Jan 26, 2012

Training in an ice-box...

So as I said yesterday, I been sick - and I'm chomping down antibiotics - but I still decided to come to practice yesterday. I took it really chill, and I'm telling you - the place we practice is really CHILLY... brrrr... brrrr.... and the floor is covered by a thin layer of rubber. This rubber tend to turn into some sort of dust - so my skates are covered in this black rubber dust after each practice. Makes me wonder if our lungs look the same on the inside as our skates on the underside.

Sometime it's really dishearteing to practice at the place we do, it is expensive, cold and we have to few hours and to many different skill levels and I feel like we are going nowhere.
But then I think about Gotham, that they for a while had to practice under the a bridge in Bronx (not that I was there for that) and now lots of years later they are the best in WFTDA, and that gives me hope. It is worth to keep on going, because I know there are lots of us that are motivated and want it, and one day the ''Skatehall fairy'' will come to us and say ''Stockholm Rollerderby - we have lots and lots of practices in this amazing hall... knock yourself out''

Beggers can't be choosers, but I am for sure hoping for a better place to skate, but you know what - at least we have a track and we HAVE practices. It be much worse if we ahd nowhere at all to be :-D

Over and out... and back to work! 


  1. oh dear, same here.. practiced at a parking lot yesterday, icecold and dirty as hell..

  2. I copy that, hun! Bad times right now, bad times! Brrrr...

  3. Känner mig nästan bortskämd nu! Vi har två hallar, en minimal + en bra, trägolv och håller bra värme. Önskar derbyn får en större plats i sverige precis som hockeyn och handbolls lagen får egna hallar.. :)

    //Meanie Mischievous