Jan 4, 2012

My Birthday (it is not today)

Since we don't really do Christmas gifts in the family, I always put all my hope to my Birthday... My Birthday is 10th of  January - so only a week away from today... and I am already hoping for the singing in the morning and marängtårta in bed.

This year I want a few things for my Birthday: I want snow, I want new iceskates (or possibly that the ones I have get sharpened) I want new plates for my rollerskates, I want a bike, I want a hairdyer, I want a fancy dinner, I want a massage, I want a new blazer from Tiger or Acne... and I want a couch from IKEA and a coffee table, I want a helmet cover to travel with and new clothes...  there are so many things I want...
But most of all I want great times with friends and little packages to open... I like little colorful things that I can put up everywhere in the apartment... I love pens... I love post-cards and rollerskate whatever... yeah... I want new roller-skates... who doesn't??

This year I'm having a little get-together under the theme ''Kalas'' I think I might just turn it into ''Traditional Lesbian'' the Friday after my birthday - last year we had a butch theme and it became very butch in our Copenhagen home...and that was HILLERIOUS and I made lentil soup and we had different little ''butch-offs''. Krazy Kris and Martattack from Copenhegen were there, Callavera and Smashed were visiting from Stockholm and Firebird, Ninja, Fisty, Fenix and Dusty came over from Malmö... Ninja turned into Roffe and made even Kris act and look like a little girl... Ahhh, I love parties with themes...

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