Sep 29, 2010

Day TwentyNine

(If I look like this at you during a bout, you should be concerned, photo by ManDash)

First practice back after Regionals, it is always a couple of minutes to adjust playing with some skaters to skate against them on home-teams...

Malooney is in town and had the pleasure to skate against me and with Bronx...

After practice we had some beers and Malooney cut Bunny's hair, and it was a good ol' time...

Went for a walk with the girlfriend
Derby: Manhattan Mayhem practice - Scrimmage against Bronx

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Pad Sew and some curry with rice
Snack: Bubble Tea and some Swedish Candy
Dinner: Thai Gyoza from Trader Joes
Snack: 1 Bud Light Lime, some ricecakes and babamel cheese... on the subway home

Sep 25, 2010

Day TwentySix

First day of Eastern Regionals... my second Regional Tournament, last year I skated Western Regionals with Rat City.
Today we skated against Providence, I jammed, it was fun, jamming does hurt my back slightly... it cramps up a little so afterward Malou helped me streach it out... Ugh!

I was really nervous in the morning, so I had a really hard time eating, it's like I am forcing food down, but it doesn't taste like anything. I made a really delicious frittatta and I was not having it!

When i got to Kandy Kakes house, I ended up going for a bagel with walnut cream cheese, and that I could eat!

Day TwentyFive

(me representing Stockholm Roller Derby)

I am totally carb-loading for Eastern Regionals...

AND my fantastic girlfriend came into town!

Sep 23, 2010

Day TwentyFour

(Resting while teaching Taylor mad skating skills)
So tomorrow and then R-day, as in Regionals... Ah, dear friends and random people that read this blog, this is my second Regionals, and I am not as nervous this year, I have worked really hard and developed as a skater. But so has everyone else too... And I like that, I actually love that about derby, that each season something brand new comes up... we play a sport that is developing increadably fast, and it is really exciting!

Workout: Went skating with Taylor, about 4o min trailskating and then I taught her a bunch of drills, for about and hour.
And i did 30 push ups all in a row... and 100 situps and 2x1min planks
Derby: Last practice before Regionals

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a protein shake with Orange juice
Lunch: Udon Noodles with Tempura
Snack: A tiny bag of Skittles and some crackers from Trader Joes
Dinner: Pasta with green peas and tuna
Snack: 2 bottles of Zico coconut water

Sep 21, 2010

Day TwentyThree

Regionals is creeping closer and closer... I cannot wait for it to come around! Talked to Malou today, and it is hard to have someone you love so far away from you.

I start to feel better when I upped my protein intake again, it makes me recover much faster! I have to remember not to cheat myself and forget to make sure to have a proper intake of protein. I was feeling really really beat up the last week, but as soon as I started to make sure I was having more protein it made me feel better!

55 push-ups and 100 sit-ups and 3 x 1 min plank and 3 x 30 sec plank each side
Derby: No derby today

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Homemade Frittata with sausage, mushrooms and onion
Snack: Pita Chips, pita chips and those DARN pita chips (some one stops me?) and some carrots
Dinner: Went to Balue Ganz with Trish and had some nice fish and a soft prezel... It was real yummy!
Snack: Some carrots and bread

Sep 20, 2010

Day TwentyTwo

(Me when I JUST started derby in November 2007)

It is really funny to see old pictures of me playing derby, and this picture is probably one of the first, this is right when I started Jet City's boot camp... that we named Booty Camp... This is where I learned to skate and when Jet City had try-outs in December 2007 I was picked up by Camaro Harem...
I remember my first scrimmage... and it was nerve-wrecking and I had to jam, and I thought I was gonna die... It was January 10th 2008 (that's my birthday folks)...

Time flies... time flies... who would have known?

My Jet City Booty Camp generated a few real good ladies that are still around, there was my fellow Amazon CheerBleedHer who moved to San Diego, my beloved derbywife Colt 45 who now plays for the HOnkey Tonkey Heartbreakers in Austin, Texas, there was Mona Agony who now is a Rat City Allstar and there was Missus Unshine who is an amazing Jet City Bomber and one of the reasons Jet City are going to Western Regionals this year...

Workout: Walked from TriBeCa to LES and back
50 push-ups and 60 sit-ups and 1 min plank and 30 sec plank each side
Derby: 2 hour of leauge and then 1 hour of travel team

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Oh, oh, oh this LUNCH was OUT of HANDS... We just NEVER stopped eating... we went to Clinton Street Baking Co. It was just AMAZING... but I have to admit, I might have over eaten... But if you don't have breakfast and then walk for 30 min, and then there is a 30 min wait... you are bound to eat... aggressively..
So I had the Southern Breakfast, with a buisquit on the side, and then me and Trish shared the banana/walnut pancakes with maple butter... (we did not manage to finish those)
Dinner: Tuna, mushrooms, olive oil, marinara sauce, onion with pasta... homemade by moi...
Snack: 2 bottles of Zinco coconut water...

