Jan 25, 2016

Coaching in Haag

I had a really fun and inspiring time coaching the Parliament of Pain in  Haag, Holland. It was really a great experience. I haven't been to Holland in quite a while.
Four hours of coaching went really well and everyone seemed really happy about the bootcamp. It is the best thing as a coach, when everyone seem like they learned something. I am always a little nervous in the beginning of practice, that my drills aren't going to be what they expected.
After practice they took me out for specialty beers... YIKES... those things are STRONG!! I even got locked in among all the beers... but without an opener, but that was probably for the best...

Sunday I spent in Rotterdam with Roos, who is one of the skaters but also my friend Fridges girlfriend, just biking and walking around, getting some really good bread and juice. Rotterdam is very modern, there is lots of very modern architecture.

Before breakfast he tried to kill me... 
So now I'm in Brussels visiting a really awesome friend, NON DERBY, and going for walks and trying to get some school done. I like Brussels, it is very different from Rotterdam, buildings are older and my friend Charles is being a supergreat tourguide. He is also sitting around playing guitar when I am just chillaxing on the couch. I love that I have people like this in my life, people I can just be me around.  I am also preparing for the seminars I'm holding at EROC. I'm starting it off with a seminar on tournament play, and the next day me and Only are holding a seminar together, on training structure. I am really excited about it, even if I am also really nervous. Always nervous when I have to be in front of a bunch of people to talk.

Taking the train from Brussels to Berlin, I love trains, watching the world just fly by outside. It is time for contemplation.