Sep 29, 2010

Day TwentyNine

(If I look like this at you during a bout, you should be concerned, photo by ManDash)

First practice back after Regionals, it is always a couple of minutes to adjust playing with some skaters to skate against them on home-teams...

Malooney is in town and had the pleasure to skate against me and with Bronx...

After practice we had some beers and Malooney cut Bunny's hair, and it was a good ol' time...

Went for a walk with the girlfriend
Derby: Manhattan Mayhem practice - Scrimmage against Bronx

Breakfast: Coffee with milk
Lunch: Pad Sew and some curry with rice
Snack: Bubble Tea and some Swedish Candy
Dinner: Thai Gyoza from Trader Joes
Snack: 1 Bud Light Lime, some ricecakes and babamel cheese... on the subway home

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