Sep 19, 2010

Day TwentyOne - Skater Profile on Gotham Girls Roller Derby . com

(I love how Snap is looking at me... she is sort of 'Swede, you better pull that off')

Read more about me...
Skater Profile: Swede Hurt of Manhattan Mayhem

Walk, walk, walk like always.... walking
Derby: None of that today... this is the TRUE resting day

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Homemade Grilled Pizza with arugula, speck, bresola, gorgonzola and soem chocolate Stout
Snack: Some water melon slices
Dinner: A piece of bread with Olive oil, Salad with some pecorino and walnuts, a chocolate tartouffe at Lupa with a glass of red wine.
Snack: a few Brazil Nuts

Sep 18, 2010

Day Twenty

(Hm... hm... I think the makeup artist was thinking Lady GaGa or something)

Yesterday was a loooooong day... like craaazy loooong... We did a fun event with Etsy, modeling some local designers, ON skates.... and that was fun, even if it was alot of sit around waiting... After that I went to Bark with Lady Fingers and had some veggie hotdogs. After some beer and a good amount of talking we went into Babeland for a hot min, without making to much fools of ourselves, and then we headed to Snap and Hambones housewarming party.
Fisti was as always feisty and wanted to play hte punching game, but before that happened, I think we watched every game the Allstars played this seson. Yeah... and then I think I might have drank a bunch of beer, while doing it.... MmmMMmmmm...
After having some drunkan strategy conversations and watched Fisti get hit by a very big guy and feeding lots af scraps into a fire I got a ride to the subway and could start trekking towards TriBeCa... home sweet home...
BUT at home roomie was DRUNKER than me, together with a friend... and could not find her glasses, she did find her glasses, she fled the scene and I passed out...

Workout: A one hour walk
Derby: HA ha ha ha... I did a 15 min fashion show on skates... is that derby?

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a Bagel with strawberry cream cheese
Lunch: 2 veggie dogs at Bark and two beers
Snack: A bunch chips with salsa
Dinner: A small hamburger from a happy cow and a spicy sausage, a glass of sangria and probably about 6-7 beers
Snack: two of Ginger Snaps homemade bacon cupcakes with some amazing frosting

Day Nineteen

(Ah... I knooooow... I just had to take a photo, I'm just like everyone else)

I went wandering the streets of NYC, I had lunch with my oldest brother, it is comforting to have such a great family... and then I wandered some more... went home to and then I headed to Queens and relayed the floor of the Crash Pad... It was supposed to take about three hours, I think it took a little over 5... but such is life.. unexpected things happen... and I guess I ended up slightly intoxicated and not as poor as I would have if I actually would have headed out into town as the plan was...

Workout: A two hour walk, in a quite brisk pace...
Derby: Does ripping up sportscourt and laying it down count??

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Chirashi with my brother... mmmm the fish was great
Snack: A bunch of cheese with grapes
Dinner: Slice of pizza and 4 Budweisers....
Snack: a Zinco coconut water

Sep 17, 2010

Day Eighteen

Last travel team practice before regionals, body beat, but I think the protein shakes are gonna work out well for me. My legs seem to get the ''pepp, pepp, pepp'' back... I have a hard time balancing my diet at times... forgetting the recovery protein... NO GOOD!

I love derby, it is the greatest sport that has ever been invented, it is hard work, but I feel like I belong...

40 pushups, 2min wall-sits, 2 min plank some ladder drills... yeah... it was all 30min land-drills
Derby: 2 hours of Allstar-practice

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Sushi Dragon Roll with Green Apple Bubble Tea
Snack: A tofu/spinace sandwichy thingy and a AppleCider Ginger drink
Dinner: 2 Corn on the cob and some pita chips (seriously, crack it is) and a glass of my favorite beer
Snack: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice and a Zinco coconut water

Sep 15, 2010

Day Seventeen

(my motivation to stay fit and a great derby player; this lady, who would not wanna impress her?? This is at the Black and Bue ball at RollerCon)

Some days I hate jamming, and I guess today was one of those, when you bit your lip not to cry, I guess two hours of practice and then scrimmage is not ideal... But sometimes that might be a reality, two games on a row... and it is just practice... that's all I can think... and then I have to bite hard an push it harder... and legs feel like chewing gum... yeah... I acctually figured I need to really up it on the protein shakes, I think I recover to slow because I stopped drinking my shakes after practice...

