Mar 14, 2016

And the season has began...

Stockholm Allstars is a different team from last season, we had a big turnover of skaters and were facing the problem many teams has, a rebuilding year.
So we started our rebuilding already in January, and ideal would have been if we did not have to play any risky teams until May, when our team should have been settled a little more. But you cannot always get what you ask for, that be too much to ask for. So in the end of February we had two SFC games scheduled and then the next week we were heading to Malmö for the European Smackdown. As a co-captain of a team ranked 17th but with a completely new charter, I felt like we had quite a challenge in front of us.

One of the important things to get the team used to, was intensity, if you play in Div 1, you just HAVE to move it, move it, move it, and also play smart, and REALLY know where you are at all times. So we also revisited a lot of basics, basic blocking is actually just what it sounds like, basic, but OH so important. If you dont have your basics down then you have nothing...
COMMUNICATION on and off track, working on a more transparent team, it is hard, because sometimes you think you have told skaters things, but you actually did not. Life is full of challenges and giving people bad news, such as in that they are not rostered is never fun. It is not only on the management I suppose, being a bubble skater at times in Gotham, taught me one thing, TO GET BETTER. At one point you should just become so good that everyone WANTS to skate with you. If you always secondguess yourself or if you always just do your own things, you will probably never get off the bubble. Keep clean, keep positive and see observe what they skaters on track need more off, and be that person that fills that void. 

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