Jan 2, 2012

New Years in Dalarna 2011/2012

Me and Loony partner skating
Me, Loony and five of our close friends (Husse, Jazz, Enoc, Amy and Only) went to Sågmyra, where my mother grew up, and celebrated New Years in my grandparents old house. It totally became another lesbian boot-camp - but this year we had no straight friend to harass... we missed Sarra and Kris from previous year!
We downloaded the 'Truth or Dare' app and went skiiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, cooked, chatted and just spent time together.
We were a little nervous there would be no snow there, and it was not as much snow as last year, but it was better than none at all, as it is in Stockholm right now.

Loony doing piruettes in the sunset

It got colder during the days we were there, and we even dared to skate on one of the local lakes (totally freaked me out for a bit) and we went for an amazingly beutiful walk in the sunset (sun sets arond 16.00).
We are currently trying to talk Enoc into starting derby, she is tall and blonde, so we think she might fit really well for the task...
A new addition to this years celebrating was putting make-up on each other, while the person putting the make up on was blindfolded... Oh, yeah - and a sauna... and a sauna and snow can never go wrong!

Jazz cooked us an AMAZING New Years dinner... it was nice and tasted amazzzing! 

Jazz going for the best make-up job on me ever

Happy New 2012 to all of you! 

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