And also... if you wanna see real cool jewlery... you should check my team-mates stuff out...

Workout: 40 pushups and 30 situps, 1 min plank
Derby: 2 hour leauge practice and 1 hour scrimmage AllStars vs. Traitors

Breakfast: Coffee with milk... like tow of them
Lunch: Potato hash with basil, tomato mushroms and broccoli, with Arugula-bacon salad
Snack: banana and chocolate milk
Dinner: Spinach pasta with bacon, an egg, and some basil... lots of pepper and salt... YUMMY and real simple...
Snack: A cup of hot chocolate, no sugar

Day sixteen

(Getting ready for Regionals... )

So today no practice since our beloved captain turned older.... oh she did... and we went of cocktails instead...

Workout: 30 pushups and 60 situps
Derby: Nope, because we have today off...

Breakfast: Vanilla Herbalife Shake with orange juice
Lunch: Tom Yum Soup and Paneng Curry with TOfu
Snack: Pita Chips... lot's and lots (they are like CRACK), a few raw mushrooms and some broccoli
Dinner: Israeli Cous Cous with stirfried broccoli, homegrown tomatoes (courtesy of OMG and Bonnie), zuccini, onion and mushrooms, basil and arugula, just with some olive oil, pepper and salt!
Two yummy drinks, because it is Pie's Birfday!

Sep 14, 2010

Day Fifteen

(I'm about to lay OMG out, therefore I lick my lips)

After practice I went and hung out with OMG and had a grand ol' beer and talked shit like only we can do, OMG made amazing goodness for me to eat while we waited for Bonnie to coem back from a meeting at the practice space... and then we all talked about roller-derby... what else is there! ??
Workout: 15 push ups and 30 sit ups
Derby: 2 hour leauge practice, with focus on skating backwards, sideways and streching...

Breakfast: 2 egg frittata with mushrooms and potatoes and coffee with whole milk
Lunch: Greek yoghurt with honey and a Weetabix
Snack: Pita Chips... lot's and lots
Dinner: Tacos with vegetarian chorizo chili
Salsa and chips, honeydew melon

Sep 12, 2010

Day Fourteen - hung over day

(photo by Chris Chin)

There is always bout day, and then there is hung over day... yeah... oh the pain of waking up with your scrimmage shirt the wrong way (I have Swede Hurt 46 over my chest right now), a hurting head, a few bruises and a feeling of that you should eat something healthy and all you crave is deep, deep friend... (I am lying on the deep fried, I am mostly longing for someone to just serve me food)

But I guess I will make some coffee and the day can begin... No practice today, but I am thinking about going downstairs later today and do some arm exercises... Oh yeah... that might be good...

Sep 11, 2010

Day Thirteen - BOUT DAY

Today my hometeam Manhattan Mayhem is playing Brooklyn Bombshells, and it will be fun...

Sep 10, 2010

Day Twelve

(I cut my hair yesterday...)

So today I went to the Swedish Consulate and voted, and I felt good about myself, I did what every person in a Democracy has a legal right to do, I casted a vote. I have never missed an election since I turned 18 and been eligable to vote.

I spent the earlier hour with teaching my friend Taylor some basic skills, mostly just skating, but explained a little to her about derby. She is looking amazing, and I am really hoping she is going to try out for GGRD this fall...

I'm totally carb-loading today, and it is yummy... and I might be a little crazy about food... but food is soo good right now... I don't know why I am so hungry, but I am eating and eating...

Workout: Skating Central Park with Taylor
Derby: NO... we have a bout tomorrow and I am ''resting''

Breakfast: Herbalife Vanilla Shake with Mandarin Juice
Lunch: Pasta with olive oil and shrimps... it was AMAZINGLY great
Snack: Pasta Carbonara and a BIG glass of milk
Dinner: Tofu Satay with Peanut sauce, tom yum soup and sticky rice with mango for desert
Pices of chocolate with rasberries

Sep 9, 2010

Day Eleven

I started the day with a nice outdoor skate with my team-mate Tip-Her Gore, just a mellow skate along the water, in a actually decent NYC weather, not too hot and not to cold... Almost like a Scandinavian summer...

I have started my carbloading for Saturdays game... mmmm...

