Feb 18, 2012

In Stuttgart with coffee!

Morning in Stuttgart with Loony, Bananna and Titty... Boutday starting with lots of coffee and bread, Germans for sure love their bread :-). Me and Loony will soon go out for a prebout walk in our nice little Kallio shirts. We are wearing Amly's shirts for breakfast and laughing at each other.

Line-ups written, intro-song chosen, helmet covers in a safe spot, bout-fit prepared and a little trickle of nerves, coffee, and least but not last a smile Ready to goooo.... Goooo.... Hookup and skate, skate, skate...

I am superexcited about the bout tonight, it's gonna be great fun and apparently they have sold over a thousand tickets for it... Gives me the jitters... It is odd how excited and nervous you can feel for an hour that will come and pass.

I love rollerderby, there are so many things I love about rollerderby and so many things that we can do and develop, pushing a sport forward that we own, that is our own.

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