Feb 24, 2012

Amelia Scareheart - A Derby Person I heart

Amelia Scareheart B-52
Amelia is an amazing skater, I seriously adore her, but not only because the amazing job she does skating but also because of her personality. She is a very wise woman, and I love having those around me, especially since half of the derbyworld are such firecrackers. She is one of those people I would love to have as a coach, all her girls in Paris seem to love her, and I know for a fact she is not so wise at the afterparties...

And I have to say it here, she is a woman with a very small frame but big assets, ok, I did it... I am over it... ok, not really... but ok.. yes I am. Pheeewww... but that said, she is a short skater, but not to be underestimated.
Photo by Wicked Shamrock Photography
I think I read about Amelia before I ever met her, she was the WFTDA feutured skater of the month and she had just moved to Paris from Atlanta about the same time as I moved back to Europe. I met her at EROC 2011 and then I kept hearing lots about her, and I was really excited to bout her when we went to bout Paris with CCR. And she forfilled every expectation, she is an amazing blocker and we had a really amazing tight bout, that CCR eventually won, but not by much. Amelia tends to jam once in a while, but I must say that I prefer to watch her block, I think she is an amazing blocker, not saying that she does not get the job done when she is jamming.

She was the head-coach for Team France and bench-coached them thru all of the World Cup together with Dixie Pixie, and I can say that I would not mind to have her as myc bench-coach. She has played and coached Paris Rollergirls the past year, she been at EROC 2011 and 2012 as an instructor. I just like her, I get happy to see her, and she is just superfun and nice... you know, I like nice!

Photo by Kay Dee 

Amelia always have good answers to questions and she is very levelheaded, and trust me AMAZINGLY fun at the afterparty. I just found out last month that she is moving back to Atlanta, and it will be a big loss for Paris and for Europe. I will REALLY miss her - she is so much fun to play against and with (even if there wasn't enough times of this)

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  1. we are sorry for france but are totally ecstatic that we get her back. it was a really sad day when amelia left us and will a really great day when she returns. we couldn't be happier.