Workout: General body workout 30 min, skated west side Highway 1 hour
Derby: Travel-team 2 hours

Breakfast: 12 oz Jamba Juice Bright Eye Blueberry with an energy boost
Lunch: 3 Egg omelette with bacon, marinara sauce and some white rice
Snack: Glass of Mandarin Juice, 4 ricecakes
Dinner: Pasta Carbonara (pasta, bacon and an egg yolk)
pita chips and half a package of reeses pieces

Sep 8, 2010

Day Ten

I was planning on going rollerskating outdoors really early today, but I was just beat... my entire body is hurting and I really need to get my neck adjusted. Actually today is one of those days I just feel like I should request a new body, but I guess those are not for sale... Bummer... I could have done an investment like this today.

I am a little homesick for good ol' Stockholm today, tomorrow is my best friends birthday, and since my step grandfather just past away, I feel like I should be with my family. I of course also miss my girl in Copenhagen, I woke up this morning to the sweetest text messages ever.

I am not going to practice today, we have a bout on Saturday, and I have to talk myself down from the four days of practice in a row mentality. I want to go, but sometimes I have to say NO, my body needs a little recovery time, so I can get stronger. But I am probably meeting up with Em Dash and Thighs to get some outdoor skating in later tonight...

Workout: I went for a short walk... but nothing big...
Derby: NO... I am saying NO!! (but just for today)

Breakfast: Cacao with milk, three cups
Lunch: Sushi, 8 pieces
Snack: pita chips about 10 pieces
Dinner: Pasta with tuna and marinara sauce
Swedish liquirice that we like to call Turkish Pepper

Sep 7, 2010

Day Nine

(Me and Crazy Criz at Copenhagen Pride a couple of weeks ago... she also writes a fitness blogg, but she does it on facebook, or I'd link you in. She is also one of my best friends derby wife)

I spent the majority of the day hanging out with Unshine from Jet City Rollergirls, she is my old teammate, we even tried out for Jet City together. I'm really proud over Jet City that has qualified for Western Regionals this year. Me and Unshine just spent time walking down Broadway and browsing the cheap stores... helping the American economy out a little... what else is there??
We went for lunch and then shopped, but I really didn't shop... I found a little trinket for my Danish lady and some earrings for myself to bout in on Saturday... and then I had to head home to get ready for practice.

My usual upper-body routine with some core 30 min
Derby: Manhattan Mayhem practice - 2 hours

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and A really amazing sandwich at Snack, tuna and roasted vegebles... YUMMY!
Lunch: A dragon sushi roll with some lime lemonade
Snack: An iced coffee with whole milk an a shortbread cookie
Dinner: Amys Vegetarian Chilli with some pasta
Coconut water

Day Eight

(it's for her and myself I will get more fit, i have to beat her in wrestling)

Manhattan Mayhem scrimmage against Queens went very well, I jammed some and blocked some, in the end I was in four jams in a row and ended up putting myself in the box. Not cool, I am working hard to get my penalties under control. It is so imortant to play clean, you are not helping your team at all if you are sitting in the box, or if you are at three minors, when your team really needs you to jam. So I really have to get out of the habit of being OK with cutting hte track minors, because they DO acumilate, and all of a sudden I'm that DAMNED jammer who cannot jam or has to poodle, not good!
Considering I spent nine hours on a flight I thought I did a really good job, I for sure have my feet under me, and so does my team seem to have. There are only five days to our bout against Brooklyn, and I feel really confident. I love Manhattan Mayhem, there is so much spirit and laughing... and of course the orange...

But... OHHH... what undies to wear... what undies to wear.... (boutfit anxiety)

Workout: Off-skates work-out for 30 min
Derby: 30 min scrimmage with Manhattan Mayhem and then 45 min practice with the Allstars

Coffee with milk, Greek yohurt with muesli and berries
Lunch: Sandwich with cheese
A tin of tuna with green peas, veganaise and mustard
Dinner: A ''crazy roll'' of sushi
A fruit, 15 saltines and a glass of wine before bed

Day Seven

(Hm, when I said we cooked, I meant Malou cooked and I looked adoringly at her)

Sometimes just spending time with the person you love is awesome, and today was one of those days, we just layed around, went for a walk, made food together and then went for another walk. A bunch of guys felt it was really important to them to call out ''Lesbians, Lesbians'' after us... very mature...

I went for a walk with my hot girl for about and hour... the rest of the day I spent in bed...

Coffee with milk, greek yohurt with muesli and berries
Lunch: 4 Swedish Pancakes with oats served with ice-cream and ruhbarb jam
8 pieces of black salty liqirioce and some roasted corn snacks
Dinner: Shared 16 pieces of mixed sushi with Malou

Sep 6, 2010

Day Six

(I'm helping out reffing Copenhagen and some Crime City Girls)

Skating with a bunch of girl in the sun, there was fall in the air and I could hold my love in her hand... Life was really good... I smiled and I skated in my new blue and yellow skates! It's about time I really break them in....

