Feb 2, 2012

Fisti Cuffs - a derby person I heart

Photo by Nicolas Charest and stolen from facebook
Fisit Cuffs is a Gotham Girl, a Manhattan Mayhem skater and also on Team USA, she is a VERY impressive and amazing person. She is a person I miss sooo much.... and she also has a really cool company together with Beatrix Slaughter called Lock and Spoon... they make amazing jewlery... Fisti gave me a ring that she mase, and I always wear it... it is really simple but oh so pretty! 

So I moved to New York because Bonnie and OMG talked me into it (and all those other reasons), and I was superduper lonly and lost (and excited and nervous), and I didn't know anyone except from Bonnie and OMG -and they both had busy lives and still did an amazing job of being my derbymothers (there will be a blog about them coming up too).

I don't know why me and Fisti Cuffs became such good friends, maybe because we shared the equal lack of co-ordination while off-saktes, maybe because we both were tall (I am taller), maybe because we both are kind of goofy I  really don't know. I don't really even know when we just became friends, but somewhere along the way in New York she became my captain, both on the Allstars and on Mayhem and she was always an inspiration but also a friend.

We are VERY serious people

Fisti has done derby longer than any person I know - she started in Arizona and then moved onto New York, and her style of playing is just lazy but with urgency. She always tend to be right where she needs to be, and she knows that when she has to go for the big hit, she has failed blocking, I admire Fisti Cuffs very much. She is a VERY smart and accomplished player and I love watching her play and I love playing with her.

it was the look of 2010
Fisti LOVES vintage shops, art and sparkly things, it very much distracts her. She took me to Trash beach (she likes to refere to it as Treasure Beach, and it is an old landfill in Brooklyn that now is leaking into the ocean) where we got a tan and coca-cola bottles from teh 50's. Fisti also discovered the punching games and I have gotten many bruises from her pracitcing it.... and also trying to save her from playing it with 250-pund muscular guys a week before Championships... and she will dress up and be silly.. I am scared of letting her cut my hair... I will admit that!

This is Fisitis way of showing love before a jam starts
Fisti and I worked really well on track, and she was always a person that I would feel confident playing with, oh oh oh, and we equally hated to jam.. he he he... Fisti will arrive late to everything if there is a pondshop or something cute on the way, she is easier distracted than me (and that says A LOT)... and her boyfriend is my derby husband... and I love him too... Those two have made my day so many times I cannot even count on my fingers. Justin is probably the most patient person in the world... having to collect me and Fisti from wherever our heads have happened to end up...

I need to go to New York and visit soon... or even better... FISTI come here and bring Justin with you!! 

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