Feb 7, 2012

I'm selling the services of my girlfriend....

Loony wearing the tights, hotpants, armband and helmet panty she made...

My girlfriend is extreamly talented, she is a great derby player, she is smart, funny, athletic a little crazy, and amazing performer and so on... but then there is also her talent for sewing... she makes really cool tights! AND she can make helmet panties - both for practice and for bouting. She made the bouting panties for Team Sweden, she also made our leggings and hotpants AND our armbands.

I love those armbands - with my number on - since I'm  sick of forgetting my pen,  end up having black marks allover my light shirts and so on... scrimmage/bout armbands with your number on are fab! And the reff will never have to send you to the box because your number sweated away...

So this is a big add for ordering those amazing and handy things from Loony.... she just got a new sewing maschine... 


  1. Jisses, så hon har gjort all detta? Älskar era nummerarmband och era kläder ni har på matcher! :)

  2. Japp - det är bara att beställa nummerband och tights!
    Maila henen på facebook!

  3. How and from where can we order? :)

  4. email me on swedehurt at gmail.com and I will make sure she will get in touch with you

  5. Is it too late to make a sewing request?

  6. No - not to late to make a request... email me or Loony...