Jan 22, 2012

Keep your helmet shiny!

So I just got the best present from Loony... it's a late birthday or christmas gift... either way, it is aaamazing!
So as you know, we travel ALOT - and most of the time out helmets are hanging on the outside of our bags, because the bag is packed with derby awesomeness... and the poor little helmets get banged up...
So a few times when we have been traveling we have used our helmet panties for protection - but ya know, we wanna keep both our bouting panties and out helmets in mint condition... So we have been talking about maybe making travel panties - we talking about Maloony making them... and TODAY... I got mine... she even WROTE my name on it.. .and my number... It is soooo freaking AMAZING... Ah, I will look so cool going to EROC next weekend! Thanks Loony, best present ever!!
That's my name
And that is my number and my coffee
 Thanks Loony, best present EVER... about as great as the Pink Flamingo I got for my 30th Birthday!

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