Feb 18, 2012

I found a unicorn in Berlin

On our way to Stuttgart we had to change our flight in Berlin, and guess what I found?? A gigantic UNICORN!!! Oh yeah... I considered stealing it, but figured that being arrested in Berlin would make it hard for me to show up and skate at a bout in Stuttgart the next day. I was worried that they would not listen to me claiming that the unicorn asked me to bring her, apparently everyone can not speak unicornish. And since I didn't really have the 150 euro that they priced the poor thing to, we had to leave her... And she is still loonily at the Berlin airport... :-( Maybe we have time to hug her on our way back to Stockholm...


  1. Aaw. Grymt fin. Synd att den inte fick följa med hem...men du får se det som att den väntar på dig till nästa gång.