Feb 13, 2012

Tour de Force - full platta in Malmö

First we benched for Gothenburg
...they did amazing for their first bout
And then we watched CCR's A-team win against Paris
So we all piled into my car and went to Malmö to participate in the usual derby awesomeness - me and Loony helped Gothenburg on the bench for their first bout ever. It was awesome, and they did so great for their first bout ever. I was very impressed by Gothenburg and was happy that I could help making their first bout a little easier. They have a few girls that really stood out, MadFish got MVP, even if she almost got seven trips to the box... but I thing the nerves got the best out of her. Villa will become great with some more experianc, patience and practice, and I was really suprised in a good way by Sandy, she really has developed since December when me and Loony coached in Gothenburg. In general - everyone looked great and amazing, and I was superexcited to share thier first bout with them! And i got to dress up - I litterly was wearing a dress - I did feel like a tranny, and Evil Eye apperently really like me with lipstick and looing like a tranny...

It was awesome to see that CCR were looking amazing, it was a little sad not skating with them, and I think we miss it more than we will ever admit, sometimes it's hard to turn to new pages in life. But for once I got to watch a bout and drink some beer and just hang out with friends... It was great to see all of the Crime City players, but also Titty was up from Stuttgart and I had the great company of my lovley car-companions Kix, Only, Loony and Amy....

I must say that Crime City really looked very together, Ninja and Firebird wall looked nice and strong, Ankefar jammed like the awesome jammer she is and so did Curly, and as always I loved to see all of the really nice packwork out there by Crime City...
Paris did not look to bad, but at times they seemed a little disorganized on the track, and I missed seeing Amelia in the pack -and I saw much more of her jamming. I was very impressed by Paris Machete, she had some really great blocks and waterfalling action out there.


  1. Nerves? Me? No way :) Next time I'm staying away from that box, for sure. Never again!
    Thank you again for all your help, it was really, really nice to be able to focus on playing and have you help us out with all the thinking :) Thank you!
    Puss och kram!

  2. Tänkte på dig när jag såg denna! http://www.kyssjohanna.se/ring-med-enhorning-fran-leivankash-p-4446-c-185.aspx

    Hoppas att allt är bra med er!

  3. Thank you Swede ! ;)
    hope to see you again in March