Jan 30, 2012

Ok, that's it - I wanna move to London

There are a few reasons why I would consider moving to London....
1. They play the most competative rollerderby in Europe.
2. Raw Heidi is funny
3. They are full WFTDA-members
4. Raw Heidi i funny
5. They wear pink.... (maybe not a good reason) or Liv or Die is a great editor
6. Raw Heidi is funny
7. People in London speak funny (Like Heidi)
8. Raw Heidi is funny
9. I had fun when I practiced with London Rollergirls
10. Raw Heidi is funny

But NO - I bet that Kix would alsmost be as funny if we taped her... so I'm all about Stockholm... because Stockholm is freaking amazing!


  1. I concur entirely. When are you booking your flight? (I would give at least one of your reasons over to 'Liv or Die is a great editor' you can probably lose number 5)

  2. Raw Heidi IS funny and therefore you must move to London. It has been decided.