Feb 20, 2012

Stockholm Rollerderby v.s Stuttgart

Photo by Mandy Ballaschanke
So as I have already said, the game this weekend was so much fun, exciting and utterly nerve-wrecking, it made me smile the entire way. And I must say that playing for over 1200 excited fans was quite amazing. The Stuttgart Newspaper wrote an article about it here, if you just happen to read German, otehrwise I can recommend google translator, and then there is also a press-release from Stockholm Rollerderby here. 

 Playing derby makes me happy, practicing it makes me happy... Somedays I come to practice and am in the worst mood ever, I barly did not go because I was tired, not in the mood and all those things. But I always push through and just go to pracitice, because I know I will leave with a BIG smile!

 Yay for rollerderby! And there will be more exciting news this week - just hold tight and I will let you know as soon as I know... ah ha ha

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  1. Lots of Derby love from Stuttgart. It was awesome to watch you bout against our all star team.

    And btw: The photographer's last name is "Ballaschke". You added a couple of letters. :-)