May 22, 2015

It is so much fun to skate outdoors

I love rollerderby, I love the sport the community and all that... but I also really love to rollerskate! I do like ice-skating, but not as much as rollerskating...

Today two of my roomates (Kenbo and Violet) strapped on our skates and went outdoor rollerskating with a stop for brunch. Then they left me for work so I stroll-skated my way back to my house to put a dress on and go out for a drink... 

May 14, 2015

DerbySMASH and Denver


Check out and support mine and Krissy Krash project... we want it to be easier for derby people to connect and meet--- ALLOVER the world!

I am going to Denver with Gotham Allstars this weekend to play Rocky Mountain and Denver!! We had the last practice today and I am PSYKED!!

May 1, 2015

OFF SKATE WORK OUT - because you are worth it

We are all worth it, our bodies are worth it!

We play a FULL CONTACT sport, that means that we are throwing our bodies into each other. It's gonna hurt, and sometimes you might even break, It happens... its not sometign we want to happen, so that's where the off-skate work out comes in. NOT so you can eat as much icecream as you want (even if it is a nice side-effect) but for your body to be able to take it.
For your body to be ready to take 172 pound Swedish wrecking ball... well, I am not that much of a wrecking ball, but off-skate has healped me become a better skater.

I am strong, so I can stay low, I am strong so I can take a hit, I am strong and my muscles weigh a whole bunch and makes me stable. I become a trustworthy skater on the track. I am fit, so my team knows I will last an entire game. Also my fitness makes me able to recover faster, and I am alwys ready to go, go... GO... and sometimes I rest, because that is also important!

My strenght and fitness comes from working out at places like Good To Go when I am in Stockholm and with Gotham and the amazing off-skate programs that Violet Knockout puts together for the Gotham Allstars. It also comes from my determination to become a better and stronger athlethe...

So my message to all of you out there, don't skip the off-skate, it might be what saves you from injuries in the end. AND it also gives you a body you can be proud of, a functional body that will make you able to excel in the sport you love!

Can't wait for the 2015 travel team season to really start... 

Apr 16, 2015

Sometimes you gotta rest and eat.

I am a go-go-go person, have you met me? I want everything to happen now now now... and I am restless and sometimes I move on so fast I don't finish what I am doing. I try to read three books at the same time and also listen to three different podcasts and when I'm online I'm always reading three diffeent articles, chattign with at least five people at the same time as I try to put a spreadsheet/article/budget/whatever I am working on together.

In short, I often overwhelm myself and sometimes I get lost in what I shouldn't be doing instead of doing what I should be doing.

Well, that was not what this blog was gonna be about, that is a totally different blog, this blog was gonna be about working out/skating and remembering to plan in recovery days. If you work out and skate as many of us do, we need to have days where we let our muscles recover. We need to let ourselves rest... our bodies need to rest to recover and become stronger. We aalso need to EAT! Food is really an important part of becoming stronger. Eating healthy is really not gonna be bad, but make sure that you are not obsessed with not eating fat or carbs... ect... you need fat and you need carbs if you work out. Everytime I start to obsess about what to eat and not to eat, I usually gain waight, because my brain omitt the word NOT...

So if I think I can NOT eat ice-cream, my brain hears I CAN eat ice-cream and I get a craving for it. I am not saying that eating ice-cream is a bad thing, but it's not dinner and I rather have something else... I do love ice-cream so I will have it a few times a week... just not everyday... everything is fine in moderation...  and with that said, gaining weight is not that bad. I've gained 5 pounds the past two months. I don't really weigh myself more than once a month, because it is not about your weight... my muscles are HEAVY, and the past two months Gotham Allstars season have kicked in, and that means LOT'S of working out... also five pounds of blocker weight is not gonna hurt me...

I know my body (most of the time), and sometimes I need to take two days off from skating and intense off-skate... it doesn't mean I am just laying in bed all day. It usually means I take a long walk, streach, take a warm bath. Have a big steak, some ice-cream and a glass or two of wine... or real good beer... maybe even a kiss or two... (HA, one can only dream).

Because we are worth it! ANd in my go-go-go life and always striving to become better, faster, harder and stronger, I sometimes forget that the resting is important... and to eat... undereating is just as bad as overeating... Overtraining is just as bad as not training at all, and will generally leave you weaker than when you began!
 Ortorexia is a thing YO!

Be careful and take care of yourself... 

Apr 15, 2015

A little life update... april 2015

Roller derby is one of the better things that have happened to me, or rather that I found and made happen. Because that is the charm with derby, WE are all the people that make it happen. Season has started and on and off-skate is becoming intense. I am always a little sore, if it's not from one of our amazing jammers railing into my ribs it's prbably from some intense workout that Violet has put together for us.

One of the things I really appreciate about Gotham is the workethic, how everyone give their 100% and never gives up. On and off the track. Rollerderby is a teamsport, and you have to have your entire team want the same thing, to work hard towards the same thing, to trust our leaders. I miss having Fisti on the team, I still get to see her, because friends you make in derby are sometimes for life... and I'm keeping her. She also is room mates with one of my best friends Frozen... so she gets to see me wether she wants it or not.

I still live with Viscious and Violet, and for most of the time my brother from another mother Kenbo is here. We live  deep into Brooklyn, and I must say I like it here. I also see lots of my international friend Brazilian Nut who just transferred back to Gotham from Philly. Oh, and I am also single and ready to mingle, if anyone was wondering.... ha ha ha... and also me and Krissy Krash are building something that I think is going to be fun: DERBYSMASH - a way for derby people like me and you (yeah YOU) to connect. If you wanna sign up for our newsletter: don't be shy!! I will write more about derbysmash in my next blog...

I played my first game with Bronx Gridlock and I made the 2015 Gotham Allstar squad.... EXCITED!!

I still feel like I am developing as a skater, and after four years of not really gotten coached and just focused more on others develpment, it's quite cool to just be helped and told what to do... ha ha ha
And as I said in the previous blog, I'm one of the New York Shock Excahnge managers this season, and I am superexcited to work with the team and the other managers. This past year has really given me a new outlook on mens rollerderby.

Yeah... and I am going to write in my blog more often... because I want too!!

Apr 1, 2015

NYSE manager 2015

I am superhappy to have been elected for a New York Shock Exchange manager for 2015 together with three other amazing Gotham Allstars (Maven,Vish and Salydie). I'm happy to be working with in my eyes the best MRDA team... YAYAAAA... it is going to be a great time... I love to be a part!

Mar 30, 2015

Monday, Monday is today

Silly days in New York, it rains outside and we sit together on our computers and write away. My best friend is photoshopping pomerians into a photo with me while I’m sipping on a beer. I answer emails and think about laer tonight when I have a date with some random person that I met on Tinder. I don’t know what to expect, and at this point I see it all as an adventure. It all seem so dumb, I really don’t think that I will meet someone on the internet and then spend the rest of my life with them. But being me, I am of course willing to try, even if I most of the time have a better time here in my best friends apartment watching her photoshop while I work or not work. I enjoy my friends more than random people, but then, I am supposed to have an open mind, so I do. Maybe I make a new friend, or maybe it really is the person I will spend the rest of my life with… maybe I should stop having so much doubt… or maybe not…
We are sining along with the Dixie Chicks and share a beer, and I guess I cannot complain about life much. Tomorrow I will wake up early catch up on my Blocker Seeking Jammer work, walk to the CrashPad (it's where Gotham practice) do my off-skate work-out and then attend Shock Exchange practice as one of their new managers.