Feb 8, 2012

Current Swedish Roller Derby

So the past year there been an explosion in Rollerderby leauges in Sweden and also the first National Swedish team was created and went all the way to Toronto to bout.... So I decided to make it easier for you if you were looking for where to start with rollerderby in Sweden. And I appologize if not all the leauges are here, please let me know if I missed someone and I will make sure that they will go up too...
I'll start from the north, and go south:

Slaughter Daughter Roller Derby - Luleå
Ume Radical Rollers - Umeå
Östersund Rollerderby - Östersund
Sundsvalls Demolition Rollers - Sundsvall
Borlänge Näsblod - Borlänge
Gävle Rollerderby - Gävle
Uppsala Roller Derby - Uppsala
Västerås RollerDerby - Västerås
Stockholm Roller Derby - Stockholm
Royal Swedish Roller Derby - Stockholm
Norrköping Roller Derby - Norrköping
Lindköping Roller Derby - Lindköping
Karlstad Rollerderby - Karlstad
SufferCity Sweethearts - Lidköping
Tinderstix City Slammers Roller Derby - Jönköping
Växjö Roller Derby - Växjö
Gothenburg Rollerderby - Gothenburg
Dock City Roller Derby - Gothenburg
Halmstad Roller Derby - Halmstad
Helltown Hellcats - Helsingborg
Visby Valkyries - Visby
Crime City Rollers - Malmö
Malmö Royals Roller Derby - Malmö
Soul Sisters (junior derby) - Malmö

Team Sweden Roller Derby - Swedens finest...

I am excited to see that Rollerderby is growing past what I ever thought was possible - Rollerderby been my love for the past four years, and now when hitting my fifth season... I am excited... I am happy... even if there are days I feel really really burnt out! It is all worth it!


  1. Visst har Gottland ett lag också?

  2. Soulsister Rollers!

  3. Någon som vet om det kommer att startas ett lag i Östersund? Om inte, hur kan man göra för att starta ett?

  4. Skellefteå har också ett lag!

  5. Gävle har precis startat ett lag!


    Och Växjö är också på gång.