I also found out that my step Grandpa passed away, it is sad, not unexpected, but that still does not make the sadness any less.

Later we got drunk and played Fisti Cuffs favorite drinking game... it's called the punching game... and you just punch each other... Yepp, I knooow it is completly pointless... and now I have introduced it to Copenhagen... I bet they will thank me... NOT

Workout: REFFING... I was REFFING... and skating... it was fun and mellow for 3-4 hours.
We also did some planks, push-ups and sit-ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, greek yoghurt with Muesli and berries
Salad with rice
Dinner:Vegetarian Buffee and probably 8 beers

Sep 3, 2010

Day Five

(me and Jalapeno Business ready to go. photo by Jules Doyle)

I cannot lie, I really love food, food in all sorts, I am always up for eating, and it makes me happy that I do work out as much as I do, so I can eat more freely than someone that doesn't work out...

I really try to avoid fried food, mostly because I don't like the taste of it, and most of it I don't feel the sluggishness of my body that follows it. I am also not that big on chips, I mostly munch on rice-cakes or pita chips when i need something crunchy and salty...

I am also very concerned about under-eating, I see it often in girls that are concerned about their weight, and instead of eating something nutritional, they will hesitate to eat anything... Rather have a little more food and work out a little harder. If your body craves something, give it something. You are not supposed to walk around starving, and if you are starving your body will react to as if you were starving and it will stop burning calories and instead perserve... and you get the opposite effect of what you wanted... NOT so smart!

Workout: 1 hour stroll skating along West Side Highway, 120 sit-ups, 20 squats, 20 push-ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, whole wheat bagel with maple and walnut schmeer...
Lunch: Cous-Cous and some tuna
Ginger root drink... yummy, Herbalife vanilla shake with orange juice... YUMMY
Dinner: Hamburger with mushrooms, no cheese, no 'magic' sauce and no fries...

Sep 2, 2010

Day Four

(Me jamming in Portland, photo by Masonite Burn)

Today I sorted some emails out and ended up spending over 3 hours on Skype with the loved one in Denamrk. I still have not gone out running, it is hard, I really do not like running, and it is sooo hard to motivate yourself to do it... but I am working on it, I am working on it.

I am so excited to be a part of Gothams Allstars, it is such a mellow but hardworking bunch of girls... I love going to practice!

2 hours of Travel Team practice
Workout: 30 min off-skates

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and a vanilla herbalife shake with orange juice
Lunch: A dragon roll and a thai iced tea
Cocunut Water and a mango
Dinner: Tuna with some veganaise, mustard and green peas, served with half a serving of couscous.

Sep 1, 2010

Day Three

So now it's a little over three months since me and my lady met for the first time, and it has been three amazing months, even if it is hard to be in love with someone that resides thousands of miles away.
We talk over Skype, send love letters (mostly me) and text each other on a daily basis. I am always so taken aback that I have met someone so fun, sweet, attractive, sensative, athletic, funny, handy, intelligent and amazing... that is just as into me as I am into her...
I just wanted to mention that, because she inspires me to be a better person, to work a little harder... oh and because she is currently, yeah CURRENTLY stronger than me... (excuse me, but I am gonna go pump some iron now)

My hip is out of alignment and it pinches a nerve in my back, so it hurts to skate the opposite direction (but who needs to turn right anyway except from Zoolander). But I guess people have worse problems with their bodies than that.

Derby: 40min scrimmage with Manhattan Mayhem
Workout: 20 push ups and 120 sit ups

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and 2% Greek Yogurt with honey and shredded wheat, some Mango slices
Lunch: 2 rice cakes and a mango
pomegranate juice with selzer water
Dinner: ribs and edamame

This is what roller-derby does to you (no bruises this time)

(Me and girlfriend Mad Maloony in the Copenhagen Pride Parade)

Day Two

(Hanging out at Rockaway Beach)

Today was a good day, I went to Rockaway Beach with an old friend from High School in Sweden, we got off at the wrong subway stop and ended up going for a 30 min long walk on the boardwalk, it was good times. We played some in the waves, chatted and I got a nice tan... Now it's only 11 days until Manhattan plays Broklyn... so I need to start running... I HATE RUNNING... but it is goooood for me, I have to keep on telling myself that it is good for me!

Derby: Two hours of Manhattan Mayhem Practice
Workout: 20 push ups and 60 situps and a 30 min walk along the beach

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and 2% Greek Yogurt with honey and shredded wheat
Lunch: 2 Chorizo soft tacos at this little local place at Rockaway Beach
Half a mango and some pineapple slices
Dinner: Spare Ribs with some white rice