Feb 19, 2012

We won against Stuttgart

I still dont think I really understand that we did. I am very bruised up but happy, we played a fair and VERY tight game, and we didn't only keep the audience on the edge of their seats, but also ourselves.
Everyone on the team did a fantastic job, kept on pushing until it was over. Everyone kept a very good attitude on the bench both when we were down and up, and kept on putting their best skate forward.

I'm just gonna hold onto Twisteds ass...

I foresee more strategy talks on our carpet and fun focused practice. I for sure have to step up my off-skate routine... I also desperatly need to go see a chiropractor, my back is KILLING me.

And I must say Stuttgart was a FANTASTIC hosting team, and we had about 1,200 ppl watching us! It was craaazy...


  1. Åh kan du svara på om det finns något roller derby-lag i Östersund? Om inte, hur kan man starta ett?

  2. Jag tror inte att det finns något derbylag i Östersund, inte vad jag har hört.

    Men det verkar jättekul om du vill starta ett, en bra början brukar vara att starta en grupp på facebook och värva folk... Se om det finns fler som är intresserade.

  3. i'm moving to östersund next month.
    i have already made a Facebook page, anonymous.
    write to me!



    1. Christina Rockabilly EdelsteenMarch 21, 2012 at 8:53 PM

      Hi, I've been searching Fb for your page with no luck. Could you please add me? =)