Feb 7, 2012

Nosebleed and more practice...

We were fearing that it would be -14 degrees outside yesterday and that it would put the indoor temperature to way below the 0. But we were "lucky" and it was only a modest -7 or something, so it was practice as usual. Loony was leading practice and we did the usual Black Widdow, and a bunch of partner exercises and ended it with some off-skate and partner streching.... Mondays are our practice for everyone that has passed minimumskills. It is awesome to see that lots of our new skaters are improving so much for each practice... We have three bouts coming up the next two months - first is two A-team boutsStuttgart in two weeks, and then London Roller Girls B-team and least but not last Gothenburg going up against our B-team. It's all going to be EXCITING!!!

I had the pleasure to get one of our skaters wristguards in my face - resulting in a nosebleed.... quite painful... first nosebleed I have ever gotten in rollerderby. I laid down next to the tires and almost cried a little while the blood was dripping onto the rubbercovered black floor... yeah... HOT...  I guess that is impressive - after four years in rollerderby I have never gotten a nosebleed until yesterday. Today nose is tender and it is a little hard to breath through it today, but it will not kill me... (I hope)

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