Feb 24, 2016

ICELAND, coaching in the land of snow

I went to Iceland in February with one of my close friends Frozen Chosen. He is sort of a cool guy, plays roller derby and work as a stuntman, no big deal. But that's not why we are friends, it's something about just being comfortable in each others company. And we spent lots of time together last year, when I hijacked his garden and made everything grow there.  I had not seen him since I hung out in Alaska in August, so I was more than excited to see him, I even cried a little. Yeah, I am an emotional person!

Oh, well... before I went to Iceland I got in touch with the Icelandic rollerderby team, and checked if maybe we could come and practice with them. And we were told that we were more than welcome, and in the end they asked if we maybe could run one of the practices. ANd since I really love coaching and I am excited about ALL the Scandinavian rollerderby there can be. I have never coached with Frozen before, and I have nver realized what a great coach he is. We ended up coaching and then we got to scrimmage some too.

After the first practice we went to, we were taken for some beers, and they have some good local beers on  Iceland, and after the second practice we went to, we were taken to go swimming at one of their many public baths. All the pools are hot and heated from the ground, they are after all living on an island that's on fire... forged out of ice and fire... Iceland is breathtaking, I want to go back, and I will go back... 

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