Feb 10, 2012

Towards Malmööööö and Tour de Force

So I'm filling my car up with Loony, Kix, Amy and Only and heading towards Malmö this weekend, ahhh... it's gonna be so much fun! CCR's A-team are gonna be beating up on Paris, it's their first A-team game since me and Loony moved, so we will not be missing that! Not at all, it will be stellar! I think it's gonna be a great bout to watch!
Before that Gothenburg will bout for the first time ever against the more seasoned CCR's B-team, and me an Loony have promised to help Gothenburg on their bench. It will be really awesome and fun, to see all the growing talent of derby in this northern part of the world. I am so EXCITED!

I am also sooooo excited to see all the girls in Crime City too, I miss them soo much, especially all the girls that played on Team Sweden... oh oh oh... and Titty from Stuttgart will be coming too... it's gonna be a blast! And I also heart Amelia Scareheart from Paris, so it will be SUCH a blast and amazingness to get to see all those lovley people!

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