stepdad. So lots of great food, family time and cross country skiing. And damn, it is fun to ski and I'm suprised I'm still pretty good, considering I don't go that often. 

Feb 26, 2015

Good to Go - again

So this year I took a real off-season, in that way that I didn't skate, I did continue to work out, but not as much, more maintaining than really building. I needed that, I took some mental "me" time, I took care of some things that was long overdue.
I made the Gotham Allstar 2015 squad, but January was a HARD month on me. Really hard! Even if it had amazing highlights, I have amazing roomies, I have an amazing brother that made my birthday fantastic and a whole bunch of supportive friends. AND me and Krissy Krash finalised our plans on blockerseekingjammer.com 
Now it feels like I can see the light in the end of the tunnel, I guess you have to hit the low points to be able to appreciate the high parts. And I'm currently working on getting my body and mind completely ready for the 2015 season. 
Practicing with Gotham Allstars is one of the most amazing experiances ever, but it is also super hard, and you are always expected to push yourself. 
Currently I'm in Sweden for a two weeks to work, and since I've come home I've already been at Good to Go twice and had amazing work outs and my body is SORE! I was also invited by BSTRDs to come and join their practice. It was superduperfun to see a bunch of familiar faces from Stockholm Roller Derby.

Feb 9, 2015

Battle of the Allstars State tournament 2015

Ten different state teams gathered somewhere in Pennsylvania to battle out who was to win the trophy and the medals in a double elimination tournament. Once again I had the honor and opportunity to play on Team New York... And did I get to play! It was so much fun, but also one of the hardest weekend on my body ever.

On Friday we only had 9 skaters and we managed to pull a win over Virginia that played really well. This set us up to play against Maryland on Saturday, this time we had a 13 count of skaters, and it was a very tight and exciting game with eight lead changes and great plays from both our and their side, Maryland came out the leader of that one and dropped us down to losers bracket. Since it was a double elimination tournament you had to loose twice to be out.

Sunday we were down to 12 skaters and knowing we probably would have to face both Maryland (again) and  Pennsylvania to win. We played Virginia in the morning, and won, advanced to play Michigan two hours later, and won, just to be facing off Maryland 30 min later. That was a tough game, but I think we all pulled out the last energy we had to win, and we won. We all pulled it together and it made me so proud of the team. BUT this meant we were set up to play Pennsylvania 30 min later. And so we did, exhausted and with smiles on our faces. 
I had an amazing time, and to my suprise I got tournament Blocker MVP! It really meant a lot to me. Sometimes you need a boost, and even if my body is aching today and I feel like I got hit by a train, I love Rollerderby.. 

But if anyone asks me to play 4 full length games during a day again, i might not be totally psyked about it... Hahaha

Yay... it's such an honor!!

So I jammed once, this is the photo evidence.... 

Jan 28, 2015

When practice is cancelled

Well, we all hate to get the e-mail saying that practice is cancelled. Even if it's because of an epic snowstorm... That turned out to not be epic at all... But we have snow in NYC and I love it, even if both practice on Monday was cancelled and drop-in scrimmage yesterday... But Gotham ALLSTARS have off-skate homework... And this is when living with Violet and Vish really has its perks... Off-skate workout two days in a row with Vish, Violet and Kenbo... Yeah... I am so ready for this season to get kicking!!
Kenbo is our private DJ

And so it is...

The first time you see someone, really see someone, something you never saw before,not until that one time, when both of you lock eyes and you kiss.
Its a piece of magic, and its like that song "i feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes"
And thats when you know, you fucking know that you will feel something and it scares the crap out of you, and you want to run, you want out, but you take another step. You step closer, you intensify that kiss and you find yourself naked. Words are now a danger, every touch is a feeling of chaos inside and out and sends ripples of pleasure and pain. 
Running now would be excused, you be back to feeling nothing - the glorious nothing. 

And you fucking run, like a bunny hopping over a meadow, you run, like you were chased by wolves  and you wake up in the darkest and most quiet places, in your own nothingness and you cry loud because no one can ever hear you here.

Jan 27, 2015

It's snowing in NYC

So we are supposed to get a crazy amount of snow and there is a citywide emergency alert, trains and roads are shutting down. And worst of all practice got cancelled. Living with two other Gotham Allstars have the perk (?) that we still got motivated and did a work-out. So much fun! I love having people to work out with! I'm not really that great of a self-motivator.

It's crazy how the entire city is shutting down over some snow... But we are all set, we bought a bunch of religious candles at the bodega, in case the electricy goes out. We are stocked with food, Violet is making chili, Vish is gonna bake shortbread cookies (my favourite) and I'm gonna make the Swedish version of mulled wine (Glögg). Yay for having the best roomies and friends ever! 

Jan 20, 2015

Scrimmage with Stockholm Rollerderby

Me and Blow Me having the best of times... as always
On Sunday I went to scrimmage with Stockholm, and it was superfun. I miss my old team, it would be strange if I didn't. It's a group of hardworking and compassionate women. They are among the top teams in Europe and are really deserving of the high ranking they acheived this year. Some of the most fun bouts I've ever played were played with Stockholm Allstars. I think I will always feel like I'm a part of Stockholm, it's that one leauge I just can't really leave, Stockholm is and will always be in my heart, and they say that your home is where your heart is.

I had SUCH a blast, and I'm REALLY happy that I went! I can't wait until I am back in Stockholm again and can come and play again!