Feb 21, 2012

Preparing for WFTDA minimum-skills

On Wednesday we have another minimum-skills test for our freshies that still has not passed, so yesterdays practice was mostly targeting skills preparing for the test, and as I always say, you can NEVER practice your basics enough... Usually Mondays are our day for the girls that have passed minimum skills, but yesterday was open for everyone - but really, really focusing on the wishes from the girls that are taking the test.
We also had two visitors from Västerås Rollerderby  and they are also coming back on Wednesday to take our minimum-skills test.

I was a few minutes late to practice since I decided that the bus probably was gonna be late (it wasn't) and Loony was really sick when I got home from work, so I had to feel a little sorry for her for a little bit before I could leave for practice. Only a few of us that played Stuttgart showed up, and we were all quite sore... We also had some girls that showed up that hasn't been to practice in a while, and that was super awesome to see them at practice!

Since I was late Twisted had already started the usual Black Widdow when I came, and when the black widdow was done we did 10 skills in 10 minutes... that is a skill per minute... things that we will test on the minimum skills and a few that we will not, but are good to know. We did some windsprints since it is one of my favorite exercises and after that we did a pack excersice and find your partner on the whistle. Since the girls had requested to do some whips we did whips, and we also did as many laps as you can in five minutes... and then we capped of practice with some hitting and hitting in a pack, just to end it all with another of my favorite exercises ''big pack''.

Every practice I run I get so excited about how much everyone are improving and how hard everyone are working... roller derby is the best... 

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