Sep 7, 2010

Day Nine

(Me and Crazy Criz at Copenhagen Pride a couple of weeks ago... she also writes a fitness blogg, but she does it on facebook, or I'd link you in. She is also one of my best friends derby wife)

I spent the majority of the day hanging out with Unshine from Jet City Rollergirls, she is my old teammate, we even tried out for Jet City together. I'm really proud over Jet City that has qualified for Western Regionals this year. Me and Unshine just spent time walking down Broadway and browsing the cheap stores... helping the American economy out a little... what else is there??
We went for lunch and then shopped, but I really didn't shop... I found a little trinket for my Danish lady and some earrings for myself to bout in on Saturday... and then I had to head home to get ready for practice.

My usual upper-body routine with some core 30 min
Derby: Manhattan Mayhem practice - 2 hours

Breakfast: Coffee with milk and A really amazing sandwich at Snack, tuna and roasted vegebles... YUMMY!
Lunch: A dragon sushi roll with some lime lemonade
Snack: An iced coffee with whole milk an a shortbread cookie
Dinner: Amys Vegetarian Chilli with some pasta
Coconut water

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