Feb 3, 2012

Rollerderby and life

A year ago I came home to Copenhagen from EROC and I was nervous and excited, because I had just experianced European Rollerderby for the first time, and I was excited to do so many things.

I did a lot the past year, and I had fun doing it, but at one point I realized that everythign felt like an obligation, things that I HAD to do rather than things I wanted to do. And I think the worst was that people expected me to do things, with no room for error. I am a human - I am full of errors, but trust me, I really try my best to do my best.

In some aspects I really miss skating in US, I miss having a coach, someone that pushes me, I miss having people that tell me I'm awesome when I have a bad day and that randomly buy me ice-cream when I feel like everything is shit. I also realized that because I was stressed and sad I made life hard for the people closest to me.

I expect lots from myself and that is probably why I expect so much from others, rollerderby is supposed to be fun, it is fun, it is freaking amazing. I love the derby that I have been a part of, that we become more healthy and driven for each year. That we play derby for the sport of it, I think it is OK to go into a game with the mindset that we wanna win and to be willing to work for it.

There is a place for everyone in derby, but we have to accept that we are different, there need to be room for the ones that just wanna come once or twice a week and just play a little, but it also have to be room for the ones that wanna come four times a week and spend extra time on off-sakte and strategy sessions...

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